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  1. Looks sharp. What about a before pic?
  2. I know this year has flown by, but is it April 1st already? Surely you're kidding right? If this is a project you end up pursuing, do yourself a favor and keep no records of your time and money spent on it. With enough time, skill, and money, virtually anything can be fixed. But, there's certainly cheaper and easier ways to get into a boat.
  3. This one was uploaded to the gallery from my IPhone 7 just recently. I have had issues in the past try to go straight from my phone to the gallery, and would occasionally have to upload from a computer. With as few pictures as I post, its not a big deal.
  4. Check all your battery connections, including the ground cable to the engine block. Have you done a compression test? These are the only ideas I have right now.
  5. From the album TNBrett's Boat

    In front of my shop
  6. Then its a question only you can answer. What's your time worth to you? If you ask me if 10-20 hours of my time for listing, showing, and doing the deal is worth 10k? It is to me, but maybe not every one.
  7. One thing to consider is sales tax. In many states you pay sales tax on the sale price minus the trade in. Whereas if you sell your boat, and put that cash down on your boat, you're still taxed on the full sale price. Probably not $10k there, but it may close the gap some. I would work them a little harder negotiating on the trade. Dealers want to have good used inventory around.
  8. How about this one.
  9. Its epoxy with a urethane topcoat. We do polished concrete as well.
  10. I think the angle of the ramp really makes a big difference. Most of the ramps I've been to are about the same angle, but regardless of how steep it is, I always back in until the fenders on the trailer are about 99% submerged. For me this usually puts me standing in about 12"-16" of water when at the winch. My wife drives the boat in, and gets within 3'-4' of the bow stop, never getting above idle. I winch the boat up to the stop, hook up the safety cable, and away we go to the staging area. On the steeper ramps, I've been able to stay out of the water (not that I mind) when at the winch, but I seem to struggle keeping the stern centered on the bunks when I pull out. In these instances, I have to back back in far enough to float the stern, and have my wife pull on the guide post at the stern to one side or the other as we pull out. I was at one ramp, but I can't remember where, that was so shallow, that to get the trailer fenders under water, the rear truck tires were in 8" of water. I didn't have any problems staying centered there, but I had to do about twice as much winching as I normally do.
  11. That boat looks like a project boat where the current owner got in over his head, and just wants out of it now. I know how you can avoid the same fate. Pass on this one, and keep looking.
  12. I think the published weight of boats is pretty much open to interpretation. My gut feeling is that the actual weights are much closer than that. All this got me curious though, so I started poking around the Crownline site, and noticed a few things. First off I'm not a fan of the looks of the crowlines, but to each his own. The finishes do look nice, much nicer than the ones I had been on in the past, and they have a pretty impressive list of available options. The storage however doesn't seem as good as the chaparrals. The Crowns seem to be rated for more HP than the Chaps, but he Chaps have more passenger and weight capacity. Pricing is where things start to get nutty. I compared the 195SS Crownline to the 19 h2o sport. Both have nationally advertised (no haggle) pricing. Both boats have the Merc 4.5 200hp non catalyst w/ alpha, and both are listed as "limited availability". So I did a build on both boats with the 4.5 200hp catalyst w/ the alpha drive (the next step up). That was an upgrade of 1k deer for Chap and (get ready)..... 12k deer for the Crownline. I spec'd a tower for both boats while I was at it. 2400 deer for Chap, 5k deer for Crown. I checked most of the boxes for the Chap, even upgrading to a tandem axle trailer and adding a mooring cover, and then tried to get the Crown optioned as close as possible. The Chaparral 19 h2o came out to 40K deer and the Crownline was 58k deer. If you go with the 250hp option on the Crownline, and fully option it out, you can spend over 73K deer on a 19' bowrider. I'm kind of amazed actually.
  13. You can put them in the posts. That's where I do all of mine here from. Just pics though, no videos. The best part is zero ads. I absolutely despise websites that are choked out with ads.
  14. Try this one.
  15. I'm not sure what you mean here.