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  1. TNBrett

    New H2O sport

    Nice looking boat there Iraq69. Don't listen to any of the negative BS on here about the H2O's. I, like most others here, absolutely love mine. Its been a great boat for my family and I. Its kind funny though. I haven't been to this site in several months. I quit coming here because I got tired of all the aforementioned negative BS. Out of the blue I decided to stop by and check things out, and this was quite literally the 3rd thread I read. What in the #$^% is it with people that feel the need to $h!t on someone else's parade? I won't do facebook, and I don't really care for the giant boating forums out there either, so I guess ill just keep to myself again. Maybe I'll check in again in a few months, but then again maybe not.
  2. https://www.mantusmarine.com/mantus-chain-hook/ This one is SS and has a locking mechanism.
  3. TNBrett

    Bow Cooler

    On the h2o the built in cooler is in the rear bench. Hardly insulated, so I have a soft sided cooler that fits well in there. As an added benefit, I can load it at home and throw it in the boat when we launch.
  4. This is absolutely no help, but it was in my head as soon as I read the title of this thread. Enjoy https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3m5qxZm_JqM
  5. I call BS on this. What was the Study? I pull my boat with a 3/4 ton truck. There was a forum member here with the same boat that pulled his with a Toyota Tacoma. You're telling me that if either of us were to travel @ 80 mph then we'd be flirting with disaster, but @ 60 its all roses? I don't buy it. In my opinion, there are other factors, that are much more likely to lead to an accident. Driver knowledge and experience? Driver condition? (distracted, tired, intoxicated) Trailer rated for the load its carrying? Truck rated for the trailer its towing? Weight Distributing hitch if required for the tow rating? (I bet there's a few here that might be guilty of this one) The condition of truck, trailer, and towing equipment? (Steering components, Brake adjustment, Tire pressure, Hitch) I'm not saying that speed isn't dangerous. My point is that the increase in risk of a properly towed trailer at 80mph vs 60mph, is similar to the increase in risk of virtually any vehicle at 80mph vs 60mph
  6. Those were pretty tough tires. I've run them on several trailers over the years. Sadly, they were discontinued a few years ago.
  7. I had seen that bulletin somewhere as well. I've been known to break 80 on occasion as well, though I try and keep it a bit lower. Back when I was a dumb kid, I used to pull overloaded work trailers at triple digit speeds, on bias ply tires no less. I'm not in that big of a hurry anymore.
  8. Does your boat have a Fireboy system? I'm not super familiar with them, but I seem to remember reading that if the charge pressure gets low, that disables the blowers. That would be so that in the event of a fire, the system discharges, and the blowers shut down to stop feeding fresh oxygen to the fire.
  9. A Lot. Wingnut listed most of them. I share in his apprehension here, as the issues you described don't usually have a way of fixing themselves.
  10. Definitely go with the load range D. As far as where to place the jack, we need to know if it has leaf springs or torsion axles. If leaf springs, place the jack on the U-bolt plate where the spring and axle tube meet. If you try and lift it from the frame, you will have to lift everything much higher to get the wheel off the ground. Lifting at the axle on a tandem axle setup also keeps some of the weight on the other axle, and keeps things stable. If it has torsion axles (no visible springs), I would jack from either the bracket that mounts the rear axle assembly to the frame, or the main frame rail itself behind the rear axle. Placing the jack in front of the axle set would mean that the jack would be lifting more weight, and would be less stable.
  11. I suspect speed rating has a lot to do with the disappearance of the Goodyear Marathons. The standard speed rating for ST rated tires has long been 65mph. I believe Carlisle was the first to market with higher speed ratings with their Radial Trail RH @ 81 mph. They also offered several common trailer sizes in new higher load ranges For example the ST225/75r15 E. Goodyear answered that with the Endurance with a speed rating of 87 mph. Goodyear also offers the endurance in ST255/85r16 E with a load rating of over 4K lbs @ 87mph I think some engineers got busy at Goodyear.
  12. Just this past week at work I received a fresh zero hour spec rebuild of a Deere 4045t for one of our generators. It had 24,000 hours on it. Still load banked fine, but had been using oil for the last 500 hrs or so. Then oil seals went in the turbo, so it was time to pull her.
  13. I'll go head and be the dissenting opinion on Carlisle tires. Perhaps some of the bad experiences were with their cheaper offerings. I ran the Radial Trail RH for a while on a few trailers at work. They were a decent tire. I never had any failure issues with them, but the tread wear was not so great. When they came out with the Radial Trail HD, I started using those. They are a great tire. The only issue I've had was where a driver trying to back a generator over a curb, hit it so hard that he destroyed the rim, and cut the sidewall. They have a nice stable ride, and wear like iron. I have been very pleased with these tires. I also currently run the Goodyear Endurance on a couple of our trailers. They seem to be a really good tire as well. They pull well, but the tread seems very shallow on them. I've not worn any of them out yet, just an observation. I for one was never a big fan of the Goodyear Marathon. I had a couple of blow outs with them, and no matter how much air pressure, they always felt you were pulling your trailer around on marshmallows.
  14. Is the trailer going to be hooked to the truck? If so, I'd try to back it up against some immovable object like a building or light pole. Otherwise just chain it up and try not to worry about it too much. If somebody really wants it, or something off of it, there's really nothing you can do. You have insurance, don't let worrying about it cut into fun time.
  15. You will need a new fuel gauge. It is not repairable. Its a pretty straight forward job replacing it. You might consider replacing all of the gauges as a set, as it looks like this problem may be a result of age and/or weathering.
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