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  1. I guess the obvious response would be to check your fluid levels as well as for water contamination (i.e. milky). Maybe chime in with your engine/drive combo as well.
  2. Required or not, brakes on both axles is the way to go. There's no reason to skimp on brakes
  3. chaparral 2335

    Good call. Keep looking.
  4. I store mine up when I'm using it every weekend, but down for long term storage. That's particularly important in the winter, as you want any water in there to drain out so it won't freeze.
  5. Are we talking the factory mooring cover? How may poles and straps did you get? Did you buy it from the dealer? If so, its Ok to ask them to show you how to put it on. I guarantee they made enough on the sale of that cover to provide a 10 minute tutorial on how to use it.
  6. Is the tank full now? If so, it sounds like the float may no longer float. Stick the sending unit in a jar of gasoline, and see if it floats.
  7. This just came to me. If you move the front starboard roller bracket on the cross member more towards the Keel, it should take more weight. You could alternately move the port side further out.
  8. I don't care one bit about football. But, I sure am glad so many others do. It was a great day on the lake. Beautiful weather, beautiful water, and I could wake board in the main part of the lake at 2 o'clock in the afternoon.
  9. Very neat camera work. It looks a lot better. I really think you've got it about as good as you're going to get it with that trailer.
  10. Was everything dead? gauges, stereo, etc. When something goes dead like that with no warning, I usually suspect that its an electrical issue. Check the battery switch. didn't we have a few guys have switches fall apart lately.
  11. The gauge would be in Volts. 13.5 is good, because that means its charging. It sounds like battery #1 is going bad. Get it load tested to be sure.
  12. It looks to me like the center axle is actually moved rearward from what would be the normal spacing. Perhaps there is a crossmember that was preventing the axles from being spaced equally. The thing to keep in mind is that trailers aren't built on assembly lines at Ford or GM. Most trailers, particularly custom ones, are essentially hand built. It would be pretty easy for a welder to position a cross member on the wrong side of a mark when setting it up. Another scenario would be that the crossmembers were laid out for spring suspension where the axle would be in line with the hub versus offset by the length of the torsion arm. I just can't see this being a engineered design element. I don't think its hurting anything either though. It appears to have been serving you well for a decade now. I will also add to this that from what I have looked at, no axle manufacturer recommends torsion axles in a triple axle configuration until you get up to 7k axles with dexter. Even then it has to be a 7k spec'd for triples.
  13. I agree. Id rather change it in the driveway under my own terms, than bobbing around in the middle of the lake. Keep the old one as a spare. Checking everything with the belt off will give you even greater peace of mind.
  14. I don't see any spring hardware. looks like 3 torsion axles.
  15. Was that intentional? If so, why?