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  1. How dinged up are we talking on the prop? Maybe post a pic. Is it a 4 barrel carb? Are the secondaries opening up? maybe verify the drive ratio. Perhaps it was changed out with the wrong ratio at some point. Just a few ideas
  2. I personally cant stand looking at anything on photobucket because of the ads. Mine are hosted on this sites gallery.
  3. I'm pretty sure all of us here use our boats exclusively for our enjoyment. So my answer would be that if breakdowns, fear of breaking down, or any other concern is keeping you from enjoying your time on the water, then it's time to make a change. Maybe a new(er) boat, maybe a new mechanic, maybe just some much wanted or needed upgrade. You should be having fun, not worrying.
  4. We have a large flat round tube. It gets filled once we're out on the water, usually when we anchor, as the kids like to play on it. I added a small loop of rope to the tow point of the tube just long enough to hook it to the ski eye. That leaves it about 2/3 in the water. It's very stable there even at higher speeds. When wake boarding I move it over to one of the stern cleats, and it's out of the way. It gets deflated again and stored in the engine compartment storage for the ride home. Once I'm home I inflate it again and stand it up against the wall to dry out. I get pretty serious about getting everything wet off the boat to dry out quickly. All the wet life jackets and wet lines get hung up, and every hatch gets left open for a day or two.
  5. Awesome. Post some pics, every body loves pics.
  6. Its been a while since, and I haven't messed with a carb that much, but I'll try to help. I believe you would want to connect the linkage to the coil in an unloaded state with the choke closed, and then rotate the coil to adjust when the choke opens in response to heat.
  7. That's kind of tough question. It's just not thick enough to give a ton of cushion. It's only about 3/8" thick. Maybe you should try to find a boat dealer that has a boat with it and put your hands on it. It comes from the factory on lots of wakeboard boats. But I feel your pain, I hate snaps.
  8. Congrats on the new truck. I think you'll definitely feel a lot more stable going down the road. On the other hand, and I'm not trying to be a downer here, did you ever weigh the old set up? Its just that it sounded like you had more going on than an undersized tow rig. If there was something wrong in the setup of the trailer before, there's still something wrong. You may have just masked the problem with a bigger truck. I'm not saying there's necessarily some thing wrong, but I would want to check. I tow my 21 H2O with a 2500 suburban, but there's no reason a relatively modern F150 shouldn't be able to safely, and comfortably tow a boat that size.
  9. Very cool. Was it more of a gathering of trawler owners than a show for those looking to get into that? This is something I'm very interested in, albeit several years from now. I would like to get to one of these shows, maybe next year.
  10. Take it to a truck stop and get it weighed. Weigh it first with truck and trailer together, then unhook the trailer, and weigh the truck alone. They should give you weights for each axle group(front axle, rear axle, and trailer axles). That will tell the whole story. Report back with the numbers, and I'm sure we can help get it all sorted out. The other question I have is what type of tires are you running on the truck? If you're running P series tires, they are going to be less stable while towing than LT series in load range D or E.
  11. I don't have any pics of the cover, but it does fit pretty well around the tower. If any water gets in there, its not really enough to worry about. I like to use the cover for the longer road trips, as the boat seems to collect bugs and road dirt. It doesn't move around at all at interstate speed. I give credit to the ratchet strap system, that cinches the cover to the boat below the rub rail. I've read that the snap in bow and cockpit covers have a habit of flying off on some boats on the highway. Making the template took me about 10 hours, and was pretty tedious, but I kind of like that stuff. Here's a few pics of a project I finished up last week at my day job. Its at the Lane Motor Museum in Nashville. The last image is the vinyl paint mask that was put down in about a dozen pieces. As far as the trailer goes, I've been very happy with it as well. I think its a very well built trailer, and well fitted for the boat. I've done several long road trips with it and had no issues. The wheels are kind of plain and ugly, but the are just basic galvanized boat trailer wheels. Some day, I'll replace them with something nicer, but that's pretty low on my list right now. The fenders are pretty solid, and I stand on them all the time when getting in and out of the boat. The fold away tongue is nice too, if you need it. In my old garage the lower unit had to be lowered, the tower folded, and the tongue folded to fit it in. To go along with what Stretch said, I feel like the 21 H2O is really the biggest bang for your buck right now by a pretty good margin.
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