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  1. I love my Gatorstep. I've had mine two seasons as well. The two products are essentially the same. I was originally going to go with Seadek, but had a bad experience with one of their approved installers. When I decided to do it myself, the folks at Gatorstep were much more helpful. They were also a little cheaper, and had much quicker turnaround.
  2. 21 H2o Surf I just saw this in a flyer my dealer sent out in advance of the boat show. It looks very interesting. I think Chaparral should do well with this if it puts out a good surfable wake.
  3. I'm starting to shop for a new truck. Well, new to me anyway. I'm looking for a '16 or '17 with 20k miles or less. I'm looking at both Chevy and Ram in either 2500 or 3500 srw, must be 4x4, and still shopping both gas and Diesel. I'm very familiar with the Chevy offerings, but I have zero experience with the Rams. The only reason I'm looking at the Ram is that I really like the way they look, and they seem to be considerably cheaper compared to the Chevy. This would mainly be used for work as well as pulling my boat, so I will be towing upwards of 12k from time to time, and hauling 3k lbs in the bed at times. I'm currently doing this with '13 Chevy 2500 with 6.0 gas. I know the Rams have had problems with transmissions over the years, and I'm curious about others experiences with the coil spring rear suspension.
  4. That's funny, because I'm actually leaning towards a black Duramax (but not a high country). I kind of have a love hate relationship with black trucks, as I'm sure a lot of people with black vehicles do. But I sure do like the way my boat looks behind a black truck. I currently have 12 trucks at work. All of them are Chevys with the exception of one old Ford with a 7.3 Diesel. We've had really good luck with the Chevys, both gas and Diesel. Most of them never needed anything but basic maintenance and tires until around 150k. Unfortunately we had our first catastrophic failure of a Duramax last week. A 3500 dually with about 300k on it broke a crank. We've had about 2.5 million miles of service out of Duramaxes, and this was the first internal issue we've ever had. Not to mention we've never had a single mechanical issue out of an Allison. I'm knocking on wood as I type this. Anyway, I've pretty much gotten over the notion of giving Dodge (oh wait, "Ram") another shot. In doing some reading on a Dodge forum, they seem to still be having all sorts of problems, and in some cases no solutions. Apparently there's a bunch of new trucks on dealer lots that they cant even sell due to a safety recall that FCA hasn't even figured out a fix for yet. I'm going to stick with what I know works.
  5. I've seen my fair share of troubles with dodges over the years too. A '93 3500 that rode like a log wagon, and was taken out by the "Killer Dowel Pin" A'98 3500 That lost 5th gear 3 times, and was plagued by melted headlight switches, and failed HVAC actuators. And lastly '01 2500 that had fuel system issues as well as 2 failed transmissions. I guess I've been hoping that every one would tell me that the issues of old are all over with, and they're great trucks now. I haven't even heard that on a dodge forum.
  6. I'm actually leaning more towards a Diesel.
  7. I’m very familiar with the maintenance costs of diesels vs gas. I actually manage our fleet at work, and we’re slowly transitioning away from diesels because the higher operating cost. The gas truck does what I need it to, but I do miss the extra power of the diesel.
  8. I looked at the build options pretty close on this, and yeah, with basically all the boxes checked you're at about 55 or 56 iirc. It does have a ballast system as an option. Presumably its controlled by the Medallion touchscreen. I can imagine plenty of room for ballast in a 21 H2o. Its not something I'm interested in right now, but it sure seems like a good afordable option for someone wanting to surf.
  9. I believe it maxes out at 280 HP. They only offer it with the V6 Volvo FFD.
  10. I like the blue. The dark blue color looks really good in the sun. In the VR the colors are only available as a wide band on the side, and all white isn't an option. Regardless of the color, when its only on the outside of the boat, it will make no difference to how hot it is inside.
  11. I would spend some time researching the laws and requirements for Utah. The issue is that some of the regulations are federal, and some of them are state. So what may be true for some one else here may not be true for you. Make some phone calls to the Highway patrol and or what ever department in your state handles special permits. Have all those questions answered before you buy. In general, the requirements are much easier to meet for "recreational use" vs being "engaged in commerce". This too could get pretty complicated if for instance your tow vehicle has commercial tags, is registered in a company name, or has a company name o the side of it.
  12. That's a 19 H2o right? That sounds like a pretty good deal to me. I'm guessing the moderators edited the price out. You can always refer to it as 21 large herd of deer.
  13. Just bear in mind, that with anything sitting that long, even if put up properly, you will need to service everything. It is a project. Certainly all fluids will need changed. A full tune up will be needed, Plugs, Wires cap, rotor, etc. Every rubber part will need replaced, belts, hoses, fuel lines, impeller, exhaust and shift bellows, exhaust flappers, etc. The carb, and maybe the fuel pump will need to be rebuilt. Then there's all of the other stuff like the head, a/c, generator, lighting, wiring, etc. And, lets not forget the trailer which will need tires bearings, brakes, wiring and what not. Also be sure to check for rot. Check everywhere. Check floors, stringers, engine mounts, everything. I'm not trying to scare you. I'm just hoping to help you think of some of the challenges and work that this deal presents. I'd start with the value of a similar boat that has been properly maintained, and was used last season. From there I would start deducting some of the costs that you will be facing and see where you end up.
  14. Sometimes things don't have to be entirely black and white. I agree that there are certainly people who finance more than they can afford, and in a way that the value of the boat can't support, and that's not wise. I also agree that its crucial to plan, save, and work towards our futures, and our children's' futures. But the things we can't deny are that our children are only children once, and there's no guarantee that we'll get a tomorrow. I feel like my time on the water with family helps me be a better father and husband. I think the relief I feel as I pull out of my driveway with my boat in tow headed to the lake on the weekend makes me better at what I do at work the next week. Man I'm looking forward to spring already.
  15. Have you checked the fuse for the fuel pump again? Perhaps it blew a second time. Fuses typically blow for a reason, i.e. a short to ground, or a component drawing too much current. I'm guessing you've thoroughly checked the harnesses and connectors? Have you tried manually applying 12v to the fuel pump? I think the blown fuel pump fuse is the best clue you have. Dig deeper into it. Oh yeah, and scan for codes.
  16. Had to google the seapen. That's an interesting concept. Never seen it before in the states.
  17. They already host them in the gallery. My guess is that they don't see a need in upgrading to a better forum software. But, I don't really know jack about it.
  18. Congrats on hitting 80. We all have a need for a good excuse from time to time. This one should work well in lots of situations.
  19. Check this one out.
  20. Sounds like a BS reason to me. Crawl underneath any car or truck made in the last 30 years and check out the O2 sensors. They are way more exposed to water and salt spray under a car than they are in the engine compartment of a boat. Its hard to comment on the cost though without knowing what work was done, and what parts were needed. With that price tag, and blaming the O2 sensors, I would have to assume that the repairs involved the catalytic converters. There's the potential for some pretty steep parts bills there.
  21. Its a 3400 ton jet boat. Do you guys think that's enough displacement to throw a surfable wake? In all seriousness SST, thanks for sharing that link. Those are some pretty impressive stats for that class of ship. She's 389 feet long, and at 45+ knots, faster than most of the boats on here.
  22. It sure is nice when you can find the "smoking gun" for your problem. I assume you tightened all the connections while you were in there.
  23. Looks sharp. What about a before pic?
  24. I know this year has flown by, but is it April 1st already? Surely you're kidding right? If this is a project you end up pursuing, do yourself a favor and keep no records of your time and money spent on it. With enough time, skill, and money, virtually anything can be fixed. But, there's certainly cheaper and easier ways to get into a boat.
  25. This one was uploaded to the gallery from my IPhone 7 just recently. I have had issues in the past try to go straight from my phone to the gallery, and would occasionally have to upload from a computer. With as few pictures as I post, its not a big deal.