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  1. OK all is well Took the boat out today to test it out.. It ran great, smooth idle, no stalling and best of all no alarms. What I did. New Carburetor, New thermostat, flushed engine and manifolds. changed drive oil, changed motor oil, changed impeller. Noticed the oil pressure switch next to the filter had a very corroded connector and seemed like it had a small leak near the block. When i went to remove it the thing snapped off at the block. Removed the broke off part with an easy out and replaced the switch. Seemed like a new boat. I even showed my wife how to load i
  2. Changed Thermostat, and flushed out the engine / manifolds / hoses. Found the oil pressure switch wire connector corroded. Attempted to change the switch and it snapped off at the block. It looked like it may have been cracked and leaking a little bit. 2 hrs and some easy outs later I got the rest out of the block. Replaced it with a new sensor. It idled in the driveway on the muffs smooth and no alarm. I will put it in the water later today and give an update. Jay
  3. The stalling issue was fixed with the new carb. It starts and idles smooth. Idles cold and hot. And yes fuel filter changed.
  4. I will check, but the last time I had it out I had the back up and while it is alarming I can put my hand on the engine and exhaust and it not hot. Not hot enough for me to jerk my hand back at all. I have it out of the water now in my driveway. When I ran it on the garden hose it idled for a long time and never alarmed. Can I test the hoses like you said while on the hose? If the sensors are not too expensive I can just change them while I have it here and hope that was it. I know changing this and that can get $$$$ but if that is the issue it is convenient for me to change it tomorrow
  5. Update Replaced the carb with new and it starts and runs great. Replaced the impeller, the old one did not show any damage and looked fairly new. Changed the lower unit oil and its full. Now the boat still alarms. It starts up, idles great no alarm. once warmed up I take it out and while running no alarm. Stop then I go again no alarm but when I slow down or stop the second time it starts to alarm and goes away when I get going again. It seems like the more I go thru the above cycle the longer it takes for it to go away. While idling and alarming I pulled off the wire on t
  6. Does the Volvo Penta have the impeller in the lower unit. The drawing does not show one?
  7. Its a Volvo Penta Engine 5.0 GL-B Transom TSK SX-MLT Drive SX-M 1.60
  8. cyclops2Thanks for the detailed reply. I am very mechanical and can tackle most of these items. The boat has run into a sandy bottom, mostly due to not familiar with the low spots of the lake. When you refer to the water pump are you talking the circulation pump on the motor or the raw water pump on the crank? What should be done due to the sandy bottom incident? I was thinking the same thing with the thermostat, especially with the water in the lake being cold. I am 100% sure the carb has been messed with. You can just tell by looking at it. I was thinking of rebuilding it or buying a repl
  9. I am new to boating and just purchased a 2002 Chaparral 200 SSE, Volvo penta 5.0 carbed. It does not like to start up with out leaving the choke on and abiut 1/4 throttle. It warms up eventually. It will idle in neutral but once it is put in gear it stalls. Start it back up and but it in gear befor it stalls. The boat will run good no alarms and seems to get up to full speed (not sure what that is yet) it runs about a little shy of 5000 rpm. When we cruise around for a while we will slow down to stop and when the boat is in gear and going slow an alarm strats to beep faintly and intermittent
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