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  1. OK, I'm located in landlocked Alberta but I spent the week boating in Kalamalka Lake out of Kekuli Bay Provincial Park, BC. I did see a number of Chaparral boats on the water. Now I'm wondering why the Western Canada forum never has any new posts. Hope some of you other members from the Western provinces post in this forum.
  2. Ronbill

    Surviving the cold winter

    Have all of you western Canadian Chap owners survived the cold winter? During this past long winter I began to question the effectiveness of my boat engine winterizing skills. I'm happy to report the engine survived the lengthy cold spells and is running just fine.
  3. Ronbill

    Boating Lake Koocanusa

    I thinking about heading down to Lake Koocanusa from Crowsnest Pass Alberta. Anyone here familiar with the public boat launches on the B.C. side of this Lake? I was thinking about trying the Yaqakxaqlamki Boat Launch located near the Kikomun Bridge. I would also like to know if this is a deep lake or if there are numerous shallow areas to be aware of?
  4. Ronbill

    Chaparall transducer placement I/O

    Lucy, it was easier than I thought it would be on my 2009 196 SSI. See thread and install here: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/topic/37818-transom-mount-transducer-in-ssi-or-h2o/&do=findComment&comment=414762
  5. Ronbill

    Looking at a 196 SSI

    You shouldn't have any issue towing the 196 SSI with the Escalade. The tow capacity of the Escalade is around 8300 lb and the boat with trailer will be under 5000 lb. My 2009 196 SSI with trailer is only 4300 lb. enjoy! Ron
  6. My Chap 196 SSi with Volvo Penta 4.3 GXi and SX-A just started to make a tinny rattling noise from behind the engine. The noise is not there when idling in neutral and seems to occur mainly when accelerating or driving in the 2000-3000 rpm range. Noise occurs when cruising straight and not necessarily when turning the steering wheel. To me, it sounds like a loose tin tag or metal bracket vibrating at certain rpm's. I even had my mechanic brother-in-law listen to the engine while running on the lake and he confirmed this is not a pulley, belt or obvious engine issue. Could this be a possible outdrive issue?
  7. Ronbill

    Odd rattle or tinny vibration noise Volvo 4.3 GXi

    It may very well be that I can't hear it beyond 3000-3500 rpm. I think i will have to try to get in behind the engine and feel around for anything loose. Maybe an extendable mirror will help.
  8. Ronbill

    Odd rattle or tinny vibration noise Volvo 4.3 GXi

    Yes that is one of my suspicions right now. Of course it is tough to hear noise outside of the transom when running the boat in the water. So I plan to run the engine out of water later this week to see if the noise is audible from behind the boat. I really hope that is it but will need to look in behind to find it. This may take some work to find the source.
  9. I am installing a transom mount transducer (Garmin Downview w/ Chirp) in my 2009 196ssi. Has anyone installed a transom mount transducer on '09-13 SSi or H2O boat in 18-21'? If so can you share a few pics of transducer mounting location and where you drilled through the transom for running the cable?
  10. Ronbill

    Transom mount transducer in SSi or H2O

    Update with install pics: a minor adjustment down with the transducer and now I have depth at full speed in flat water. Very happy indeed.
  11. Ronbill

    Transom mount transducer in SSi or H2O

    I would feel safer tubing or knee boarding behind the boat to try to view the rooster tail the transducer makes. At any rate, I was boating yesterday. I dropped the transducer down about a 1/4" and I was able to get depth readings to about 36 mph (GPS speed) in calm water only. Once there was some chop on the water (approximately 12" wave height) I was only able to keep depth readings at a speed of 26-29 mph (GPS). Do you think I should drop it more?
  12. Ronbill

    Transom mount transducer in SSi or H2O

    Ya I was think of using a Go Pro on a boom stick to record the spray with the boat in motion. I may do that yet, but right now I will adjust down to see if I can get up to higher speed before I drop readings.
  13. Ronbill

    Transom mount transducer in SSi or H2O

    Yes I was impressed with the ease of installation of SternMate but man does that epoxy stink!!! This makes good sense and I do have room to move the transducer laterally toward the center line if need be. I think I will just lower it first and try it out since I'm losing readings once the boat is up on step. When I installed, I went with minimal drop below the hull of the boat so I'm sure that is the problem.
  14. Ronbill

    Transom mount transducer in SSi or H2O

    dsmacey - with the 196 ssi there was no room to drill straight up from the transducer as too many engine and steering components inside the compartment. I had to run up on the side wall of the outdrive cutout. It was rather easy to drill though as far up and plenty of room on the interior to run cabling through. And yes 5200 is a flipping mess to work with. Cyclops2 - ya I made sure I left a little slack to allow adjusting the transducer. I ran the boat today and everything works fine at slow speed but I lose the readings pretty quickly with speed so I need to adjust the transducer down a bit - at least I think I need to drop it down rather than raise it.
  15. Ronbill

    Transom mount transducer in SSi or H2O

    Well I epoxied the SternMate on the transom today. Not overly difficult and I have to say the epoxy cleaned up very well with isopropyl alcohol as per instructions. I will add that the thixotropic epoxy supplied by SternMate is the most foul smelling substance I have ever experienced!! Now I just have to drill the hole through the transom for the wiring. Cyclops, I think the Garmin plug is about 5/8" for the downview/chirp transducer. I'm not familiar with the Plumbers test plug - just plumber's butt lol - however thanks for the tip. David, yes I recall that thread from a while back. It definitely helped me decide where to mount the SternMate and drill the cable hole. Cheers, Ron
  16. Ronbill

    Dual battery wannabe here- easy question I think

    1naylor, this isn't all that complex. I did a similar install to my 2009 196 SSi a couple years ago. I used the automatic charging relay (SI-ACR #7610) from Blue Sea Systems swapped out the stock Blue Sea battery switch with their Dual Circuit Plus m-series switch #6011 (this was an exact replacement/switch so no modification was necessary). I did the load-side install and added appropriate spark proof 100 Amp circuit breakers between the ACR and Dual switch. The install was not really difficult at all but take time and make your own appropriately sized cables with heavy heat shrink to tidy things up a bit. For original thread, pics and more details see: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/topic/33885-blue-sea-systems-acr-wiring/#comment-364997
  17. Ronbill

    206 SSi

    Quag, I have a 2009 196 SSi with the 4.3L GXi Volvo Penta setup. Mine came with the Volvo SS 19P 3-blade and would not hit WOT (only managed 4300-ish RPMs), but managed just above 50MPH given some time a the right amount of trim. For pulling skiers etc I dropped to a 4-blade 17P aluminum and this got me to WOT easily but I dropped max speed down to about 48MPH. See previous post here: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/topic/36456-prop-advice/#comment-400664 To be honest, this is a great setup for cruising and general water sports and fuel economy is great, but I think for pulling serious slalom skiers with a boat load of onlookers a 5L engine would be better.
  18. Ronbill

    Oil Extraction -- Any experience with EWK?

    I use essentially the same one sold under a different brand name. It works great but I only have a 4.3L GXi engine.
  19. Ronbill

    GPS 196ssi

    Chaparral designed that cutout to fit early Garmin 500 series chartplotters and chartplotter sounders with the optional flush mount kit including (for North America at least) the 520,520s, 525, 525s, 530, 535s, 540, 540s, and 545s. 'S' versions of course indicate that particular Garmin GPS chartplotter is a 'Sounder' version that can easily accept a Garmin transducer to give water depth and temperature. Then Garmin came out with faster processor models. 521,521s, 526, 526s, 531, 536s, 541, and 546s, Models for these series ending in '6' had the greater pixel clarity. These also fitted the slot. These are all discontinued and were replaced by the 527, 527xs, and 547, and 547xs, which may also be discontinued now. These did not use the same optional flush mount kit and DO NOT fit without some modifications. I installed a 547XS and you can read about the issue in a lengthy post here: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/topic/31725-2009-226-ssi-garmin-gps-add/& My install is further down in the post here: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/indx.php?/topic/31725-2009-226-ssi-garmin-gps-add/&do=findComment&comment=364312
  20. Ronbill

    Prop advice?

    I can tell you that the 19p 4 blade aluminum did not perform well on my 2009 196SSi 4.3L GXi. I tried one after I bent (I said I boated in some shallow lakes ) my first Turning Point 17p 4 blade on a trip away and could only find the same prop in 19p locally, so I tried it out. It really bogged down the hole shot and took quite some time for the hull to come up on step. It was absolutely useless for water sports. I replaced it with another 17p Turning Point 4 blade once I got home. What you have to consider is that an extra blade adds mass to the prop, lowering spin (or I suppose taking more force to spin the same) - hence dropping from 19p (on the OEM 3-blade) to 17p on the 4 blade. This should help maintain or improve the RPMs as it was in my case. Good luck, Ron
  21. Ronbill

    Prop advice?

    Cazzy, I have 2009 196 SSi with the Volvo 4.3L GXi. I was getting about about 50 MPH at 4600 RPM WOT with the OEM Volvo 3 blade 19p stainless. I switched to a Turning Point Hustler 14-1/2 x17p 4 blade in aluminum (I think model LE-1417-44). I went aluminum mainly because I do boat on shallow lakes and didn't want to ding a stainless prop. The blade 17p increased my maximum RPM to 4800 WOT, but dropped speed a couple MPH - I was looking for better hole-shot for watersports and not speed. The boat is much more responsive to the throttle and remains hooked up in tight turns better than the 3 blade. IMO nothing wrong with the aluminum prop from Turning Point, but if I was boating only in deeper lakes, I would have probably shelled out for a stainless 4 blade.
  22. Ronbill

    196 ssi Widetech travel cover

    I'm interested in purchasing an exact-fit trailerable boat cover for my 2009 196 SSi Widetech that would allow for the bimini top to be laid down under travel cover during transport. I have looked at the products from Westland (made with Sharkskin, Sunbrella), Carver (made with Sun-dura, Poly guard) and Shoretex (Weathermax, Prism, Travel Tuff) but haven't seen any pics showing how the cover installs around the integrated swim deck. Quite frankly I'm leaning to Weathermax fabric but would like to know how well the covers fit and do/can they include perimeter tie-downs that ratchet in the back, ventilation poles etc. Can anybody here with an '09-'13 196 ssi Widetech give a recommendation on a well-fit product I should consider?
  23. Ronbill

    Adding a second battery

    I did a similar install to my 2009 196 SSi last summer. I used the automatic charging relay (SI-ACR #7610) from Blue Sea Systems swapped out the stock Blue Sea battery switch with their Dual Circuit Plus m-series switch #6011 (this was an exact replacement/switch so no modification was necessary). I did the load-side install and added appropriate spark proof 100 Amp circuit breakers between the ACR and Dual switch. The install was not really difficult at all but take time and make your own appropriately sized cables with heavy heat shrink to tidy things up a bit. For pics and more details see: http://forum.chaparralboats.com/index.php?/topic/33885-blue-sea-systems-acr-wiring/#comment-365163
  24. Ronbill

    Any Chap owners in Western Canada?

    Ya you are spoiled in that part of Alberta - a good concentration of deep lakes and clearer water compared to the rest of the Province. However, everything is relative and our lakes do not compare to the deep clear lakes of B.C. I too will be traveling to the Okanagan for at least a week this summer - Kalamalka Lake is my destination this time.
  25. Ronbill

    2017 Chaparral 19 H20 sport prop choice

    My 2009 196 SSi Wide-Tech (similar to your 19 H20), which has the 225 HP Volvo 4.3L GXi engine came with a stainless 3 blade 19" pitch Volvo prop. It is great for speed giving me a shade over 50 (52?) mph at 4600 rpm, but I can't get to max 4800 rpm's specified for my engine. To get better towing, hole-shot, and to reach max 4800 rpm I went with a Turning Point aluminum 4 blade 17"p prop. This configuration still gives me a respectable 48 mph wide open throttle. Generally, when going from 3 to 4 blade, you step down a couple of inches in pitch to compensate for the extra mass of the 4th blade. If your boat is like mine, your existing 20p may be the speed prop and you may consider a 17p 4 blade for pulling. let me know how that works out.