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  1. Are there issues with leaving a boat winterized for a year and a half? I winterized my boat in November 2019 and may leave it winterized through summer 2020 and then winter 2021. Is that a problem? I could go back and run the boat for a month or two and then rewinterize it. Just looking for options. Thanks.
  2. Yes. I'm in Wildwood Crest and will go to Stone Harbor for lunch sometimes. Other than that I'm usually in the Cape May area.
  3. As a 277 SSX owner I'm glad I got it when I did. The 287 SSX was not as nice at all. I've had issues with the folding arch but it's been much better since a complete rebuild. I have yet to find a boat I'd rather have and suspect I won't for a long time.
  4. The advice I've been waiting for! Finally. Now I'll just need that house on the water somewhere on the Chesapeake.
  5. It's not looking good for Julie and I. It's a long trip and we were hoping to spend a few extra days in Baltimore/Annapolis but might not get the time. Bummer!
  6. 76 would be amazing! I was out on my new Waverunner but with water temp only at 65 I was way more cautious than usual.
  7. If nothing else Julie and I will take What Next 3 to a couple of restaurants for lunch and/or dinner. No matter what we'll be on the boat one way or another. This pic was last weekend.
  8. Ha! The prizes alone are worth the trip. I'm glad it's that weekend the previous weekend we have a wedding in Rhode Island (not taking the boat to that one). Looking to bring some friends along for a long weekend on the beautiful Chesapeake.
  9. Last year the warm weather was in December and I wished I hadn't winterized the boat. Now the warm weather is February and I'm wondering how early I can put her in the water.
  10. WhatNext

    How many days?

    I'm still in triple digits. I'm looking at Mid-May. Can not wait!
  11. I agree. I have the 2016 277 SSX and I would not make an even trade for the 287. The stern looks chopped off to me. I personally don't like the reverse seating. When I'm sitting in that position I'm usually on the swim platform with my feet in the water. For me the 337 would be a dream. I would spend 95% of my time outside. The berth would be for sleep only. I would have loved this option on my trip from Cape May, NJ to Baltimore, MD. I could have saved the price of the hotel. Moving up from a 246 to a 277 turned day trips into overnights and made the trip more comfortable at faster speeds. It was a worth while upgrade for me.
  12. Luckily I have some old (but working) two way radios and now I have a use for them! I might need more than two paddleboards though.
  13. Updating today January 3, 2017 because Woot has the inflatable paddleboard on sale again. Here's the link: http://www.woot.com/category/sport?ref=w_gh_sp_6 Something to look forward to for those of us up north.
  14. Mid May for me but my dock's official opening is Memorial Day (it's a small club). It's not even 2017 yet and we're already looking forward to the season? #$^% yeah. I've been counting down since we dropped it off for winterization and storage.
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