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  1. I change my oil/filters at the end of the season in order to coat the internals with fresh oil. Any moisture that may accumulate over the winter will quickly evaporate the first time you heat the motor up to operating temps.
  2. Thanks!! Exactly what I was looking for. Much appreciated.
  3. What product does chaparral use for synthetic wood floors on the interiors of their cruisers? Looking to replace the snap down carpet in the cabin on my 2006 310 Signature.
  4. Did the microwave mount easily? The one in my 2006 310 sig is acting up and im looking for a replacement.
  5. Had this happen to me, ended up being time for a tuneup. Replaced distributor cap/rotor+spark plugs and all was perfect after. Using a spark tester I found i was getting weak spark on a few cylinders.
  6. No water under the V berth at all. Got me thinking... did have the shower/ac sump overflow a couple months ago and replaced the pump. Although that compartment is bone dry, perhaps some migrated forward and got trapped. Have a cheapo harbor freight camera ill poke around further with and see what I can find. Any other suggestions are greatly appreciated!
  7. Any 310 Signature (2004 to 2009) owners know if its possible to access the hidden areas of the bilge in the mid cabin and forward areas? I have an odor in the boat that I cant locate. It seems to be coming from the forward area of the boat. Smells like stagnant water or even a dead animal! Holding tank is totally empty. No odor at all in the head or engine compartment. Anchor locker is clean and the rope isnt smelling. Forward bilge/shower sump is dry. Removed the cushions in the aft cabin area and checked the hidden bilge compartments and they too are also dry. Any ideas where to lo
  8. On a 2006 310 Signature it says 700 pounds on a sticker on the platform... Id say 600 to 700 for the 290.
  9. 89 Octane 10% ethanol here in Northern VA on the Potomac. $2.39/gal at the marina, $1.90 for 87 on land.
  10. Thanks Wingnut, those events no doubt left an indelible memory on all involved. It just serves to reinforce how deadly lightning can be. There is science behind this and I believe however in the unfortunate chance our boats should be struck, there is more that can be done to protect the passengers. Heading to shore and avoiding the bad weather altogether is first and foremost. However, on any given summer day on the east coast, a storm can suddenly and quickly appear. Outrunning a storm may not be the safest option if it means piloting the boat in the exposed cockpit area. How well our
  11. We all know that lightening can be deadly. Avoiding storms altogether is the only way to be 100% safe. In the event you are caught in a storm and cant get to safe harbor, how safe are our boats? I was wondering if anyone had information about any lightning protection Chaparral offers in our boats, especially the Signature cruisers. I have a 2006 310 Signature. The aluminum Radar arch is the tallest metallic structure on the boat. Is this properly bonded to the engines/outdrives to direct current away? The bow rails and bimini rails as well. I suppose the bimini is physically bolted to t
  12. Had the same issue on my 2006 310 as well. Ended up being an old insect nest in there. Took the back of the horn off, cleaned out the nest and cleaned the small plastic diaphragm. Reassembled and it worked flawless. Verify the air pump is putting out air too. The horn is loud!
  13. Played around for a bit over the weekend. The boat seemed to stay on plane easier at about 3400 to 3500 RPM which puts me around 26 to 29mph. The boat feels right at that RPM/speed and is her sweet spot. Any slower and it just seemed like a bear!
  14. Ameritex was the original OEM supplier of the canvas. http://www.ameritexfabrics.com/products.html click on Replacement Canvas. You will still likely have to deal with a local canvas guy to get the snaps etc aligned. Alternatively you can go 100% custom and have a canvas shop make the whole thing.
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