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  1. Barney


    I have a 1989 2300sx....Can someone tell me what type of gelcoat was used on these boats back then.....Thanks.....
  2. Barney

    1989 2300sx

    Hey guys .....Whats the best prop to run on my boat 454 330hp Bravo 1 outdrive .The boat has trim tabs......Thanks for all you help
  3. Barney

    Barney's 2300SX

  4. Barney

    1989 2300sx

    Thanks guys for all the help.....I'll try adjusting the trim sender again.....
  5. Barney

    1989 2300sx

    Denny , Thanks for the reply......On your fist question, It's a Bravo One out drive. Everything works ....Trim,trailer tilt limit ....except the stupid guage. i don't use it to trim the boat,but i just whant it to read correctly.....Thanks for all your help.
  6. Barney

    1989 2300sx

    Denny, I replaced both trim sender and trim limit and they boths are working,but the trim guage will only move 1/4 of the increments ...... I followed all the instructions for the 805320A1.....
  7. Barney

    1989 2300sx

    Ok guy's ...How do I test a trim guage to see if its ok or it's bad.......Thanks
  8. Barney

    Barney's 2300SX