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  1. Bump for a detailed Trim Tab discussion and installation on the 256 ssi/ssx hull.
  2. The switches Chaparral uses in the dash are made by Carling model Contura. Do a web search to see how they are mounted to get a better idea of what your issue is. it could be the switch cover or the switch itself.
  3. Here is what the Chaparral book says it will do...
  4. Scott, By your description above, it sounds like your helm and/or steering cable are worn beyond tollerance.
  5. This topic has been discussed in detail at Check it out.
  6. Doesn't a sub have to be firmly mounted? Wouldn't a sub in the compartment door vibrate and 'buzz'?
  7. I sold my old Chap in December in a snow storm after posting it on Craigslist.
  8. 1. Open head door 2. Unfasten trousers 3. In one fluid motion, drop trousers, back in and close the head door Necessity is the father of invention?
  9. This has been discussed in detail I went with the Bennett ST-16 12"x16" tabs on my '07 256ssi. Any tab will have a huge positive effect on this hull. Let us know what you end up with.
  10. We have only used both bow and stern cockpit tables simultaneously while at the fireworks display when we are anchored-up off shore with a boatload of guests.
  11. We had a bow table on our old 230ssi, and really enjoyed utilizing it. Our new(er) 256ssi came without a bow table. I ordered the pole base from Joe @ Cecil Marine. It looks like this: I knew the bow table was a factory option, so I measured twice and cut a huge (I think it was 3") hole in the deck, used plenty of 3M 5200 sealant, and stainless screws. It's as if it was factory installed. Like you've observed, the table hinders the travel path when its utilized in the stern.
  12. I've climbed all around my 256, but I've never been in there. Sorry.
  13. I go to the boat shows every year, and proclaim to the Admiral that the 'good news' is that I haven't seen anything that I like better than what we already have. I guess I am more than a little biased, but they STILL don't make a boat with as many features, as much seating area (with the 'U'-shaped bench), as good a floor plan, as timeless a styling and great packaging as on our 256ssi. I plan on keeping mine for a long time, too.
  14. You won't know if you need the helm (box) and/or cable until you take it apart and take a look. Stupidly, I had a Merc dealer do the work (and this was back in 2008) for 700 beans. It should have been less than half that in parts cost. Next time, I'll do it myself.
  15. Simp, Swap the working remote from the transom to the helm. They're both the same.