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  1. Honestly, I wish I had analog
  2. It seems like it is just the numbers on the screen. after a second or two it provides the actual reading. But, for instance, while getting up and I trim out using the trim switch on the port lever, the port will go to -2, and the starboard will only get to -5. I then have to use the manual trim switches ahead of each throttle lever. I hope that makes sense. If backing into a beach for for the day and I trim all the way up once engines are off, and I again have to use the individual switches to get to the highest point. So I guess I'm not sure if it is a synchronization problem or a pump getti
  3. Just read the great post at iBoats on the Volvo Penta SX-A/DPS Trim pump replacement. Not clear if that is the exact problem, but it sure does explain why I couldn't find the darn pump
  4. Was reading through threads to find others with the same or similar problem. I have a 2013 Sig 310 with EVC. Engines are 5.0GXiCE. When I trim up, the starboard display goes a bit crazy with readings from -24 to positive numbers, then the display settles down and reads accurately. When getting on plane and trimming out the synchronization of the two motors seems a bit off. We have shallow water where we are, so the trim gets a lot of use. Local service dealer is telling me they have to fix it and I can't. I am skeptical and want to get others opinions first. I recently had the starboard motor
  5. Were you able to resolve this issue? I am having a similar problem with my 2013 Sig 310
  6. Try Mooresville NC, Lake Norman. There is a dealer there, The Boat Rack. That area is rich in Chaparral. I purchased my 2103 Chap 310 Sig there in 2015, and found transport to this area to be about $3000.
  7. I agree with everyone's comments, make sure the photos you take are of a clean boat. Nothing is worse than looking at photos of a boat for sale and it's dirty. It gives potential buyers the idea that you didn't take care of your boat. I can say from personal experience this past winter, that I got a lot of traffic on my 2011 Crownline 260 CR mid to late February, not long after the Boston boat show. People get sticker shock, but also see what they want, and then start looking for good deals. Most people wanted to come and see the boat in early March, and I had it sold before April 15th. Cash m
  8. I am looking to see if anyone else has the Garmin VHF 300? Looking for feedback from current users, as I can not seem to find any reviews that are worth reading online. What do you like, what don't you like. I have limited helm space for radio mount, looking to stay compact.
  9. Thanks for all the tips! I chose the Collinite. Very easy to work with, but you really have to work in small sections, and it looks fabulous!!
  10. There were two settings on the depth gauge for exactly that, so I adjusted it to what I think will work. The PTA settings I chose to go with were the default settings, and then I will adjust as needed. The other problem I noticed is that when I select "single lever" it does not seem to work. it just flashes while in neutral. Any suggestions? Am I just doing something wrong?
  11. Does anyone have any recommended PTA settings for the 2013 Chaparral 310 with twin Volvo 270 and EVC? I have not taken the boat out enough yet, and I am looking for suggested set points to start with. I boat in fresh water, with low water at times of 2' through a channel to access the river. I did read the manual, and I can see that there are settings in the calibration instructions, but I do not know if those are good to use. My previous boat used an analog trim gauge, so transitioning to negative and positive numbers is confusing me a little. If I were trimmed at half on my old boat at
  12. Thanks for the info! I recognize the Pro Polish by Shurhold, What's the other brand?
  13. Thanks for all the great responses! I am not new to boating, this will be my second boat. My first was a Crownline 260 CR, and now the Sig 310. I expect to take delivery of the boat next week. I'm a real do-it your-self kinda gal. I take a lot of pride in my boat. I can't wait until it gets here!
  14. Thank you both for your response. I am glad I asked the question. I am a petite 5'1" 125 lbs, girl of course, what man would describe themselves as "petite". I have the Shurhold polisher as well, I will try yo work with a ladder the best I can. I have one of those little giant ladders, no clue how to use it, but I'll see if I can rig it to work. Falling off the hardtop is not an option as I have fingers on either side of the boat, ouch. Any preferences on wax? I read many of the threads on wax, and some people seem to like Carnuba wax the best, with applications often. I will be honest, I waxe
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