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  1. I'm excited to get your thoughts on how everything sounds once installed. A question for Futzin and Brick - I'm still a couple weeks away from installing my amps and sub but wanted to get your thoughts on location. The port storage area seems to be the most ideal location however last year I noticed we used that storage area a lot. One area of storage we found that was plentiful but we didn't use as much was under the seat of the "L" bench on the port side. Having someone get up and then removing that seat to grab bags, buoys, etc. was a bit of a hassle so I found we simply stuffed that area with things we did not use often. Any thoughts on utilizing that location as a place to mount the amps and sub? Clearly the potential for things get wet is much higher there. My cup holder above has a hole and drains directly into that storage compartment for example. When looking at it though it does seems as though creating a dry space under there would not be too difficult of a task. Would like to get your thoughts though as you have both had your 220's much longer than I.
  2. My guess is it's something like this. Hard to tell in the picture but could it be some growth from sitting in the water. Down here I have seen people leave their boats in the water until the hull gets some nasty growth on it. Then when they put it on the trailer they clean everywhere they can which leaves the dried up growth just under the trailer bunks. That can feel rough almost like sandpaper.
  3. I went with 2 Optima blue tops a few years ago and they have worked well. At the time I wanted 2 dual purpose and I had some size restrictions where I was adding the second battery. These were a little shorter than others with the same specs and were easy to find. Probably a little overpriced but they did the job well enough I brought them with me when I upgraded to a new boat last year. They also have a handy (probably overpriced) matching charger that I use to maintain them when needed.
  4. That looks like an incredible trip! Thanks for sharing the video. Blue water near Houston ... I wish.
  5. I agree with these guys. No harm in at least calling the other shop and exploring that option.
  6. My default would also be to go for the V8 but this does raise an interesting question. Clearly the V8 would have more power but in theory the DP should have a benefit over the SX drive. I doubt the addition of the DP would make the V6 equal the performance of the V8 but how much added benefit do you get from a DP vs single pros SX (if any)?
  7. That's interesting Roy. Have you ever had any other props on your boat other than the F4's to compare to? I was considering F5 or F6 but assumed an F4 would be going a bit too far the other direction. Hole shot is way more important to me than top speed as my lake is usually pretty choppy and we don't run that fast with 2 small kids anyway.
  8. Thanks for helping me look Rip5. I've actually been in touch with that guy and working to potentially make a deal. He is reluctant but willing to sell just a lower unit off the first listing you had there. He runs a small boat repair shop and I have heard from a couple sources that he may not be the best (or most honest) to deal with so we shall see. Having been burned recently has me a little skeptical at this point.
  9. Gotta love new tools.... We are still working to decide where we want to source the lower unit from but hope to have that settled in the next few days. There doesn't appear to be too many options. From my research and Rip's recommendation I am leaning towards a set of F6's for my props. We hope to have it up and running within about 2 weeks or so. Unfortunately our week long vacation on the lake is next week so we won't have our boat back in time but the other group with us will have theirs. Although while it appears this storm Cindy will be well east of us we will get plenty of rain next week anyway.
  10. Yep... this is the first order of business as we get into the project. Fingers crossed.
  11. Thanks bluesteve...I shot you a PM.
  12. This is essentially what we have done. I documented the heck out of the process and also took plenty of pictures. We decided to contact our insurance company and they are handling it from here. We already had an adjuster come out and document everything take pictures and statements from the "original" shop as well as the "good" shop. I also had documentation where the acknowledged that they damaged the lower unit. From here our insurance will cover it for us and then is going after the shops insurance for the damages.
  13. Agreed! I may not have made it clear in my original post but these guys will not be working on my boat again. All work from this point forward will be done by myself or from a couple other shops that I have been in contact with and feel comfortable giving a shot if needed.
  14. Thanks Phillbo .... that was part of my concern and why I want to hold off for now.
  15. On my drive I have to remove the props to change the lower unit fluid unfortunately. This is what started the ordeal. I prefer to wait just a bit longer until a couple things are resolved before I post their name publicly but I certainly will. In the meantime if anyone in the area wants to know their name you can certainly shoot me a PM.