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  1. robbo8199

    Boat pics

    Looks great! We almost pulled the trigger on an extended swim platform from swimplatforms.com on our last boat...instead we decided to buy a bigger boat that already had one.
  2. robbo8199

    Cooler recommendations

    We also use the RTIC SoftPak 30 and it has worked very well. Holds ice for a couple days for us and is still reasonable to carry down to the boat. Bought ours a couple years ago and has held up very well. https://www.rticcoolers.com/shop/coolers/softpak/RTIC-SoftPak-30-Grey
  3. robbo8199

    New to Chaps

    Congrats and welcome! I also keep my boat on Lake Conroe...see you out there!
  4. robbo8199

    JL Subwoofer Installation - 244 Sunesta

    Great write-up! I like those compact JL amps. Have you been happy with their performance?
  5. robbo8199

    Boat Trailer Tires Reco - 216 Sunesta Deck Boat

    Last season I shopped around locally as well as online and found the best value on etrailer. As jeffreydc mentioned it was actually cheaper to purchase the tires and rims than to ahve a local tire shop mount tires on current rims.
  6. robbo8199

    TOWER OR NO TOWER - Fish and Ski

    I would also go with the tower. We do not have one on ours and it will be added at some point.
  7. robbo8199

    220 SSi, Subwoofer placement options

    I tend to agree on the MDF and if possible would look for something more marine specific. At one point kicker made a marine enclosure like the one below (they appear to be discontinued). No idea if the enclosures were any good but something similar to that could work then load with sub of your choice. https://www.crutchfield.com/S-YmPJxPolVsS/p_20606SKM10/Kicker-SKM10.html
  8. robbo8199

    220 SSi, Subwoofer placement options

    I'm in a similar situation as I want to add a sub to the 220 and have been looking at a few options. I began the process last summer but other issues with the boat caused me to postpone this project. One potential idea I have kicked around that I did not see on your list was to add a 10" sub into the port console. I realize a Bazooka Tube would not fit through the opening however you could probably get a 10" in there if you had the right size enclosure. I have not done the measurements so maybe Brick can give some thoughts but you should be able to get one like the link below through there (or build your own that fits). https://www.amazon.com/Subwoofer-Universal-Regular-Standard-Enclosure/dp/B00IFEGDZO/ref=sr_1_4?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1518363513&sr=1-4&keywords=10+sub+box
  9. robbo8199

    Chappy 220 SSI 2007 about to buy. advice?

    We have had our 220 for a couple seasons now and love it. It has been the perfect fit for what our family needs. Our has the 5.0 with the Volvo DP and I have never felt it was under powered. I can imagine the 5.7 would be a bit better but for our purposes the 5.0 has done just fine.
  10. robbo8199

    Hurricane Irma

    It was pretty tough down here and it looks like Irma is going to make things difficult out there. As of Monday we were still unable to walk out into our marina as the water level was still too high to get out there. From the parking lot we could see our boat was still on the lift but there are some signs that it may have come loose at some point. I should be able to check it out this weekend and hope that it didn't get banged around too much. I'm optimistic it will be ok ... but given our luck with this boat this year....
  11. robbo8199

    Hurricane Irma

    I'm down in Houston and Harvey certainly ruined many boaters day at our lake. When on the lift I have always kept the plug in and while in theory our lake is pretty constant that was not the case during Harvey. Lake Conroe where we keep our boat had boats and jet skis floating all over the lake as the water came up much higher than ever before. Many boats from our marina sustained plenty of damage including several boats that floated out of their slips (they were in lifts) and I imagine many boats also staying in the slip but were pushed up into the roof of the marina. Obviously those boats would be at the bottom of the lake had they not had their plug in. As far as having the plug in when on the trailer that is an interesting question. As you stated keeping the plug out would keep the boat from filling with water but if the boat does float away the damage it would sustain would be pretty immense.
  12. robbo8199

    2004 220si question

    I have a 220 with the 5.0 and a Volvo DP. Thus far it has had plenty of power for us. Much of this would depend on how you plan to boat but for most situations I imagine Bricks description of "acceptable power" would be accurate.
  13. robbo8199

    Yellowstone trip

    That looks like an amazing trip. Video turned out great...Thanks for posting!
  14. At the end of the day the boat is probably in better shape than it was. Certainly wasn't worth the stress or loss of the season but it is nice to know it is in good working order now. Given the situation this could have turned out much worse.
  15. I agree with you Duane. I have always been a do it myself kind of guy and now after this experience (my fist time ever taking a boat to a mechanic) I can assure you I will remain that way. Sounds like you run a great business and take pride in it. In my business trust and reputation are everything so I know exactly where you are coming from.