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  1. First he heard the twirl of the blades.... Then he heard scared men speaking in Arabic..... Then he heard the controlled mission focused voices of our armed forces.... Then he experienced his Oh S% moment.... Then he felt the rounds.... Thanks goes to the collective efforts of our intelligence community and our armed forces. +1 for the good guys.
  2. +1 ..... is it a HH? If so, can you add another pontoon?
  3. TXChap

    New 327 ssx

    +1 I find it interesting that Chap designs and builds this beauty and ends up selling hull #1 at the Miami boat show on a walk in basis. Having said that, hope I am wrong as well as I would like to see pics too. I am actually surprised that Chap did not presell this boat to drum up interest. I would put the deer down tomorrow...right after I pay the mortgage, fund the kids 529s, save for retirement, pay the dock fees on my current Chap.... ....not enough to put down....but enough left for a tank of gas....time to go
  4. TXChap

    Harley Rider

    Agree.....all bikes are cool.....and yes....the HD's, while better than in the past, still have a, shall we say, pronounced vibration.... I love the Italian V-Twin sport bikes....maybe in a few years when the kids are older, I will get permission to pick one up. I am one of those rare HD riders that goes with a full lid as well....just because I like to ride, does not mean I will pass up the best protection I can buy. Ride / Boat safe and enjoy.
  5. TXChap

    Harley Rider

    As a harley rider, not too sure how to take that comment......my view is that anyone that rides on two wheels, more than appreciates the visual of this funny..... Are you a Ducati, Aprilia or MVA rider?
  6. +1 to both Roy and Phil. If you find the above interesting read "The Death of Common Sense" HOpe all have been well over the past several months....I have been too busy with work to be a regular but I have peaked in from time to time.
  7. TXChap

    World Series

    Rangers even it tonight and take the series in 6 games. We gotta go beat them in their house after last nights disappointment.
  8. How about adding some teaser photos and specs for the forum?.....New model pics much appreciated. Specs appreciated too.
  9. +1. Also endorse the carrying of the Glock....but I would do as others have said and stay off the lake or at least stay on the US side. In terms of Texas lakes in general, my biggest safety concern is jet skis and bass boats....no offense.
  10. TXChap

    Best Tow Vechicle

    We cannot get the Defender here.....if we could, I would have one in a flash..... Outside of the Defender, LR's have little resale value and lots of maintenance costs here in the US so not too popular, unless you have money to burn and there ain't too much of that now days.
  11. The best source of boating info in the world is....The Chaparral Owners Forum. This is a main source of boating info for me....but I also get Boating, MY, and Trailer Boating.....none of them hold a candle to the collective wisdom and wit of the forum, however.
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