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    What is this

    Thank you.
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    What is this

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    What is this

  4. DQNinh

    What is this

    Hi All, I have a 2016 Chaparral 19 H2O with a Volvo 225 engine. I looked at the oil filter today, thinking about a plan to do an oil change, and discovered a hose with a cap next to the oil filter (please see the attached image, red circle) What is that hose for. Looks like I can detach it from the hook (top) and drop the end of the hose down to the ground so that some fluid inside can be release? Is that a new way (for new engine) to dump out the oil without using an oil pump? Please advice. Thanks
  5. DQNinh

    Gear Oil vs Engine Oil + Oil Filter

    Thank you To Thank you Todder. I really appreciate it.
  6. Hi All, I have a 2016 Chaparral 19 H20 Sport with a Volvo Penta V6-225-C 225hp - SX Single prop. I am thinking about changing the oil myself. And I have few very dump questions, hopefully someone can help me. First of all, I found some videos that show how to change the gear oil. Looks easy enough to me, and I think I can do it myself. 1. But I cannot find any instructional video/instruction document that teaches me how to change the engine oil/oil filter. Do any of you have some links that can help me? 2. Other than changing gear oil, engine oil/filter, what are the other periodically maintenance that I should aware of? 3. I like to fish. Any online place that I can shop for fishing gears such as pod holders, add-on electric motor, fishing chair, etc..? Thanks in advance.
  7. DQNinh

    Propeller for 2016 H20 19 Sport

    Have someone used Mac's River Runner for propeller protection? I walked into a local Bass Pro shop and thought this piece is very interesting. But I am not so sure if it blocks the water and slow down the speed.
  8. DQNinh

    Propeller for 2016 H20 19 Sport

    Thanks all for your answers and time. 2 of the 3 blades were bending and chipped off about 1/4 inch. But amazingly, the boat is still running very good.
  9. Hi, I have a 2016 H20 19 Sport with a 6 cylinder 225HP engine. Today was my 3rd time loading the boat to the water, and I broke the propeller some how. It is a 3 blade propeller and it looks like aluminum casting. My questions are: What is the part number of the propeller? Can I replace it with any propeller (they all have standard shaft diameter size, correct?) Should I get a stainless steal one? Should I get a four blade one? Should I get a double propeller? Thanks all.
  10. DQNinh

    top over for sleeping

    Thank you all. I like the one Futzin has. May I ask how did you have it made and how much does it cost, Futzin?
  11. Hi, Is there anyone from the NE Atlanta? I have a H20 19 Sport boat, but love to fishing. I am new to Atlanta, so I probably need helps regarding the local area. Thanks.
  12. DQNinh

    top over for sleeping

    Hi, May be I am crazy but my guess is that no question is a stupid question. Well, but this may be one. I have a Hz0 19 Sport. I love to fishing and may sleep overnight on a lake/river. It would be nice to take a nap while waiting for a bite. My boat has a wake board with a top, but that will not prevent me from getting wet under the rain. Is there a cover made specifically for 19' boat that can go on top of the wake board and down all around with clear plastic "windows" so that I can take a nap without being getting wet and cold? Thanks.
  13. DQNinh

    Is second motor needed?

    Hi All, I am going to be a new owner of a 2016 HZ0 19 Sport in a few days. Very exited. I just wonder if I should buy a second outboard motor for a boat, just in case that the main inboard motor is dead when I am on the boat deep in a river. Sounds stupid but I mean things happen, right? If my boat does not have a second motor, and the engine dies, what I have to do? Is there a number that I can call? If I should buy a second motor, what is your recommendation? ​​​​ Thanks.