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  1. I don't know if I had the same problem as you but want to share what happened. I was getting a "starboard engine loss of power" and it would go into limp mode. I would pull back to idle and the alarm would shut off and I could take off again and it may or may not go off again. After 3 different Mercury dealers I found one that was determined (competent) to fix it. They found the port engine shift cable was stretched causing the problem. I had them replace both cable since the boat was out. Apparently both cables have to be synced together with the Mercruiser software. I haven't had the alarm since.
  2. kennyconn

    DTC problem

    I know the batteries are good. When the alarm occurs I look at the gauges on both engines and they are all the same in temp, amps, etc...
  3. kennyconn

    DTC problem

    Thank you very much, I will take this to Marine Sales & Service and see if this will help.(they have my boat now trying to find the problem) Do you know if there is such a chart for what's on the display ("starboard engine loss of power") Thanks again!!!
  4. kennyconn

    DTC problem

    I have 2014 310 Signature with twin 5.0L Mercruiser Bravo III. I've had two different Mercury dealers scan the DTS system and can't find my problem. I'm wondering if anyone has had this problem. When running I get an alarm and on the display it reads "Starboard engine loss of power" and the boat automatically slows down. I can pull the throttles back to idle and the alarm goes off. Sometimes I can throttle up and it doesn't happen again that day and other times it will alarm every time I throttle up. VERY FRUSTRATING!!! I love the boat but this is making me think I should have gone with Volvo. If anyone has any suggestions I would greatly appreciate it! Kenny
  5. Twice now my joystick control starts beeping and I loose steering and the joystick control. When I turn off and restart it comes back on. Any thoughts?
  6. twice in the last month the smart craft joystick control started beeping and fails. When I turn the ignitions off it resets. Is a software update needed or do I have bigger problems?

  7. This apparently is a common problem, I would hope Chaparral would come up with a solution. My mechanic is trying to winterize the A/C unit and is asking how to remove the steps. Anyone know? Thanks!
  8. I have a 2014 310 Signature that I'm winterizing. To get to the A/C unit the steps need to be removed. Do you have a procedure for this?



    1. Chaparral Web Team

      Chaparral Web Team

      I would take it to your dealer and let them do that for you.

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