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  1. Did you ever get any results?
  2. Skymonkey

    203 VRX

    Haven't tried slalom skiing, but two skis are great. Excellent hole shot and easy wake to cross. The surfing is a bit tougher than I thought it'd be. The only spot I could find a good push was right next to the swim platform just to the left of the jet pump output. Seriously so close that I could tap the aft end of the boat with the front of the board. I was only using people as ballast though. Hope to borrow some bags and try to get her tuned in. My ski mode is acting up so my water sports haven't been everything I've wanted so far.
  3. My noise was my fwd seal had failed and allowed water into the fwd jet pump bearing. They replaced that and she's a new boat. So quiet at idle and not bad at WOT. I don't know what you're talking about not having neutral Paws? Mine does and works great. I love the fact that I can steer while in neutral. Really starting to love our boat.
  4. My 203 is the same. There is a hole there but they molded the hole in such a way that there is a 1/4" lip below the hole to the floor of the ski locker. Water will just sit in the locker and not completely drain out. I've been thinking I might just file mine flush with the the floor of the locker.
  5. yeah I have the same 3/4 tank readings too. Thought it was just not "burped" so I fueled it in town then drove back out to the lake and attempted to complete the fueling process. I was able to squeeze in 2 tenths of a gallon in. Has anyone had any resolution to this?? Now after that fueling issue we took it out for Father's Day and at the end of the day my engine developed a very loud grinding noise. Sounded like a bearing had failed. I shut it down and had a friend tow me back to the ramp. Dealer just told me my front seal failed on the jet pump. That allowed water into the forward bearing and it failed. My dealer has been very good. I had my starboard aft backrest replaced due to upholstery failure. We love the boat and are anxiously waiting her return.
  6. Sounds like it's stuck in "Docking" mode. That limits your max RPM. Do you have a standard instrument cluster or the Medallion touchscreen? I just passed 13hrs on my 203VRX, and I was never restricted to 5K.
  7. I have a 15 203 VRX in red. Love the fit and finish. Also love the cabin layout. The boat handles good and we've even surfed behind it this past weekend. We don't like the noise. It's quite loud even at idle. It accelerates great, but you can't hear the stereo when you're underway. You have to turn up the volume almost maxed out to hear anything at a 26mph cruise ☹️. If I can figure out why it's so loud and fix that..... It'll be a wonderful boat.
  8. Thanks for the good news. Yeah we had a 70 degree Saturday and we had to get her on the water. The wife and I even did a polar bear plunge at a buddy's dock. 45 degree water... Brrr!!! I've been on the jetboaters forum before when I was strongly thinking about a 195 scarab. I noticed a lot of trash talk from the Yamaha operators. I was hoping more of us would get on there. I had a 3 seat Sea-Doo a few years ago & a Yamaha ski before that. The Yamaha was faster, but the Sea-Doo was more reliable. Looking forward to seeing what all we can do with this Chap. I've always liked their quality. Thanks for responding
  9. Can't wait for warmer weather

  10. Skymonkey

    203 VRX

    I see no one has responded to your question in a while. I'm new on here and I just took delivery of my 203 and am planning on surfing behind it this season. I learned behind a '10 Malibu 23 LSV wakesetter, so I'll have a pretty good comparison for you. Also we do everything else on the water too. My boys love tubing and moving up from a 17' F/S with an outboard will be a nice change. I'll keep you posted.
  11. Skymonkey

    2015 203 VRX

    Just took delivery of my Vortex 203 VRX. I was wondering if any other vortex owners are on here and what you think of the boat? Also have you ran into any issues?
  12. Skymonkey

    Old man winter

  13. Skymonkey

    Old man winter

    Taken two weeks ago after we purchased our new Vortex 203 VRX
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