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  1. There is one on the evaporator on the opposite side of the ac unit.
  2. Much appreciated Gentlemen.
  3. It is, Are those NGK?
  4. Drained blocks, filled with antifreeze through thermostat. Replaced drive fluid in both drives with new drain and vent gaskets, although fluid looked new. Bought adapter to keep her plugged in all winter. on board Pro Mariner smart charger will keep them topped up. I'm digging deep on all maintenance items so I know exactly where I stand. I'm finding the previous owner wasn't as truthful as I thought. as great as twins are, they are absolutely twice the cost.....
  5. I pulled a few. they are not bad looking except some rust on the outer part. it tellse they aren't new, they are what the manual says to install, but again, iridiums are new to me.
  6. I couldnt tell, but I have done the proper winterization with fogging and replaced filters and oil.
  7. First season down with my 2003 sig 280 and am diving into maintenance. just replaced the cap and rotors to find they were original with 500 hours. unbelievable I didnt have issues. also figured out the secret to removing the flame arrestors for cleaning, thank God cause they were plugged. Anyway, I'd like to change out the plugs, but they are iridium and 13 bucks a piece. Are they worth it? do they last longer? I'll change them every year for 3 bucks each, but 13 seems like you should get more time out of them. Btw, I have merc 4.3's with Bravos. Thanks
  8. We have an 03 Signature 280 with twin 4.3's and Bravo's. I did the earmuff method to winterize and after running for long enough to open the thermostat and switching from water to antifreeze, I was not sold that only pink was coming out of the outdrive. My winterizing tank had almost 4 gallons in it, but again, I was not completely confident that only antifreeze came out. Soooo, on the 03 4.3 motor, it has the "3 point drain" system and is raw water cooled. I tried the method of draining the block, raw water pump and opening the port on the thermostat housing. once that was done, I pulled off the three hoses on the thermostat housing. I poured antifreeze into the large hose until pure antifreeze came out the thermostat. I then took the two small hoses that go from the stat housing to the manifolds. I poured AF in them till it came out the outdrive exhaust port. The question now is am I missing anything. I have owned small bowriders in the past with the 3.0 merc and alpha drive and always did the muff method. never questioned it. I am trying to be over the top perfect in the winterization of this beast, so next spring is not a disaster. I live in New England and it can get pretty cold. I have watched every Utube video pertaining to pouring AF in blocks, but none of them pertain to the newer MPI's. Thank you in advance
  9. I have the same year 280. I think you may have multiple issues. The dimmer is typically the problem with the lights. The rpm guage needs to be pulled and the two dials on the back need to be turned back and forth because of a corroded contact. The speedo pickup in the outdrive is prob plugged. That can just be poked out with a thin wire.
  10. I have a 03 280 sig, with the same package. Very outdated and not worth putting any money into. The internal battry which is not replaceable without spending big money on has failed in my device. I have to reset every option on startup every time. Very frustrating. With that said, it's gotten me through some serious fog in tight conditions. I'm going for the garmin 741 package or the Simrad this winter. Good luck
  11. We have an 03 280, which is the 290. Merc 4.3's with Bravos. I always have more than 4 aboard and have cruised with as many as 8. Bring it up to 3k rpm and let her plane in her own time. Once she's up, I keep her around 3200 and we cruise at around 26 mph. Plenty fast for 2-3 foot chop. Great boat, we'll built and plenty of room. I wouldn't sleep more than 4 tho. After that, people would be in the cockpit on the filler cushion. As chappy said, makes sure you have duct for the rear ac. Makes a world of difference. Good luck
  12. Try to stay at the Boat Basin in New Harbor. They are the nicest in my opinion. Second would be Champlains followed by Paynes. Paynes docks are are tricky and the amenities are rough if you need them. All are equal when it comes to location. Book right away. They all fill up. Have fun T
  13. I've searched and searched and although the question has been asked, there hasn't been an answer. During some random in water engine maintenance on my 2003 280 Signature with 4.3 mpi's, I noticed the flame arrestors dirty. Enough that they must be impeding air flow. One minute later, having removed the 3 3/8 nuts, it was apparent that they do not come off as they do not clear the studs they sit on before hitting the underside of the deck. There is no pushing or pulling that will clear them. I tried removing the stud (which also holds the throttle body on the intake manafold) and they cannot be removed as they also hit the underside of the deck before clearing the throttle body base. It appears that I will need to remove the throttle bodies all together which is outrageous. The motors run great but I also know that the previous owner never replaced the cap and rotors, which is on my list, but is nearly impossible to get to. I plan on doing everything all at once in the off season so I don't hamper the fun of the summer. Has anyone out there done this or know of anyone who cam up with a soution ? My local chap dealer has only been one for a year. Great to talk to on the phone, but I was hoping for some expert advice.
  14. Thank you gentlemen, having so many systems on my boat is new to me. Tell you what....Chaparral makes a great boat.
  15. Launched the boat last weekend, performed the sea trial and everything went smooth. She runs great and the family loves her. 03 sig 280 btw. My question is, when I leaver her for the week, what do people do with the shorepower? I know I can have the batt switches off and keep the batt charger breaker on to keep her topped off, but what about keeping the fridge running? Is there any reason to turn the batt switches off? What do you all do?
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