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  1. Sorry this is posted twice. I think I posted in the wrong sub-forum. Hopefully, I can get better repsonse here. So I've searched the internet trying to find the specs for the Steering wheel replacement that fits my 2004 204. I've looked at Cecil, West, etc and they all have the official Chaparral version listed at well over 300. Please do not point me to the parts guide or to these sellers. Ive been there and cannot find the information I need on what kind of hub or attachment I need in order to purchase an after market part that fits. Can anyone tell me what kind of after market steering wheel will fit this boat?
  2. Hi

    I'm the dumba $$ who has the cracked block

    I Appreciate Your help. My email is cyn5351@att.net.

  3. cyn5351

    Another Advise on Engine replacement

    We're in austin area.
  4. cyn5351

    Another Advise on Engine replacement

    It was dropped on its head. The who done it irreverent other than it was not a professionals fault. At this point it does not good to cast blmae. I just want to get it fixed in the best and most cost efficient manner.
  5. Hello Just got the dreaded call from mechanic...... cracked engine block. 2004 chaparral 204 mercruiser 5.0L carb. My mechanic is a good guy known him for along time. After almost throwing up & curling up into a ball, I've decided What was done was done. I'm not going to cry about spilled milk. His advise is replace with brand new engine. $5800 total cost including labor. Since we don't know what else could be wrong. I get online and do some research and decided I'm not knowledgable enough to have it repaired and seen some guys have problems with local machine shops etc. I don't have the skills to do it myself. Tossed around the options including selling as is but broke my heart to do so cuz I knew I'd probably never get a new one or if I did it would be a long time from now. I'm going with the replace advise, but upgrade to 350 5.7 long block not sure about new or reman. Mechanic says he gets his new for $3400. If I find a better deal let him know. I got some info from him on what should be included etc. His labor is 18 hrs @ $90 so what ever engine I choose $1620 added in labor. I would like to get this taken care of in the best possible way without spending top dollar. My question is for those guys who have been through this process where can I get the best deal on reman? Who has best reputation on reman? I've seen positive comments on Michigan motors. I also came across Center State and they have some pretty good prices. Of course before I pull the trigger I'll get feedback from my guy. Reman http://www.michiganmotorz.com/vortec-marine-engine-1996-current-p-68.html http://centerstateengine.com/remanufactured-marine-engines/remanufactured-5.7l-vortec-marine-base-engine-replaces-years-1996-present/ http://centerstateengine.com/remanufactured-marine-engines/remanufactured-5.7l-vortec-marine-base-engine-with-intake-manifold-replaces-years-1996-present/ There is no rush at this time since it's still chilly but I would like to be able to use the boat this summer. I've got some time to figure out how to pay for it.
  6. cyn5351

    Help! Screwdriver fell in gas tank

    I have a 2004 204. I'll try the fish line. I have one that's pretty stiff but flexible too. I used it to wired the leds. That way I can see where it is. Hopefully still in the line and not in the tank. If its in the tank I'll take it to our mechanic and deal with his falling over laughing. Maybe he will only charge me an arm and not a leg along with it. If it's in the line I'll come back here looking for ideas on how to get it out of the hose. I'm pretty sure the handle is up. It's a regular hard rubber white and clear handle with metal tip. It may be later this week or next before I can get to it. You it will be OK for a few days to a week? I could kick myself.
  7. Oh no! I was winterizing & adding stabil to gas and had the screwdriver holding the flap open and it slipped out of my finger down into the gas tank. What do I do? Not sure if it fell all the way in or is inot the line. Please any suggestions on what to do?
  8. cyn5351

    Sorry, more Prop Questions

    Yes, yes and 210 hours. The problem has been there from thr start. We bought the boat last summer with 160 hrs. Had it checked by a mechanic then. He said all was well. The boat is heavy to start wkth and Problem seems to be worse with a full tank of gas so my thought was the prop is too small. I want to say with throttle wide open its running about 3000 rims. Engine seems smooth and runs good but even at full throttle takes a good while to plane Once it's planed then I can back off. Sorry for not providing enough info. Relatively new boat owner. I'm female and hubby says it's my boat. So I pretty much do everything and I don't know why whole lot mechanically. But I'm trying to learn.
  9. cyn5351

    Sorry, more Prop Questions

    Hello all, I currently have a 2004 Chaparral 204 with a 5.0l mercruiser alpha. it has the standard Mercury Quicksilver 14 3/4" x 21" three-blade aluminum prop. The poor boat is a total d-o-g getting out of the hole. I ma dragging forever and a day....... Top speed is around 45, i don't remember rpm but not maxed out. I've been researching props and there are so many different opinions which I understand. But I would like to hear from some of you who have switched out. Any feedback would be appreacited I'm thinking stainless steal 4 blade 19 pitch... but going from a 14 pitch to 19? is that too crazy? I've seen comments about Hi Five & Rev 4 and I understand the reverse and top end speed issues. I'm ok with losing some mph but I would like to keep a good reverse because it seems like I don'y use reverse when in a situation I want to get out of rather quickly. I also would like to get a good price. any suggestions on where to buy online?
  10. cyn5351

    Need Trailer Help

    I've already taken my trailer to a reputable repair shop and they quoted my over 3 deer to fix practically everything, so I said no way. Just today I found a RoadMaster that previously had a Monterey 218LS on it. Beam and weight are very similar. Does anyone have any experience with these trailers?
  11. cyn5351

    Need Trailer Help

    We purchased a 2004 204 last summer and the trailer that came with it was trash. We've had a terrible time loading and unloading the boat because it just doesn't seem to fit right. Always off center, etc. No real way to go back to the seller and get this resolved. I'm really worried that someone is going to get hurt or something goes wrong. So I'm looking for a trailer and I'm very concerned about the fit. Can't afford to go brand new 4 deer plus so I've been looking used. The dealer has a trailer that was made for a 206 but when sold the buyer didn't want the trailer. I'm wondering if my boat will fit this trailer. Its a little more than I want to pay but its an option.I found another used trailer on Craigslist. Its a roadmaster that was carrying a 22 foot monterey ls 218. the beam for this boat id 8.6 and the beam for my 204 is 8.4. Would this be a good fit. Its about hlaf the price of the dealer trailer. How would you suggest that I ensure the fit? Ask the seller to take it to the lake and load my boat on it? any other suggestions?