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  1. yup--all good suggestions--yup could buy colors I like, I know, but won't eb doing it all this year, so dont want it to be completely off... appreciate teh ideas--been running all teh options. the color is actually not faded much from original--I have a cushion that isn't used often and is in nearly new condition and there hasnt been much discolor over teh 15 years, surprisingly
  2. the boat brochure list either peter or champagne options, so tans or grays--mine came with the champagne option--but within that option, there are three complimentary colors, hues, whatever you call them
  3. Hello- I couldn't find a link, so I hope this isn't a repeat. I have a 2004 230 SSI. The color scheme is listed as Champagne for interior. I spoke to Robin at chaparral customer service, but haven't heard back whether she can provide further details. Does anyone know the names for the vinyl colors? I think there are three colors in the scheme. Great Lakes Skipper has the right vinyl--its foam backed so my upholstery shop recommended trying to find OEM overstock, but there are few colors that are really close. Im just not sure of the individual chaparral color numbers. I will eventually replace the entire interior so I plan to buy enough to do the whole boat. I know if I buy new stock, there will be difference in the color due to the sun-- I can live with that until the redo is done, just need to get the project started. Right now, the biggest need is the off white that is the majority of the upholstery color. Your help is appreciated. I am also open to any other resources you have.... Thanks!!!!
  4. Okay--I've seen a bunch of posts on trailers that are too small. As I have shopped, I have found a very well priced Road King Tandem. The weight rating meets my needs and then some. As I was shopping I realized I may have been looking at trailer that is longer than needed. I am shopping used (but this one is nearly brand new--i know its origin and why its so new). Last boat I had came with a matched trailer from the factory--never had to think this through. My boat: 2004 Chaparral 230 SSI--22'10" tip to stern bow hook to stern is listed as 19'2" 8'6' beam 22 degree DR LAO 25' (Bolt on swim platform dry weight 4185b wet weight is more like 5100lbs The trailer I found is a 22-24', but i guess I only NEED a 20-22. Since this is theoretically an adjustable trailer, will i be completely messed up getting the 22-24 length? My assumption is that the boat would sit further forward, and I could adjust the bow stop and potentially the axles to get the tongue weight right. This is the model Road King with Torsion Axles, so is that a limitation to me being able to move them? I understand I will need to balance the trailer and the tongue weight (maybe) and that it is important to have the trailer leveled so I don't mess the tires up. Thoughts?--if anyone can point me to some tech advice that would be great. I called Road King and they told me the recommended for my boat is a 20-22, and i suppose they aren't gonna tell me another trailer for fear of liability. That said, the trailer is a great deal ONLY if it will work. Thoughts? BTW, i know buying new would be great, but I am really trying to stay in a budget. If money were;t an issue, I;d order a custom freshwater build from Loadmaster in Ohio.
  5. By the way, I appreciate all the research help to make sure I am legal and safe. I've made some ignorant decisions in the past and this would be a costly place to make a mistake
  6. Okay. I know what I need on brakes and appreciate everyone's input. From a physics perspective one set is fine. From a legal perspective, one set is fine since even if I do go to SC or FL, the legal requirement applies to the the state the trailer is registered in which is GA. Even if GA changes the law, I'll be grandfathered or dead before I have to add the second set. If u buy new, I'll put em on anyway My question is about brand if I buy new does anyone have experience with loadmaster (out of Ohio, not Florida ) Venture trailer ( Maryland) Coyote Mfg Company Shoreland'r i know everybody gets a lemon once in a while but from what j have seen, all of these would work and put a new trailer under the boat for approx 3-4 k loadmasters seems really high quality but would be mid to high $4000 mark which is on the upper end of trailer budget yes, I know you get what you pay for But I'm looking for a 'Toyota'and not a 'Lexus' :-) Assume all will be correct weight rated please provide your experience if you have one of these brands I know I am possibly gonna hear the ford Chevy debate here I'm trying find a good value trailer that will carry my boat safely and securely and last a while with proper maintenance rather than debate nuances of brands i will not be taking the boat to salt water so a painted trailer is where I am leaning unless galvanized and paint are equal price Aluminum is fine too if price works out Thanks!
  7. SO I found a company right down the road from Chaparral, Coyote Mfg Company. They list on their site that they are doing trailer work and other items for Chaparral. They seem very solid and I think i can get pretty solid trailer for a fair price. Looks like some great local quality--any insight? Also, any reason to get both axles with brakes or is one axle sufficient--towing with a full size tundra so it has great stopping but want to have at least one axle with brakes, for obvious reasons. GA doesn't require all axles to have brakes. Any experience? I am gonna call Chaparral to see what the opinion is. Also considering boat mate out of Maryville TN--Looks like I leaning toward a new trailer, unless i get lucky in the next few weeks--Looked at Venture, and they are a viable option as well.
  8. Hi everyone. New to the board. We just found a great 2004 230 SSI with 350 MPI and B3. The previous owner worked it out with me to let me slip the boat there til i find a trailer, but i dont want wear out my welcome. I am trying to NOT have to buy a new trailer. Any ideas where i can find a used trailer (Painted steel or Galv or Aluminum). I want to be sure th trailer is a fit, and I want brakes so some really old ones are not an option. Do you have suggestions? I am guessing an 'adjustable' is the best choice as I look. Load is around 5100lbs with a full tank of gas and water tank filled. Thats not including the 'stuff' that will find a perm home on the boat. Anyone have a suggestion of where to find a solid used or a reasonably priced option? Im in Atlanta and willing to drive 2-3 hours for a solid trailer. If I have to submit to buying a new trailer, whats my best option, considering price is a consideration. I know the trailer will be a tandem, and I am not crazy about a roller trailer--preferring bunks. Help?
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