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  1. I always strapped mine to the rear cleats resting on the ESP and rear deck for short runs between tubing spots. Otherwise it just floats on the rope when stopped or with a rider on it. I leave it inflated for the most part during the season in the garage.
  2. Either one with an ESP? Hard to tell by photos of overall condition but both seem overpriced, especially the 2330. Id keep shopping
  3. Wow. I would not be making that trek to Bimini in 3-5’ seas in a sunesta. We would need to know what the fault code is to help. A constant beep is gonna be an overheat or exhaust temp to high or possibly low voltage or one of the major fault codes. Low voltage can cause issues with sensors. Have the batteries load tested. Have the alternator bench tested as well.
  4. osteodoc08

    220 SSi Club

    Still have my 2003 with VP 5.7 Gi Been looking at a new 2018 Vortex 2430 though.
  5. You can check it when the boat is out of the water. Just lower the drive and make it level. Inspect the O ring and make sure it’s not nicked or cut. Don’t overtighten either. There is an inside reservoir for the hydraulic tilt.
  6. That is correct. There is a small groove in the housing the o ring sits in. The thermostat slides in and the o ring keeps it in place. The bigger question is why did he remove the thermostats in the first place? Overheating issues? May want to do some thorough checking. sounds like a new boat to you. Did you do a sea trial and have a survey done?
  7. Awesome. Glad everything is working out!
  8. Make sure you have a local trusted VP mechanic. They seem harder to find. What outdrives do you have on the Chap? What are your primary end goals for the boat?
  9. Same here. 5/6 but I was coming from a F250 with the 6.7L that didn't even realize that 6k# was back there. Wish I still had that truck but was totaled with a series of several accidents including a 6' embankment. It protected my wife and kids with every accident, but couldn't justify another diesel at the time.
  10. I ended up coming back late a few weeks ago. It was a clear night with a good moon and wasn't too bad really. Wish I wasn't having to get ready for work. I wouldn't have minded easing into a cove, leaving my anchor light on and taking a nice peaceful nap.......at least until the skeeters started biting.
  11. 5.0L i wanted it for the long haul and didn't want to mess with forced induction. I expect to get 200k+ out of it. The new Armadas are very very nice. I'm glad you're receiving good service out of yours. Ive not had much trouble out of my Yukon. They replaced a GPS antenna. Otherwise gas and oil changes.
  12. It says mercury in the ad but you noted VP in your post. I can't imagine being too different. A switch is a switch in this case.
  13. tolson, I hope you have better luck with your 2nd gen Armada than I had with my 2015. A/C issues, Tranny replaced twice, electrical isssues. Went through the lemon law process with it. If the transmission and A/C were suitable with no electrical issues, I would have loved it. Much preferred the IRS, and dual head rest DVD players and the room. I ended up getting a 2016 Yukon Denali. With 420/460 it has plenty of power. Rear leveling bags it rides well and I actually prefer it to my 2016 F150 except in stiff crosswinds or on a slippery ramp. That's when I prefer the longer WB and 4wd of my truck. The 8 speed tranny in the Yukon also plays a huge role. It seems to always be in a good powerband and doesn't seem to hunt as much as my 6 speed in my F150
  14. Do you have a picture? I can try to look it up for you
  15. Have you tried volvopentastore.com
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