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    Running, new to boats, this is my very first boat I Own
  1. KielWerner

    Ft. Gibson lake

    If anyone boats in Oklahoma, Green country area. Ft. Gibson is going to keep the lake artifically low for the next few years while they do tainer gate repairs, retrofits and refurbs on the #%^$&%$. If you've been around the lake for the past few years you will know that is has been kept high and most hazzards are going to be exposed now. just FYI anyone else boat there besides me?
  2. KielWerner


    okay new question from the radio to the harness is on piece and it connects to the speakers ect.. When i get a new radio will they have a wiring harness with my new radio to use with my current radio harness that came with my JBL radio or will i have to re-wire and re-use the one that came with the JBL/boat stock. attached is the radio harness photo.. i cant get help from crutch field and the local radio shop isnt helping
  3. lots of questions

  4. lots of questions

  5. lots of questions

  6. KielWerner


    Okay this topic might have been on the old forums before the switch. 1. I have a JBL Radio/CD player Question here- One does the 196SSi come with a wiring harness? or would i need to get one havent looked yet, the boat is in storage and its my second season with it. 2. Amp.. if i buy a CD player speaker amp package Question here- where is the best place for an amp in the boat yes i would make sure all equipment is marine grade
  7. KielWerner

    We've all seen lots of photos

    Not the Admiral yet and me.. she calls her self first mate Mascot for now-OH noooo Boat name me
  8. KielWerner

    Head out Wed, June 24 en route

    Eufala? Any plans for Ft. Gibson ?
  9. KielWerner

    I searched for this but didnt find

    I searched for this but didnt find this answer here: When you get your new decal for the boat IE registration, tag Do you just slap it on over the existing one or remove it? If you remove it how do you take it off and not hurt the coating? The magic eraser worked well on the interior, like really well
  10. KielWerner

    Hey everyone, new to the forum,

    3m products, are there any places that would carry 3m marine products besides the usual boat supply speciality store?
  11. KielWerner

    I have been asked a couple of times

    Is there anyone else on here from the "Green Country" area? Anyone out on Ft. Gibson? I am stationed at Ft. Gibson but I am venturing to Carl Blackwell in Stillwater in a week, anyone ever been on their boat there?
  12. What length of Tow rope is appropriate for tubes? and what about Knee boards. 60' lines seems far. ( the ' is for feet right?) I havent seen any discussions on this and yes i did a search so if its a double up i'm sorry.
  13. KielWerner

    You will need to decide if you

    Hey how long should a tow rope be for tubing? I am also a newbie to water sports and boating. i have seen a ton of lengths online selling 60' and that just seems way to far out
  14. KielWerner

    I have been out on Ft. Gibson here

    I have been out on Ft. Gibson here in Oklahoma the past two weekends. I wanted to know about stereo systems. I have the JBL head unit ( CD player only and FM/AM -AUX) and two JBL speakers. Did you upgrade your system? Was there custom installations of speakers/subs/amps? Is this normal? This is my first boat and I dont want to dream up a plan and find out that it can not be done.
  15. KielWerner

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