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  1. Lots2learn

    Advice for enlarging speaker hole

    Thanks gentlemen. I may may just go with the JL Audio 6.5 which would require no grinding or cutting.
  2. Lots2learn

    Advice for enlarging speaker hole

    We just bought a 2011 246 with factory sound including the Panasonic speakers. Last week my wife told me the the quality of sound was "kinda embarrassing". That's my queue to upgrade. I've found some Clarion coaxial speakers that I like but the diameter for the hole to insert the speaker needs to be 5.67 inches and the factory cut is 5.50. According to my calculations I need to remove 1/8 of an inch around the circumference. My thought was to use a Rotozip if they make a sanding bit strong enough to sand fiberglass. Otherwise, I suspect attempting to cut 1/8 inch around the circumference will be very difficult. Any suggestions?
  3. Lots2learn

    Lights doing crazy things

    Thank you SterndriveEd. I've tried this and no difference. In fact, I ran the test wire from the battery ground to the trailer and no difference. TNBrett, wouldn't be funny to find this was the problem all along? I agree, I need to do it regardless. Thanks again very one.
  4. Lots2learn

    Lights doing crazy things

    Dsmacey, I had the some thought to going back factory. Cyclops2 I am not perfect at using a volt/ohm meter. I have one and do basics but I guessing. I'll try replacing the factory plug and if that doesn't work I'll have to find a professional. The best fix would be for the marina to call me and tell me they have a spot open in dry stack! Thanks guys.
  5. Lots2learn

    Lights doing crazy things

    It was factory installed 7 pin but it doesn't work so I've replaced it with the combination described in my original message. It's a wild combination but that is what was recommended. I've not tried a new connections and results are still the same. Thank you. Oh, very nice boat you have!
  6. Lots2learn

    Lights doing crazy things

    Thank you Phillbo. What is a "wire loom"?
  7. Lots2learn

    Lights doing crazy things

    Hello everyone. I think this is my first post. Last fall we bought a 2011 246 SSI with factory trailer. We picked it up a few weeks ago and the lights have never been right. Here's what's happening: 1) Only two of the 10 LED bulbs work on the right tail light. 2) turn on left turn signal and the two little lights on the right turn signal come on but don't blink 3) turn on the right turn signal and all lights flash as if I have the hazard lights on (except the right tail light) 4) the brake lights, hazard lights and reverse solenoid engage In order to wire this up to my 96 Explorer I had to purchase 1) a connector with 4 poles then 2) a 7 pole connector with a separate wire ran to my reverse light wire on the Explorer, then 3) purchased an adapter converting the 7 pole to 5 pole. Supposedly no one makes a replacement for the factory 7 pole plug. Everything I've read tells me I have a ground problem. So, I checked the continuity from the Explorer frame to the ground connection on the trailer and it was good. I've ran a jumper from the battery to the ground connection on the trailer and nothing changed. I've also tried another adapter going from 7 pole to 5 and nothing changes. This a Phoenix trailer and all lights have separate ground wires to the trailer. I get that I will probably need a new tail light but the other problems are very perplexing. Oh, I also sanded down the truck frame to make sure I had a good ground connection. There is one other thing. I checked the ground continuity on the tailer connector to the trailer frame and it was good but I also got continuity from the tailer to the first pole beside the ground pole which is the right turn signal. That doesn't seem right. I'll take any suggestions guys because I'm out of ideas. Thanks for reading.
  8. Lots2learn

    More Trailer Questions

    Well, the last time I posted it was about a trailer and here I am again on the same topic. I'm a first time boat owner and the dealer I purchased the 1995 Chaparral 1930 from found a trailer. I'll spare you the details but the boat has been on the water once is now at another dealer waiting for hull repairs and I've been told the boat doesn't fit the trailer. (In fact, he said he was amazed I got the boat on the trailer.) So, I'm back to looking for a trailer. Trying to find a trailer is very confusing and when asked what I should look for I never get a straight answer. So, why is that some boats sit above the wheel fenders and some inside? My boat has a 8 foot beam so can I purchase a trailer with adjustable bunkers with a fender separation of 78 inches? If not, what's the minimum I should be looking for given the size of the 1930? Thanks guys.
  9. Lots2learn

    Which Trailer?

    Thanks again guys! You have given me lots to consider. I'll keep looking around.
  10. Lots2learn

    Which Trailer?

    Thanks guys. Mikeofwarr and Brick, you guys have beautiful boats. I've got some detailing to do then hopefully I can post some pics. So, bunks are adjustable on some trailer? Very cool. The brochure states the 1930 SS is 19 feet 3 inches. What length trailer is needed?
  11. Lots2learn

    Which Trailer?

    Hello all. My wife and I just bought our first boat. It's a 1995 1930SS. We are very excited. The boat did not come with a trailer so the dealer is on the lookout for a good used one but I thought I would begin my own search too. So far it's leading to tons of uncertainty because of all the options. We will only used the boat in fresh water so I'm OK with a metal frame. I prefer single axle given the size of the boat. I feel the support of the bunk style is best for us because the boat will sit on the trailer during winter months. Beyond that I a puzzled. I see trailers with two, four and even more bunks. Will any number of bunks beyond 2 work? Must I find a trailer that was made just for Chaparral boats? Anyway, you probably get my drift about the confusion. I'm willing to read up on the topic if anyone can point me to a good article but any advice is appreciated. Thank you.