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  1. hey guys and gals ,I have a 2008 chap 290 and bought a trailer for it and wondering what will be a good starting point to space the bunks apart ,anyone have any info or can measure there trailer or know where I could get the info ,thank you in advance .cheers
  2. Well they are all good points and also going to help me make a decision that's for sure , a built in gen set would be really nice to have for convenience , opens up more options to where to spend a night In a nice quiet bay !
  3. thanks Monkey seal ,so far there hasn't been any negative feedback on these TKS equipped engines ,that is why these sites are great.
  4. great info Cyclops 2 ! I was only thinking of resale in case we don't like cruiser land, I don't want my wife to say "should of researched it " lol happy wife happy life !
  5. iggy ,it is basically the same here but wide load permits are easy to get and to be honest most people don't even get one for 9.6 hoping nothing happens then sh*# hits the fan ! how do you like your 290 anything about it that you would change ,I am also looking at Searay 280 sundancer s .
  6. I am looking to buy a 2002/2006 27 to 30 cruiser with twins v6 or v8 , A/C is a must, other options would be gen set and dual props and also must be 9.6 beam cause I trailer to different lakes in the summer ,thank you !
  7. boat is a 2005 chap 270 with twin 5 litres 500 hrs looks to be well used ! i really want a gen set for the little bays we go into for overnighters but as long as the TKS is not a hard sell after i dont mind buying it ,i do like the idea of bigger engines even though HP is the same then 4.3 efi . the other boat is an 03 chap 270 with volvo 4.3 and single prop outdrives and there is another topic as well the outdrives single vs double ,everyone says to buy double props ...way better docking and control but more money to maintain if it breaks etc... i really appreciate the input guys ! big question what do i sacrifice ??? generator or efi or dual props //
  8. need some info on what is probably an old topic but just getting into cruiser land and was wondering how reliable a chap 280 signature with twin 5.0 tks will be ,i always had EFI s but the boat that has all the options i want has TKS should i stay away and wait for EFI one to come along and would the 4.3 efi be just as good .i appreciate any info ! i am looking at 3 chaps(270/280) 2 of them have 4.3 efi but no gen set and the one with the 5.0 tks has a gen set which i want as an option
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