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  1. I recently purchased a 2006 285 SSI. I have a few things that need to be fixed and one is the windlass. The previous owner forgot to mention that he let the rode and anchor all the way out for the windlass and lost it. He replaced it with a cheap anchor and rode. I went to use it the other day and started having problems with the winch not dropping the line into the anchor compartment and would just stick to the gypsy and jam. So I am not sure if the windlass is missing something or if I need to get new anchor and rode. The winch is a Simpson Horizon 500. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

    285 SSi

    I just recently sold my 05 235 ssi and stepped up to a 06 285 ssi. I looked for over a year for a formula 280ss or a Chaparral 285 ssi. They are both hard to come by in the intermountain. I have about a month on mine. Unfortunately I could not find a 285 that was as clean as my 235 was so we have some cosmetic work to do but nothing major. So far we love the boat. The ride in chop verses my 235 is night and day. Love the power and the layout. I use to work at a Chaparral dealer as a lot boy and the 285 SSI was my dream boat. It was really tuff to sell my 235 because it was like brand new, but one ride in the 285ssi and I knew I made the right decision. Mine does have the arch which looks nice but the bimini is a terd. Next week I am taking it in for all new canvas, some interior work and a custom bimini.

    windless ?

    brirei - I found the right anchor size in the parts guide. I says the 285 ssi should have the Lewmar delta 14lb. I just can't seem to find what size rope and chain is needed.

    windless ?

    After some great feedback from you guys on the forum. I purchased a 2006 285 SSI today. It has some minor work to be done to clean it up and one thing that it needs asap is an new anchor and rode. The previous owner let too much line out of his windless the last time he used it and lost his anchor. My boat has the Horizion 500 windlass on it. Does anyone know what size anchor, chain and rope I need. Any feedback would be much appreciated.
  5. Took a drive this weekend to look at the 285 SSI. The boat was not a nice as I expected for such low hours. The interior was in good shape no hole or tears, no sun damage. I checked the headliner is was like new. The bad news was the exterior looked like the guy who owned it kissed every dock he ever saw. It was mainly all cosmetic/graphic damage and the only major damage was the tower. Not sure what the the prior owner did but both sides of the of the inside of the arch are damaged from the bimini. Would need to do some glass work. Trailer is in great shape but looks to have the original tires on it. Engine's and engine compartment are clean and look like new. Outdrives are merc bravo 3's. They did not look as clean as I would expect for a boat with only 137 hours on them. Still not sure if this boat is as good of a deal now.
  6. Jjlai724 Thanks for the info I appreciate it. Yes I am from Utah. Here is a pic of my current Chap.
  7. Jjlai724. I am looking at a real low hour less than 200 hours 285 2006 twin 350 mag with bravo 3's. Interior is like new from the photos I have seen. When should you replace the risers? I have a diesel one ton so towing 11k is not a problem. Do you trailer yours everywhere or do you have a slip? I am 6' tall and 265. Could I actually use the head? Sorry for all of the questions.
  8. Definitely leaning more toward the 285ssi. I really like the formulas but don't like them 20K more. Can anyone tell my why the throttle and shift controls are set up so different on a 285 ssi than say a signature with twins. Probably a dumb questions.
  9. I have never had twins and love the performance of my current boat. I would hate to buy a new boat and feel under powered. Thanks for the input. I have searched the forum and gotten conflicting stories on this boat with twins. Some say you give up nothing in performance from twin 350's vs one 8.1. Anyone currently have a 285 ssi with twins that can confirm height of the cabin. The 285 I am looking at is 5 hours from where I live.
  10. Looking for opinions on purchasing a 285 ssi with twin 350's or a 275 ssi single 8.1 gi . I currently have 05 235 ssi with the 8.1. and love the boat. I would like a little more room and a real head for the wife. Just wondering if anyone can give some opinions for owners of one or the other. Thanks
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