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  1. vietpimp999

    2003 Signature 260 Cruiser Care Mod & Info Thread

    Thanks for making this thread, it took me some times to find info on my recently acquired 03 260 sig. I will try to share and contribute whatever I think that may help the 260 sig owners.
  2. vietpimp999

    Volvo Fuel Pump issues

    Thanks !
  3. vietpimp999

    Volvo Fuel Pump issues

    Called my mechanic and he told me that its the low pressure fuel pump that failed and he recommended me to replace the whole unit . Ordered the unit from Cecil Marine and saved 350 deer instead of ordering it through the mechanic and its on its way, should be replaced by the end of next week.
  4. vietpimp999

    Volvo Fuel Pump issues

    Thanks Joe ! Cecil was my next search....lol
  5. vietpimp999

    Volvo Fuel Pump issues

    Im having one issue with my 03 Chap 260 sig ( Volvo GXI 5.7) , it wont go past 4000 rpm and faster than 26 mph. Had the dock mechanic looked at it yesterday and he said its the fuel pump that is way too hot and needed to be replaced ( part alone costs about $1200) Been having this problem sine I bought the boat which is about 4 months now. Is this something I should take care right away or something I can wait till the boat is dry dock in the winter so I don't have to pay for a haul out ($200) Would replacing this helps my mpg ? because it seems like I've burning gas like crazy. Thanks
  6. vietpimp999

    Water Cap

    I am not sure the exact size of it but if theres only 2 sizes for water caps in boats then its the bigger one because I had mine replaced couple months ago and I bought it at Basspro but had to exchange it because it was the smaller one.
  7. vietpimp999

    Registration Lettering

    EBay my friend !
  8. vietpimp999

    And They Live Among Us

    So much flesh....so little room
  9. vietpimp999

    Quick way to fill up a few screw holes from rod holders?

    Thanks guys ! I already have a big tube of 5200 so I will use that .
  10. vietpimp999

    Quick way to fill up a few screw holes from rod holders?

    Just the 4 screw holes, I had to remove the old removable rod holder base because the previous owner installed it in a place where if I open the bimini top i couldn't use the rod holder because the bimini rod on the in the way.
  11. Hey guys ! I need to fill few holes from a rod holder that i removed, whats the quickest and easiest way to do this ? epoxy? and is there a product that you guys would recommend ? my boat is a white 03 Chap 260 sig. Thanks
  12. vietpimp999

    Finally got it named

    Nice 260 sig ! I have the same one , did you have the decals made at a local decal shop? Im thinking about naming mine also but don't really know what to name it ...lol
  13. vietpimp999

    Water on boat smelling like ammonia /winterize liquid.

    Yes, Thank you !
  14. vietpimp999

    Water on boat smelling like ammonia /winterize liquid.

    Thank you so much !
  15. Hey guys ! I have a small problem, after I bought the boat, i flushed the water system with freshwater from the dock several times over, The 2 faucets ( in galley and head) are still putting out foul smelling water thats white foaming and smelling like ammonia or some kind of chemical while the faucet on top ( behind the captain's chair) cockpit area is putting out nice and clean water. Any reason for this since they all came from the same water storage tank right ? Should I treat it with some thing ? Thanks