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  1. Hi. Another Brit here. Bought my 2016 Chaparral Vortex 223 VR in North Wales but then trailered it to Lake Annecy in France to our holiday home. I suspect it is the only Chaparral jetboat in France, but would love to hear from anyone else here with one.
  2. RodK

    Roller trailers

    Interesting discussion. I bought a new Vortex 223 in France. In Europe rollers are almost universal and bunks are very rare. I hesitated a long time before specifying the new trailer and in the end decided on a hybrid version.. rollers on the back, bunks up front - exactly like Gregoryszabo. I can confirm that this is an excellent combination. I always launch and recover solo and have had no problem doing so.
  3. Hi.. Just like ScruLess I just bought a 2016 Vortex 223. It comes with a CD owners manual but my mac no longer as a CD reader. on the Chapparal site it only shows the 2015 version. does anyone know where you can download a 2016 version? Thanks for any help
  4. Hi.. I have just taken delivery of a Vortex VR 223 2016 model. It has a CD with the with the user manual.. unfortunately i have no CD reader on my computer ! I tried downloading it from the Chapparal site but they only have the 2015 version. Does anyone know where the 2016 version can be downloaded?
  5. Hi all Waiting for delivery of my Chap VR223 Jet boat to use on the lakes in France. I am really conflicted about the type of trailer to buy and would really appreciate some views. Background stuff: Typically in Europe you find roller trailers. (I would say 90%). Where i boat (Lake Geneva, Lake Annecy, Lac du Bourget) the ramps are relatively steep, and there is no tide (of course). I tend to launch and retrieve on my own. In looking on various US forums the advice seems to be that bunks are easiest if you are self launching, except where ramps are shallow. One downside seems to be quite a bit of chat about possible hull marking from the bunks. A second is that since the bunk trailer has to go in deeper that if you are self-retrieving you then end up in deep water to get back to your towing vehicle. I have used roller trailers for 10 years on a Bayliner with no issues, but am tending towards bunks for the Chap jet boat because of simplicity. However I am worried about the 2 downsides I noted. Any advice would be welcome.
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