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  1. https://sacramento.craigslist.org/boa/d/loomis-chaparral-264-xtreme/7153041845.html
  2. Could anyone recommend a system that will fit in dash for my boat? The one that was original is no longer made and I am sure some of you have faced this issue. I am ideally looking for both fresh and salt water system. Thanks in advance! Mike
  3. How about any ideas for a 264 Xtreme with a Tower? Cannot fond any place that does a decent cover. Any help would be appreciated. -Mike-
  4. Rod, I noticed we have the same truck, boat and trailer. Very cool. I agree that the F-150 with the Max Tow seems to be just fine. have you had any problems with the trailer insofar as it does not utilize the electronic braking functions on the truck with the brake gain +/-. My brakes were very hot and the manufacture said the hydraulic oil needs to be topped off and no air in the lines. Also, do you have a Nav system in your dash? That is the only thing missing otherwise absolutely love the boat! -Mike-
  5. Guys, Thanks to everyone who posted. All are great comments and most sincerely appreciate all the feedback on this forum! You are all correct. I spoke to EZ Loader and the trailer is NOT 3500lbs. About 1600 actually according to the manufacture. So, I have been towing with my F150 4x4 and not too bad actually. I need to change the gearing as they are a bit to high and I think this will help big time. I do not understand why they don't utilize anything other than a hydraulic braking system. Rep from EZ Loader said my brakes were hot because there might be air in the lines to th
  6. I saw we have the same boat and wondered where to get the tower /arch LED replacements that offer the 3 colors?

    Appreciate any assistance.


    1. gators5


      Hello Mike,

      Haven't had to replace them so I don't know, sorry I could not help.

  7. Just launched at Discovery Park (Sac) yesterday and headed down to Rio Vista and back. Have a 264 and looking at heading to the bay this Sunday. Any suggestions or advice? -Mike-
  8. Guys, I have a 2013 264 Xtreme with tower. One of the multi color LED lights are out and Chaparral wants $264/ea for these. Thought I saw a thread where this was discussed but cannot find it. Any help would be appreciated. Mike
  9. Guys, Great call on the trailer weight. Spoke to the manufacture today and the trailer weight is about 1800 lbs +/-. ChappyMike, seems like we have the same trailer design so I appreciate the input. -M-
  10. Brick and friends, Great advice and thanks for the compliment! The boat is about 6300 lbs and the trailer is 3500. This puts me at about 10k. I dont mind getting the 250 as i like the truck but have the new 150 already. Definitely agree the 250 with a diesel would be better. -M-
  11. Thanks for the feedback! Figured I would be pretty good but never hurts to check from the pros! -M-
  12. Good morning all, New to this forum and thought you might be able to assist. Just purchased a 2013 264 Xtreme and was told that my new Ford 150 4x4 (with max tow pkg) might get pushed around a bit. The trailer is 3500lb in addition to the boat. Have any of you had problems and what are you towing with? Hate to trade in but would love your input. Also, any ideas where to get LED replacements for the tower? These change color and i have looked thru here but didnt see any info. Thanks everyone, -Mike-
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