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  1. I have the same problem. My black face 1999 dual tach is slowly failing and they are impossible to find. what did you do with the old tachometer? I would purchase it from you and possibly have luck trying to swap parts and make it work .Mine has a lazy port reading,400 RPM slower than stb.Kevin 414-588-5923
  2. I have a 1999 2835ssi chaparral and I am searching for a take-off or new dual tachometer with a black face. I know they are hard to find, I do not want to do a complete dash gauge update if I don't have to. If anyone can help out, please let me know.
  3. I own a 1999 2835ssi with the twin 300hp 350 mag engines. these engines are fuel injected and have the bravo one drives on them.This combo is awsome and pretty much bullet proof. I live in Wisconsin so I can take this boat on lake michigan and run it in four foot waves with confidence, then pull it out and drop it in an inland lake or river only six feet deep and get into shallower water than the equivalent sized boat with a single engine. The twins are mounted higher up on the transom. This boat planes out in 5 seconds with four people in it and tops out at 60 mph. Nice for poker runs. This boat has seating for 11 people and will still run 57+ on a hot day with 75 gallons of fuel in it and gear. It has a 9'3" beam so it is very stable. It also has hydraulic trim tabs which you never have to use unless you want to make a great wake for surfers. Nice thing about twins is that you can spin your boat on its axis and park it practically like a car. Fuel consumption is rated at 2.4mpg @3200 rpm. It cruises great at 36mph. When in no wake zones I will shut down one engine and reduce my fuel consumption. Cuddy head room is 5' max but the "v" berth is very spacious @6' wide @ bulkhead.Formula boats have very short "v" berths. You need to get a 330 formula to get the equivalent pad area. The shifters are Gaffrig high performance units just like they use in the go fast boats. Throttle levers are the long ones and the short ones are for engaging the drives separately. At idle steer straight ahead and engage one shifter in reverse and the other in forward and you will spin on your axis making it very easy to mannuver in tight spots. I have the full camper top, so I can live on this boat when crossing lake michigan or coast crawling. The back seating has a fill in cushion so you can sleep two more people or kids under the camper top. And yes it has a"Vacuflush" porcelin toilet... but the head is kinda tight.iis Depending on what model you are looking at and what amenities it has this boat is loaded. I wish they were still building something comparable to it. I'd buy another one. To here what one with "captains choice" open exhaust sounds like on lake meade, google chaparral 2835ssi on you tube. Good luck!
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