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  1. That sucks! If you are in Wolfeboro, Richardson’s boat yard on Sebago in Maine would be a little ove an hour away. But if you are on the other side of Winni it would be a 2 hour haul. I don’t know what you consider a far drive.
  2. Was just going to say it sounds like you need a compression check done.
  3. BoatingSam

    Gps app?

    Navionics is by the best for navigating like a GPS so it is good you bought that. However, if you want something more like Waze for the water that will show people around you try Raft Up. It also lets you easily drop pins/POIs. It's fairly new and up and coming app however it is not really for navigation.
  4. Yep it seems that is the case. Thanks!
  5. BoatingSam

    V6 vs. V8

    Hi all, I am pretty sure it was this forum where someone had posted a graph showing the fuel consumption of different engines in very similar boats and the resulting fuel consumption. I tried searching but couldn't find it. Thanks!
  6. You might have better luck starting your own thread.
  7. +1. Ours had very little clearance when we had that style anode as well.
  8. Couldn't have said it better! Also, if it seems too good to be true in regards to an offer, it almost always it a scam
  9. What state do you boat in? It may end up being more work than its worth if you are in a "cooler" state in the north part of the country.
  10. Oh ours didn't have those so installation was simple.
  11. Not trying to be rude, but I actually want to know what the goal of having it polished is. I understand barnacles would be bad Bc of drag, but if it is just oxidation would that really affect performance
  12. Yes it is beautiful in Maine !
  13. Hmm. Good explanation. Maybe we will consider one sooner rather than later now! Any good, not too pricey ones out there that people have had success with?
  14. I would personally change it, the only one we had (a 96 unit) had a cassette not to mention it sounded terrible.
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