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  1. Ed

    Need Help with Customer Service

    O2 sensors on both engines at different times. under warranty dealer took care of them. Ed
  2. Ed

    Need Help with Customer Service

    i too had problems with a 2017 337 SSX. i took delivery in August 2016 , while my delivery was late they upgraded me to a 2017, which was a nice suprise. i had a cable break and lost control of one engine. it was found that the factory did not install the cable thru a grommet properly and it was rubbing on something causing it to break. fast forward a year, the same cable broke causing a small accident because it happen while maneuvering in our marine. the dealer took full responsibility because they reconnected the cable improperly. The merc.rep. came out witnessed the correct installation this time. I have not taken the boat back yet as this closed out last season, so fingers are crossed. Leading up to the cable situation we had at least three service calls for multiple sensors errors .Although the dealer always made good on it, it was very discouraging for a new boat to have so many issues. i too expect rushing thru the fabrication process may cause some of this. In closing i guess you really have to be sure your dealer is reputable because it doesn't sound like Chaparral is helping in some of these cases. i am lucky to have a good one so far. ed
  3. Sorry i didn't see you post from last fall until recently, let me know about your interest in boating around the Avalon/ Stone harbor area?

    1. MonkeySeaII


      thanks for the response.  We were considering a vacation down there but decided to go to NC instead.  

    2. Ed


      ok no worries

    3. MonkeySeaII


      I actually grew up going to Avalon every summer.  Used to take my 18' boat down but it has been so long I kinda forget how the boating was.  I remember the back bays being shallow.  I really miss Avalon as my family sold their house cause it just got so expensive.  But I'd love to take my kids down there but not sure if it's worth bringing my 256 down there.

  4. Ed

    287 SSX for Coastal Boating

    1) i/o in salt water - i am with my first I/O in salt water, same window as your use . two years so far no problems. with that being said have friends that had I/O's in salt water for many yeras 2) i have a 337 SSX and it handles very well in chop and ocean 3-5 ft waves in the ocean. i would think the 28 would be very similar. 3) my dealer recommended painting the lower unit and hull, which i did. so far it has been pretty clean when we pull it in the fall. unless you have a lift to keep it out of the water, i would paint both 4) I am about 10 minutes from our local inlet, so i am going out pretty often. i always recommend following the weather on any boating trip, know your time to get back in and your own comfort level. Obviously in the ocean and inlet you will encounter larger waves conditions then in a back bay, you need to keep your bow up with a bow rider . Boating with rollers and following sea conditions take some getting use to, timing with your throttle and experience will keep you dry. 5)other than a bunch of bad sensors in my first full year. i love my 337SSX and wouldn't change a thing. you should have at least a good hand held radio and there are some good apps you can download for weather . best of luck
  5. yes! started boating in the Avalon area in 2016
  6. Ed

    Thoughts on a windlass anchor

    go for the windless, your never regret it.
  7. Ed

    2017 337 SSX

    thanks all for your reply's. Turns out the dealer got the merc factory rep. to come check it out . They were really good about it. took care of the minor scratches to the other boat and all the scratches from the guys prop to my boat. More importantly they assured me they never had this problem before. After their research they found it started with the first repair, which was the cable from the factory not running thru the grommet, causing the cable to shear. The dealers mechanic replaced the cable and did not attach the cable properly on the engine. the result was the boat stuck in forward no matter where the shifter position was. So, no so much a factory problem as it was human error. He did confirm there is not a safety mechanism with the key that would stop the boat from starting in gear in that situation. i would guess thats because the shifter was in the neutral position and that is what the computer relates to. Thats the scary part! Anyway, looking forward to next season and will never take any controls for granted, no matter how sophisticated. And just glad i was only going 3 mph.
  8. Ed

    2017 337 SSX

    new to this site, i enjoy all the topics and hope someone can shed some light on our dilemma . I purchased a new 2017 337 SSX last year, we have encountered some control issues and was wondering if anyone has ever had the same issues or heard of them. about a month into our new boat we lost shifting control on the port side engine where the engine was stuck in neutral. it happened after leaving a fuel dock, we were in open water and able to get back on one engine. the dealer repaired it and all was fine with the shifting. Fast forward one year and we lost the same shifting control, where it would not go in reverse or neutral and stayed in forward . unfortunately this occurred when coming into our marina and was the cause of an accident. after securing the boat i found that the port side engine, while (shifter) in neutral was actually stuck in forward and actually started in forward gear! i have been boating for 40 years, 6 boats and never experienced anything like this. We are working with the dealer who has been trying to get Chap and merc. to weigh in. But we have have lost all faith in this boat.It was a traumatic experience for the people on board and in our marina. Boats don't have brakes! I don't think its too much to expect your new boats controls to function properly. Mercruiser said they have this same set up on thousands of boats and never had this happen before. so i figured i'd reach out to the forum to ask. I was told the volvo set up was the same.besides the fact that we could not stop the boating time , what really bothered men was that the boat could start in gear. i don't believe any of my outboards or inboards would start in gear and would think with modern technology some type of safety would prevent a boat from starting in gear. very frustrated and disappointed!
  9. Ed

    dark colored hulls

    looking to order a new chap 337SSX , i am considering a colored hull for the first time. I have been boating for 30 years and always owned a white hull. i have a concern for fading. Any input is appreciated, especially from older chap owners with colored hull experience.
  10. Ed

    dark colored hulls

    looking to order a new chap 337SSX , i am considering a colored hull for the first time. I have been boating for 30 years and always owned a white hull. i have a concern for fading. Any input is appreciated, especially from older chap owners with colored hull experience.