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  1. The ones I service come off by hand, end of season there removed, inspected, any fishing line removed, greased and installed. Never a problem. I did have to pull both props off a volvo drive with extra heavy duty pullers , props suffered some chain damage but were repairable. Burned/cut the remaining rubber off and sliced the inner splines off the shaft. Owner learned the value of doing the proper service . I see a lot more of it on duo prop systems than single prop systems
  2. With a GOOD puller you can pull the prop off its rubber hub and then cut the rubber and inner spline off the prop shaft As with any dual prop system with lots of SS in the water props should be removed AT LEAST once a month.
  3. Generally speaking power comes from the starters battery post to the main harness either by direct connection or thru a 90A fusable link. From there thru the engines main CB usually a 50 Amp, then to the main engine harness plug. From there to the dash. If the gauges are dead, check for 12v on the Red wire at the ign switch, then on the purple wire with the key "on" If no power found there start backtracking.If the gauges come alive, then suspect a ign switch, neutral safety switch in control box, slave relay or slave solenoid. If everything works on a cold condition then suspect corrosion.
  4. At the 0.36 second mark in here[lacement#id=18&vid=78766a8a5f6db0a7aa91292ed68a107c&action=view
  5. just look inside the engine compartment, where do you see the lower shift cable
  6. From what I remember the cable enters the boat from a hose , no shift bellow like mercruiser
  7. Might be the Commander 4000 pistol grip see page 315 in here
  8. As usuall the one on the other motor has started leaking so I`m doing that in copper fittings, will post when complete
  9. replace it with a brass , there`s nothing inside it and while your at it remove the "Quick Crack" drain system too
  10. still fly?
  11. I guess you can walk on water too. Add a second battery for all the accessories that way you still have a charged engine battery. Best way is to fix the alt .
  12. unless the DF is showing 13,6-14.6 your not charging
  13. Turn the key to "on" read voltage Start engine ,rpm at 1500, voltage reads 13.6- 14.6 If no increase then alt not charging correctly or battery is bad
  15. With the drive removed first install a lifting chain /engine crane on the motor to get it level or use straps Make sure the nuts on the front mount are movable , you will need to adjust up or down for alignment If you have old rear mounts ,make sure the double-wound washer is there, its not required with new mounts Slowly lower the motor untill you can install the rear bolts , then lower motor onto the front mounts tighten rear mounts , check alignment, adjust as necessary