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  1. Bt Doctur

    High oil pressure when engine is NOT running

    remove the sender and plug a actual mechanical gauge into the motor
  2. Bt Doctur

    Cracked Bellow

    oil has never killed a bearing , lack of though is another story. With no history then I suggest a full transom package. all bellows, gimbal bearing , shift cable ,
  3. Bt Doctur

    Volvo Penta 5.0 gxi stalls

    Turn the key to "on" look at and remember the voltage reading on the gauge start engine raise rpm to 1000 voltmeter MUST read higher than the previous reading or your not charging
  4. Bt Doctur

    2017 307ss gas tank

    never seen a tank with 2 fills and 2 vents . All fills are clearly markesd "GAS" "WATER" "WASTE" . how many batteries are on that side?
  5. Bt Doctur

    Engine Cover - Rotted Wood

    got some pics of mine if your interested, basically cut and remove the under side skin, remove all the bad wood and replace, reglass the skin back
  6. Bt Doctur

    just starting out , but getting the hang of it

    port, stbd, and stern center console to stern on the Regulator (2) 9`s and (1) 8 footer
  7. Bt Doctur

    electrical power loss

    start at the starter, can you jump the starter solenoid and get the motor to turn? Yes, follow the Red wire to the dash No, check the battery, and battery cables, battery cable conections Had a buddy have the same issue with a car, just dead, jumper did nothing, found out the neg battery cable corroded open in the middle of the cable . No visible exterior damage but open in the middle
  8. Bt Doctur

    just starting out , but getting the hang of it

    Preliminary pics of the bolsters for the Regulator, 2 more just like this only 9 footers. Finished pics to follow
  9. Bt Doctur

    electrical power loss

    start at the starter, jump the small inboard post with the yellow/red wire to the main post on the starter , starter must spin or you have bad battery cable connections
  10. Bt Doctur

    Fuel Pump Issues

    The motors I winterize with the gas mix directly into the fuel pumps has never failed me yet. The ones that dont ,usually have problems with moisture in the fuel including running E-10 fuel. The fuel injectors are also prone to water damage . With the sensors on the newer motor the "cocktail mix" is plugged into the fuel pump not sprayed down the throat
  11. What about raising the seat bases up from the floor ?
  12. Bt Doctur

    My power went poof! - Solved!

    dont forget the negative battery cable connections
  13. Bt Doctur

    Oil capacity of a 8.1

    The mercruiser and volvo engines are both listed as 9 Qts, gm auto might have a smaller pan
  14. Bt Doctur

    Fuel Pump Issues

    If water was present in the fuel ,the fuel pump will go bad from sitting. pull the filter and dump it in a clean container and look
  15. Bt Doctur

    Oil capacity of a 8.1

    GM 8.1L Vortec V-8 Specs (Vortec 8100) Type/Configuration: 90° V-8 2005 Gm 8.1L Vortec horsepower and torque curves Compression Ratio: 9.1 : 1 Valvetrain: OHV, 2 valves per cylinder Engine Oil Capacity: 6.5 qts w/ oil filter Max Engine Speed: 5,000 rpm (truck/SUV applications) add a bit for remote oil installations