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  1. sounds like a great dealer but surprising the factory dropped the ball
  2. In most cases the trim up operates untill it reaches the "trim limit" and then stops, to raise it into trailer position you use the "trailer button" The is a second detent on the switch, a button marked "trailer" or 2 buttons on the control. handel pressed at the same time
  3. would need to know how you have the cables wired .Unless the wiring has been hacked the charging system needs to see a battery to charge properly. If using an isolater read the voltage at the C post ,this is alt output , then read then other posts
  4. post a profile pic of the rig
  5. considering main power starts at the main starter post.and each engine should be isolated from each we would need to know what engines you have installed to get a wiring diagram.
  6. Winds of 185mph will lift up cars and send them flying and your wondering if you should leave the drain plug in or out? If your in the way of Irma, get out now! If you feel the desire to remain and ride it out write your social security number in magic marker on your chest to aid in identifying your body and tie your body to a immovable object to aid in recovery
  7. If your in the eye of Irma, kiss your boat, car, shed good-by Cant understand why so many wait till the last minute to evacuate. Standing order for hurricane victims who stay to ride it out is to write your SS number on your body for identification.after the storm.
  9. post a pic of the fuel gauge most have 12v feed, ground,lighting , sender connections unless this is a panel with mulit-gage type
  10. follow the fuel lines, they should lead to a access port unless the OP recoverd the floor and never added it. Then its a guess and start cutting holes in the floor and start looking.
  11. what parts and what type of service? Your location?
  12. were they all working when you purchased AND TEST DROVE the boat?
  13. Doubtful you have a 24 setup You want dedicated engine batteries so that each switch set to #1 position only starts that engine. At the rear of the switch wire a battery cable from #2 to #2 and connect it to the 3rd battery(house) Connect ALL the neg cables to each neg battery post and to each other Connect one charger lead to the #2 position. Normal setting 1 and 1 easy to remember. To charge house under way, set one switch to all . You may want to set 2 house batteries in parallel for more capacity . To charge all batteries on shore power switch to ALL and ALL