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  1. Is my trailer too big for my boat?

    If it has a adjustable bow stop/winch head simply move it back 2-3 feet. just like the one in the pic.You can always move the axels to correct a weight imbalance
  2. Starter Issue

    Never use the crank bolt, break it or strip it, and you`ll need a new crank.If you must use the harmonic balancer, remove the pully, install 2 fine thread bolts and use a bar between the bolts to try and turn a motor.
  3. Chaparral Fuel Tank Leaks

    That is the standard tank construction practice other than the newer plastic tanks. You dont list a year but if less than 5 years old I would say the manufacturer should pick up the tab. Only other reason would be a puncture from an errant screw or a bad gasket for the tank sender. Have you checked all hose clamps and fuel lines for damage?
  4. You guys twist and turn it around so it suits how the blower now works. It is designed to REMOVE gasoline fumes from the bilge. Its not adding air to the bilge to displace gasoline fumes. a full bilge of gasoline wont even burn but start mixing in fresh air to dilute the fumes and you will go BANG
  5. The purpose of this circuit is to prevent the blower from adding fresh air to a fire in the engine compartment. If your blower is pushing air into the bilge .its setup wrong. The blower pulls air from the bilge and out the vent.
  6. 270 Sig 3.8 bravo3 runs out of juice

    V6`s in a 27 footer is stretching it a bit. Guess it was a boat show special
  7. Rotax Maintenance Manual / Parts

    I`ve ordered lot of other manuals from trade bit. the download worked everytime. go to the trade bit site and check.
  8. Rotax Maintenance Manual / Parts
  9. 270 Sig 3.8 bravo3 runs out of juice

    The V 6 motors. 3.8L is about 185 hp give or take I think.If you have twins , then you must have individual fuel pumps. 200 hp would never get a 27 footer on step let alone plane Did the boat ever perform correctly?
  10. 270 Sig 3.8 bravo3 runs out of juice

    What engine is that ,3.8
  11. Giving up need to find a Mechanic

    There is a black wire in the harness that supplies the ground for the ECM located on the rear of the port head, this bolt also has the dist clamp.If the gauges stay alive and the motor just dies , check there first. Do you have a engine serial number
  12. Giving up need to find a Mechanic

    If you have injectors then you dont have a sensor in the dist, just a rotor. If you mean the 2 throttle body injectors then you do have a pickup safe to assume you have the cool fuel mounted low port side mount or cool fuel III port side
  13. Confused and frustrated

  14. Another Advise on Engine replacement

    whats your location
  15. VP DP mates to 8.2L Mercruiser?

    A big block is a big block no matter what the drive is after the motor, they will all bolt up to a bell housing(flywheel cover) just change the coupler and maybe some exaust components.They must have included the swim platform to call that a 27. More like 24 . A 24 BAHA will pop up within 20 feet with a 502 BB