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  1. what do the 3 batteries do? did you connect ALL the neg cables from all batteries together, including the one from the engine.
  2. Bt Doctur

    depth gauges

    Now at 30 mph (44 feet/ second) what good does a depth gauge do you, think about it.
  3. that 4 letter word that begins with H and ends in ell didnt show
  4. Did that more often as I passed 70 years old. #$^%, were just coming into puberty Cy
  5. Lots of times, any convenient location on the suction side of the fuel pump
  6. Bt Doctur

    Wiring radio

    with a separate switch
  7. Sports equipment is not used on boats, you spammer
  8. U joints are replaced ,not repaired
  9. Bt Doctur

    Engine Hatch

    could try the reflective foam used on air conditioning ducts
  10. easiest way is to get hold of a very loud horn , a relay, and bilge pump switch . Switch mounted 2 inches higher than pump switch and wired directly to battery, wired to relay and horn. Nothing for you to control
  11. Bt Doctur


    click to enlarge how to make a blackhead mask
  12. Bt Doctur


    I asked the parts shop about getting a new CB. They asked what voltage....? Find another shop cause they know nothing about mercruiser Question, when connected to shore power, but the boat ignition is OFF, does the CB have any power flowing through it (regardless of whether the batteries are in the ON or OFF position? as long as the battery switch is on or the battery connected 12v power is available thru the whole boat
  13. Mercruiser starter made by AC Delco aftermarket starter made by? .Difference? Nothing is made in America anymore.Mercruiser does not make their starters or anything else, Shop for the best price from other suppliers And here https://cecilmarine.com/
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