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  1. I did have a job last year to replace the steering unit ,it was frozen. Most cases have the inner part of the cable seizing inside the guide tube from corrosion. Start there. Hold in the flats and unscrew the cable nut and try to pull it out. Clean the tube with a 12 Ga brass cleaning brush
  2. come over and join,Sha but if you IP is listed you wont be allowed in, the IP is banned forever
  3. that dosent happen at boattalk.com its heavily moderated
  4. Must be a slow day in Europe, the smammers are getting bored
  5. just trying to get the owners of this site to see that there is a proven system that automatically stops them. Need no moderation cause there banned even before they get in. Most are from out of country.
  6. 2 more dfhdfghgjhj4455dff@gmail.com StopForumSpam matched (username: 2, email: 163, ip: 946) georxxge@seomailpl.s3.lolekemail.net StopForumSpam matched (email: blacklisted)
  7. Bt Doctur

    Transom Seal

    typical areas, Y pipe ,inlet hose seal, speedometer hose, shift bellow, transom bellow, mercathode wire grommet, trim wire grommet
  8. here are the latest ones belowasasdewqq@fsmodshub.com StopForumSpam matched (email: blacklisted, ip: 1660) Do nothing Approve Spam clean Reject with reason: This will be shown to the user if provided. Notify user if action was taken
  9. not dead, was recently restarted with a new system and will take some time to get back up to speed. The spammers here have tried there and get shot down immediately and banned forever
  10. Bt Doctur

    Transom Seal

    Transom seal in you have had a hard bottom strike otherwise look elseware
  11. The latest one to be banned Details for IP: Decimal: 3107190663 Hostname: vm1731514.4ssd.had.wf ASN: 204601 ISP: Zomro B.V. Organization: Zomro B.V. Services: None detected Type: Corporate Assignment: Likely Static IP Blacklist: Continent: Europe
  12. depending on your air temp the gear oil may take some time to flow to the dribble valve.
  13. Doc said you have been ok`d
  14. What is missing there is the fact the spammers get banned before they can get in with their useless posts
  15. Phillbo, Doc says check your spam/trash folder/ says your in
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