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  1. So many people keep trying to invent a better mousetrap and always fail. Simply removing the drain plugs, probing to insure draining and leaving it dry will never crack anything . With the newer "Quick-Drain" system you can never be sure the connectors in the block are not plugged with rust and scale and do not drain the block. After about 2 years I have found the blocks do not drain because of the rust and debris so simply "draining " by the quick system did not drain the block. So now there will be a freeze crack come springtime . Same result but not draining everything first before introducing AF with the "thru the drive" system only results in dilution of the AF . How much dilution till it cracks , your call . -10 or +30 . Frozen is frozen. Does Camco work, Yes. IF YOU DRAIN EVERYTHING FIRST. And draining requires you to remove the quick disconnects at the block drain and probe. Have only discovered 1 manifold that did not drain correctly because of rust and it cracked with some water entering a cylinder thru an open valve. The manifold drain hoses are larger than the block drain hoses. For the "non-believers" simply remove the hose at the block drain and see what runs out. Its a quick connect so you wont lose that much. If nothing comes out the block drain is plugged .Good luck Springtime. HAPPY THANKSGIVING
  2. Glad to see the site back up hopefully with some anti-bot programming
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  6. Bought a Camco winterization kit on Amazon for $32 Quickest way to a cracked block in the spring IF YOU DID NOT drain everything first
  7. You forgot about: pet rocks rubic`s cube jacks yoyo`s, and all the other things that made people fortunes
  8. Great job,, looks great. Now keep your specs and your machinist ,there just may be a market for them
  9. The Blue plugs go into a brass fitting, NOT directly into the block #860088
  10. from a Volvo ? As far as removing the remains, heat a flat screwdriver blade, insert. let cool, unscrew remains I believe the Mercruiser ones are solid cores ,not hollow
  11. Somebody`s doing something wrong like cross threading them. You install them just finger tight with a git of grease on the O ring . No O ring causes them to jam up.
  12. You are under attack. help

  13. Wing, I have seen to many in the shop that are leaking. O rings may be used elseware but not on fill or drain plugs
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