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  1. The problem you may run into is because the quick drain system becomes clogged and become the quick crack system. The problem is not so much the manifold drain hoses because there large compared to the 3/8ths hose going to the engine block
  2. You do remove the drive yearly for service, correct?
  3. If Biden is elected we will be required to use sail and wind power
  4. Bt Doctur

    Engine cuts out

    clogged tank vent, clogged tank pickup, sticky anti-syphon
  5. Red= battery power Purple= ign power Yellow/red= starter solenoid
  6. Just get a standard ign switch ,there not $111.00
  7. If the motor and pump are in operating condition take a jumper from the + battery and touch the Blue motor wire, pump should run. Or remove the aft anchor pin
  8. more likely the gasket, get some 7 or 8 inch bolts or threaded rod 3/8 x 16 NC. Remove the end bolts and insert the longer bolts or rod. Remove the 2 inner bolts. Slide manifold back, inspect gasket for the burned/damaged area, clean the surfaces . If the gasket does not have the 2 end holes as a "hook shape, nip the bottom of the gaskets to clear the bolts. Drop gasket in place on the 2 end bolts, snug both bolts, install the 2 remaining bolts, tighten to spec. Test for exaust leakage
  9. fuel tanks usually have a anti-syphon at the tank. Fuel must be sucked from the tank, cannot free flow. Sometimes they stick partially closed or fully closed stopping the fuel
  10. could use the speakers for target practice
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