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  1. Bt Doctur


    Came across it trying to help a no shift/throttle problem . Outlines a reset procedure to force it to shift
  2. Service Bulletin 2008-06 OEM 2008-05
  3. Bt Doctur


    Use quality stainless steel hardware, You dont list engines or outdrives , but outdrives are nominally 2 1/4 inches thick. I would guess inboard transoms should be the same thickness
  4. Bt Doctur

    Hull Advice - Disappointed

    Very poor construction and what is this gap where you see wood.
  5. Bt Doctur

    Serious leak from transom area

    nope, corrosion closed it up
  6. Bt Doctur

    Serious leak from transom area

    An extreme case
  7. Bt Doctur

    Serious leak from transom area

    It looks like a case of Bravoitis too , that may be the deciding factor for replacement
  8. Bt Doctur

    Serious leak from transom area

  9. Bt Doctur

    Serious leak from transom area

    Replacement is your best option ,that leak has been there for a very long time post 2 in here I`ll check for another video but you locate the center, drill the first hole with a #3 drill 3/8ths deep.Then switch to a 1/8 inch. Watch the filings coming out. First is aluminum, then brass, then steel, now STOP Tap 1/4 x 28 for the grease fitting and grease. http://www.clubsearay.com/index.php?threads/how-to-install-the-missing-grease-fitting-that-prevents-steeering-arm-water-leakage.68348/#post-775729
  10. Bt Doctur

    Serious leak from transom area

    I would add the missing grease fitting to the new or reconed housing . It will prevent rusting of the steering pin that takes out the seal. Very easy install on all the drives
  11. Bt Doctur

    Balance point

    With the correct size trailer, having the correct sized wheels and axels adjusted correctly for weight distribution , you adjust the tongue weight correctly , job done.
  12. Bt Doctur

    Balance point

    Some place between the front of the motors and the base of the windshield, what are you trying to do?
  13. Bt Doctur

    Fresh Water Plumbing with PEX?

    If your worried about the hot water side , blow the lines dry with a small compresor If your worried about the raw water side, just open the drain , remove the hoses at the block, blow dry with a compressor . If your going to add AF to the motor to winterize add a jumper hose at the motor , pour the AF into the block and manifolds Your trying to reinvent the wheel instead of keeping it simple
  14. either the ram is jammed up or the solenoid is inoperative