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  1. only place I trust and have used is Trade Bit
  2. More likely a standard Dayco part
  3. Personally I would remove that system because if you depend on a visual draining not knowing how much should come out ,you should see close to 4 gallons of liquid. At the very least remove the quick connect hoses at the block and probe the opening to ensure draining. If the block drains are clogged you cannot drain the water from the engine block and that will result in a engine replacement in the spring
  4. May be able to rotate it enough to get it reversed. see page 5B-4 left side. loosen the 3 screws and remove the element, determine how the choke plate moves to close the choke and put the arm on that side of the element .When cold the bi-metal spring should be pulling the plate closed.
  5. The lever from the bi-metallic spring in on the wrong side of the arm.A easy fix
  6. snake oil in a box
  7. As long as you havent had freeze damage then............................................................ Unless you drain everything first your diluting your A/F with 3 gallons of water. No need to "run" A/F thru the system. flush ,fog, drain , and just pour it into the engine.
  8. If it smells in the cabin and not the engine compartment you have a tank leak. Either hoses or sender or tank itself
  9. Lets see, oil change and oil filters and fuel filters on twin 5.7 Blue water inboards $75 owner buys materials Flush, fog, drain and fill 2 engines 1.5 hours @ $60/hr 7 Gal of non-tox,@ $7.50/Gal , 1 1/2 cans of fogger $12.00,
  10. If you tell us what you have it would be helpfull
  11. Just completed a conversion and all went well. the crank mounted pumps just kept spring water leaks at the seals. pics and instructions included Finally Complete, all spacers will be machined from 3/4 round stock , 1 inch hose couplings/joiners/ splice .(3) , 6 hose clamps, Dayco hose 71596 , original thermostat hose to pump is reversed and given a slight twist to join. From the original raw water inlet hose at the pump cut off the 1 1/4 end so its 3 inches long and save, (pic 1)cut off the 90 deg bend and discard, shorten the raw water inlet hose at #6 spark plug by removing 8 1/4 inches, and use hose splice to join and clamp.Install and clamp Dayco hose , install original thermostat hose reversed and join to Dayco hose with joiner/splice and clamp. Not shown is a ty-wrap holding the Dayco hose in place.,5th pic. raw water pump pully alum 52822T, steel 73798A1, engine mounted pully 90081T1, pump bracket 89535T
  12. all figured out except to the raw water to the T housing..Final length of the spacers is 1 3/4 to be machined from round stock. lower adjusting bracket for the PS was lengthened 1-1/6 with plates welded on both sides. Actual length was 1 /1/8 but left is short a bit. Easier to add 2 washers than to cthe welds and shorten it.Short water circ pump bolt removed and a 3 1/2 inch bolt installed. Belt alignment is perfect and a 37.5 inch belt used with good adjustment range Some preliminary pics
  13. find the build sheet in pdf or back feed a hole and see where it squirts out,
  14. mainly this is a boating site and without knowing what your working on it cant be answered
  15. For the cost I would just go with a hyd ststen and say the #$^% with overpriced volvo or adapt a Mercruiser cylinder in its place.
  16. the last time I investigated that system I could not find a spool valve to adjust, just steering cylinder replacement. There is not even a diagram of the internals or how to disassemble it
  18. Outdrives dont knock going into reverse especially Bravo`s
  19. If you have a marine dipstick tube it goes to the very bottom of the oil pan
  20. simply connect it to the top of the dipstick tube , the dipstick tube goes to the bottom of the oil pan
  21. So I was blowing drive grease into my bilge. Turns out I had a failed drive shaft seal and smoked some bearings as a result as well using grease instead of the hi performance synthetic will do that,
  22. The trim button will raise the drive to a certain height then stop, from there you use the trailer button, if the trqailer button raises the drive the solenoids are working and most likely the trim limit switch is bad.short the blue/white and purple/white together and the drive should raise all the way with the trim button.