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    Alarms when on accessory switch

    OK First click is "ignition on, gauges power up , and hard wired alarms using a ground will sound. eg: no oil pressure with key on Second position is "start" to crank the motor.When released , it go into "ign on, motor running"
  2. Bt Doctur

    Overheating, losing coolant.

    cant go wrong with new bolts, if torque-to-yeild use that or the standard torque values and pattern for an older 5.7 and use sealant on the bolt threads
  3. Bt Doctur

    Overheating, losing coolant.

    I think what wingnut is referring to is the top half on the intake manifold If you removed the complete manifold your ok. check your messages
  4. Bt Doctur

    Helm switches have no light

    are you sure there lighted?
  5. Bt Doctur

    Two parts disassembly questions

    1 Most likely an adhesive and bolted in place 2 Why, there is a wire cable attached to it. http://www.boatfix.com/merc/Techbk/95/95HS7.PDF#[0,{"name":"FitR"},-82,284,695,797]
  6. Bt Doctur

    How to winterize with muff method

    When you winerize incorrectly or listen to the web methods or if you want to see inside a manifold
  7. Bt Doctur

    Alpha One Gen 2 Gear Oil in Bilge

    Do you have the manual? http://www.boatfix.com/merc/Servmanl/14/14notice.pdf#[3,{"name":"FitH"},796]
  8. Bt Doctur

    Steering Helm Play Measurement

    Does the steering arm on the drive move before the drive. in other words can you rock the drive from side to side while someone holds the wheel steady. With the quick connect installed there is no excess play in the helm connection
  9. Mercruiser is saving $.03 cents by leaving it out All of the transom assemblies missing it should have it added . the seal starts leaking, then the pin starts to rust up and make the seal erode a bit more until you have a good drip coming in the boat.Ever wonder why the older housingd don`t have this problem? Because they have the grease fittings. I have drilled out 2 Bravo transoms for the hinge pin grease fitting and numerous Alpha GEN II housings. It`s a simple process IF you are careful with the drill. If you have the pin and steering yoke removed it`s even easier
  10. while you at it install that missing grease fitting to gease the steering pin and seal
  11. Bt Doctur

    Rusted Freeze plug! Need Help!

  12. Bt Doctur

    Rusted Freeze plug! Need Help!

  13. Bt Doctur

    Rusted Freeze plug! Need Help!

    If it is under /behind the mount you need to: Shift into For and remove the drive Properly support and raise the motor Remove the front mount by removing the lags/bolts and then the 3 bolts in the block Using the correct size socket , coat the plug with sealant and drive it in flush Check engine coupler alignment after installing the mounts
  14. Bt Doctur

    Tips for electrical surfing

    If you got the cash available north of 20K , enjoy
  15. Bt Doctur

    Rusted Freeze plug! Need Help!

    If it rusted out you have auto parts in there , there just plain steel. SS or brass dont rust away. If it is a auto block you might consider pulling the motor to replace the steel ones with brass or SS ones
  16. Bt Doctur

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    If the depth of the hole is more than the insert, punch off the tang and leave it in there or remove it with a magnetic wand
  17. Bt Doctur

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    gm small block head bolts are 70-75 Ft/Lbs and I have used heli`s in those with no problems dont care if they were made by joe-blo troque is torque no matter what
  18. Bt Doctur

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    The Merc is 25 manifold, 33 elbow .3/8 ths bolts are not normally pulled to 45 foot pounds. Thread depth is at most 5/8ths
  19. Bt Doctur

    Volvo Penta part 22336543

    where is it used and for what?
  20. Bt Doctur

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    Neuton meters is different than Foot pounds heli-coil, time-sert, will work also
  21. Bt Doctur

    Manifold and Elbow/Riser Issue

    you may have been misinfomed
  22. Bt Doctur

    Why no power to fuel pump after being replaced?

    key needs to be in the "on" position
  23. Bt Doctur

    I found stuff in my bilge that I don't recognize...

    I see a broken shift cable sleeve, a broken SS bolt most likely a 1/4 x 20 bolt or stud, the V shaft is the spring from the shift interupter plate and some broken hose clamps
  24. Bt Doctur

    2006 Signature Gas Cap needed

    a standard marine gas cap works just fine https://www.overtons.com/pumps-plumbing/plumbing-fittings/deck-fills
  25. Bt Doctur

    Alpha One Gen 2 Gear Oil in Bilge

    A Fool and His Money are easily parted it`s a $14 dollar seal and maybe 2-3 hours start to finish? When was it off for service last? And they last a lot longer when serviced, 2000 hours are nothing Another thought I had was letting the gear oil holding tank remain nearly empty so to limit how much gear oil that automatically feeds in the outdrive. Will last about 3 minutes at cruise without oil