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  1. you have a trim/tilt control on there someplace, usually on the control handel
  2. Post some pics and accurate dimensions so one can be made if necessary
  3. Dont ya just love drive by wire. nothing like good old steering cables or hyd steering systems. You need a IT guy thats qualified in volvo systems. Personally, I would convert to hyd steering and tie bar if possible
  4. Well if you can post a pic of the gauges it would help, just knowing its a 1989 17 footer dosent help to identify anything
  6. the last one iI fixed was on the remote switch. at the transom. it was activating both the up and down solenoids.Try disconnecting the remote switch to isolate the trouble.
  7. Get a second opinion
  8. twin 6.2`s in a Formula , easy to get to and change twin 5,7 Bluewater Inboards slightly difficult ,but manageable
  9. Formula with thru hull into the swim platform exaust system. Have a bad reversion issue. Anyone else have problems?
  10. No, shutters in place and working. original cam, reputable engine builder, no blown head gaskets, 3 inch heads This pic has maybe 2 hours run time. going to extend the riser outlets and see if that works
  11. You Can`t fix STUPID but on the plus side,if something tragic does happen they can`t contribute to the gene pool.
  12. Put a Bravo on it. same transom hole
  13. unless you plug a mechanical gauge in you wont know for sure what the actual pressure is but what the electrical gauge is reading is good.if it represents the true oil pressure
  14. He has a fast turnaround
  15. Could have been worse , drive saved from sinking by the shift and hyd lines.
  16. Seen it on mercruiser when the aft joint goes and the center section whips around at 3000 rpm. grab the bellow,and shift cable .Losing a front joint just spins the inputshaft and gimbal bearing.
  17. That looks like the classic U joint explosion that took out the transom assembly. You`ll know better when the drive is removed to see if the U joints are rusted..
  18. The service factor is imperative with U joints.Removing the drive is required for inspection and to check for water intrusion.They will make some noise going bad. But if you were equipped with bilge pumps of 1500 gph or better shredding a bellow would not sink you .On a mercruiser there are 2 vent holes 12:00 and 6:00 about a 1/4 inch in diameter so the water dosent "pour in"
  19. make sure because they don't hold a charge very well. I had both batteries tested and they said they were good but only had 60% charge How about having them charged and load tested BEFORE venturing out on the water. Then have the engine charging system tested to make sure the engine is capable of charging batteries. Trying to charge up weak/damaged batteries with the alt can destroy it also and leave you stranded.
  20. Yep batteries that were cooked and have 1 good start left .to get you out of the slip and then dead when you want to come back in.
  21. The 28 Coastal I take care of has 1 battery for each engine and 1 house /electronics battery. The charger is a 2 bank type. , . Engines are wired to #1 battery position ,a cable jumper from the #2 position of each switch and then a cable to the house battery. With the charger on the house is connected, should you experiance a weak/dead engine battery you switch the battery selector to #2 position for charging . Should you be off shore and need more power to start an engine you switch to All, All on both switches. Now you have 3 batteries to try and start the motor
  22. Nope, there is no good reason to constant charge engine batteries. They are charged by the engines charging system. When a battery does start to go bad you get a weak/dead battery condition and thats when you change the battery ,Keeping it on constant charge can boil the batteries dry and you get a no start condition. Do you keep your car plugged in when you go on vacation?
  23. Good engine starting batters should never be on constant charge only house batteries.The reason is your experiance with dead engine batteries
  24. tell us whats wrong and get a second opinion
  25. so, when this happened everything went dead and you took it to the shop. did they replace the 90a fuse link at the starter post also? What I would suggest if after you get the boat back is remove the Red wire from the fuse block at the starter and wire it direct to the starter post..The Red wire is the main feed into the engine and is protected by the 50 a circuit breaker.The 90a link protects the alt wiring .When the link blows the alt is not connected to a battery but is connected to the main power wiring and can run wild up to 30 volts .