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  1. mainly this is a boating site and without knowing what your working on it cant be answered
  2. For the cost I would just go with a hyd ststen and say the #$^% with overpriced volvo or adapt a Mercruiser cylinder in its place.
  3. the last time I investigated that system I could not find a spool valve to adjust, just steering cylinder replacement. There is not even a diagram of the internals or how to disassemble it
  5. Outdrives dont knock going into reverse especially Bravo`s
  6. If you have a marine dipstick tube it goes to the very bottom of the oil pan
  7. simply connect it to the top of the dipstick tube , the dipstick tube goes to the bottom of the oil pan
  8. So I was blowing drive grease into my bilge. Turns out I had a failed drive shaft seal and smoked some bearings as a result as well using grease instead of the hi performance synthetic will do that,
  9. The trim button will raise the drive to a certain height then stop, from there you use the trailer button, if the trqailer button raises the drive the solenoids are working and most likely the trim limit switch is bad.short the blue/white and purple/white together and the drive should raise all the way with the trim button.
  10. what year is this NEW 6.2 . THe cool fuel unit located on the port side motor mount does not use a fuel filter ,the fuel filter is a canistor type on the stbd side manifold. The newer cool fuel III is mounted stbd side motor mount and has a internal filter and water cooling.
  11. To add to Wingnut , DRAIN EVERYTHING FIRST then you can use the stated method or remove the hoses and pour the a/F in
  12. If it was my Volvo I would rewire it like a merc system with a oil pressure switch .That way you could lose the alt and still keep the motor running . Alt dies = engine dies= STUPID
  13. . Restarted was on way in and killed again . Just like the key was turned off each time . Had to get a tow cause wouldn't restart third time all happened in 10 mins One should have noticed the volt gauge on the dash was not at 14 volts with the engine running Stalling out on plane can lead to a hydrolock condition ,you were lucky. If the gauge was reading 14V , the stalling came from something else. Plus if the alt does control the fuel pump circuit it would not have run that long with the plug out.Could the plug have popped out leading to the low battery condition?
  14. you can use a 5/16 nut for reference
  15. with no sound at all and with the gauges coming alive start at the key switch neutral safety in the control box slave solenoid relay
  16. Maybe it`s time for you owners to install the missing grease fitting in the housing to grease the steering pin to stop the rusting that east the seal . No dis-assembly required Transom seals usually will leak after a hard bottom strike and can be checked by trying to insert a .005 feeler gauge between the housing and the transom. Most times a leaking main bellow will show water leaking in just above the inputshaft. Water leaking in to the low left of the inputshaft is a torn /loose shift bellow.
  17. ok, it`s SOME TYPE of boat ,made by some manufaturer with some type of engine and drive system.
  18. sounds like a great dealer but surprising the factory dropped the ball
  19. In most cases the trim up operates untill it reaches the "trim limit" and then stops, to raise it into trailer position you use the "trailer button" The is a second detent on the switch, a button marked "trailer" or 2 buttons on the control. handel pressed at the same time
  20. would need to know how you have the cables wired .Unless the wiring has been hacked the charging system needs to see a battery to charge properly. If using an isolater read the voltage at the C post ,this is alt output , then read then other posts