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  1. Mluters. Thank u for that what did it set u back? And seen ur video and that sounds nice looks like it has a nice water flow as well.
  2. I am trying to add pics for you guys but they are to large... Thank you to everyone for the tips. as i work on this i will be letting you know how its going. As for those who complain about noise im not worried about all that most my boating will be done on a river. and there of plenty of load boats out and hay if i have to pay a lil more for what i want than i am ok with that. This is my second project boat and i want to leave it almost like it was from the day it was made with some minor adjustments you can go to.https://www.facebook.com/ramon.hall.7/media_set?set=a.819024631468546.1073741831.100000830498352&type=3 and see the first project boat and i traded a flat screen tv for that and that boat for what i am now working on. will get pics as soon as i can
  3. Hay guys I have an 88 235 xlc and I'm trying to figureout how to do a thru hull exhaust my self. Also is there a need to plug the exhaust bellows or do the have a one way value of shorts?
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