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  1. Anyone know where I can get a replacement drain assembly for a 2006 Sig 330? Drain hose connection broke.
  2. I have a 2013 and appears the cover has not changed. I have been looking for these instructions and while I have been able to get it on it is always a "pain in the $^&". This shows I was making it harder than it needs to be. Although doing this while the boat is dry docked vs. on a lift in the water is much simpler.
  3. soneall

    New Boat!!

    Nice! We just got our dream boat last week. 2013 Sunesta 264.
  4. I don't see an answer to this question. I am having the same problem with my 2013 264. I am thinking the issue is that the vent tube has water in it. If I follow the vent tube from the fill cap, it appears to go down and then come back up to a T-connector, making a "U" shape. I am wondering if when the water tank is over-filled if the vent tube gets water in it and the water sits in the bottom of the U. (sort of like a P-trap). I haven't been able to get the PVC vent line off yet to verify if this is the problem, as it is not the easiest thing to reach and disconnect. I can't really tell how air gets into this line and/or how water could but if this is the case it seems like a poor design and would happen every time someone over-filled the water tank, or used a fill hose that didn't have a steady flowing stream.
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