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  1. Thank you newboat! Kwood - they do look they were once red (old boat). I have red ones on a panel next to my battery switch as well labeled by amperage
  2. Dumb question - on the instrument panel there are little rubber domes above each switch. I assume they are lights. Not one of them works. I took the panel off and they do not look like lights. It is a two prong box the size of a matchbook. Breakers? If you know please let ME know! Thanks, Jeff
  3. Thanks everyone. Some of the braided stainless covering is unraveling.
  4. First Chaparral. First I/O. First boat over 20ft. Anyone have any experience changing the braided hydraulic lines on a Bravo 3? It looks fairly simple which scares me. Thanks, Jeff
  5. Does anyone have measurements for the boat lift bunk placements for a 1996 Sig 25? My last boat's beam was narrower thant the 8'6" beam of the Sig 25. Thanks, Jeff
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