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  1. I'm trying to determine an adjusted selling price for my 2000 235SSI based on current book value. Without going into great detail the boat is immaculate with updated features not found on the original series. When you look up prices on low mileage autos there is an additional bump for condition and mileage. However the NADA boat values have no such figures for these considerations that I could find. Obviously the selling price would ultimately be determined by what a buyer is willing to pay, but I am trying to determine a logical formula for an adjusted selling price. Additional questions would be what is considered average yearly hours for a midwest fresh water lake run boat and what dollar figure would be calculated accordingly. As an example average boat hours figured at 50 per year. Value associated with 50 hours of run time @ $500. Calculations for a 2000 model year boat in pristine condition. $22,500 base book value Normal total hours based on 50 per year 850 Actual current documented original hours 250 600 hours multiplied by $500 per 50 equals $6000 Adjusted resale value $28,500 Obviously dealers set their retail prices higher based on condition and hours so I am trying to determine to some degree how this is calculated. Thanks in advance for any reply's.
  2. bullitt731

    Swim Platform

    Can you elaborate on why you need to replace it assuming it is an OEM unit?
  3. bullitt731

    Where are the wires to my front nav lights ?

    I just reassembled my 2000 235SSI cabin trim and my wiring harness was tucked under the side panel and not the ceiling panel.
  4. bullitt731

    Factory Cockpit Covers

    I am having one made locally as we speak for my 235SSI. I was fortunate enough to find a couple of semi retired trim shop guys to make it. They used the factory original as a pattern and will install the snaps once placed on the boat for a perfect fit which I think is the key to a snug fitting cover. We also ordered some luggage grade ballistic nylon for the wear points we wanted to reinforce. I had spoken to several trim shops at a recent boat show and no one wanted to touch this project due to fitting concerns. Recommend doing your homework if have one custom made including viewing one of the shops covers on an actual boat. Can post a picture if anyone is interested when completed.
  5. bullitt731

    Water Under the Cuddy cabin not draining

    I had a similar issue with my 235SSI. I used a compressor with a thin tube blow nozzle attachment and a garden hose to blow clean water through the drain. Had quite a lot of muck come out the other end of the drain which drained into the bilge. From what I could tell these drains are relatively small and do not have a smooth interior thus prone to collecting dirt.
  6. bullitt731

    Removing Old Boat Names

    O"Reilly Auto sells a specific decal remover that I used. I believe it was formulated for aircraft applications, but worked well on my projects. Can't remember the product name, but it also removed silicone caulking residue.
  7. bullitt731

    Forum Members Selling OEM Parts

    No worries could not agree more across the post.
  8. bullitt731

    Forum Members Selling OEM Parts

    Thanks for the reply all. I don't have a Face Book account nor do I anticipate opening one. Will just try selling this audio equipment on ebay.
  9. bullitt731

    Forum Members Selling OEM Parts

    Is there a forum acceptable way to notify forum members when late model OEM parts are being sold?
  10. bullitt731

    Have mold on your seats?

    Will give this a try. I just spent 4 months restoring a 235SSI from bow to stern that had a terrible mildew problem. Got most of it out with Marine 9 Spray cleaner, but a few spots just won't go away. Thanks
  11. bullitt731

    Silent Choice Upgrade Kit 10889

    Has anyone performed this upgrade on their late model Silent Choice exhaust? Figured if I need a new actuator to repair my 2000 system I may as well update the entire system. Just not completely sure this is the correct upgrade kit for Chaparral Silent Choice. Master electrical update kit (#10889) Three wire complete update electronics kit, replaces all non-current and current Captains Call electronics. Kit consists of two 3-wire solenoids (PN# 10871) and one 3-wire harness (PN# 10880).
  12. bullitt731

    Captain's Call exhaust

    I have some interest in this question as well if you don't mind. I just picked up a 2000 235SSI with Silent Choice and only one side will shut off.
  13. bullitt731

    Mechanical Inspection Guide

    Appreciate all the owner images as well I think I will be very happy here. Hopefully the inspection goes well and then its smooth sailing back home for the MAX Concourse restoration process. Have my buffer plugged in and ready to rock.
  14. bullitt731

    Mechanical Inspection Guide

    Would you guys recommend I do a complete out drive service with the age of the boat, or wait until I get additional hours on it. Obviously it has to pass the inspection first. There is no Chaparral Dealer where I live, but there is one where the boat is being picked up from. I'm very proactive in terms of keeping my equipment in top running order.
  15. bullitt731

    Mechanical Inspection Guide

    Thanks all it has a Mercury 496 Mag and Bravo III drive with Silent Choice. Ed