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  1. Pirate House is just north of Chapel Hill on west side of river. My neighbor Phil, since passed, started building it with a buddy one day when they had a few too many and the next thing you know, an old crappy boat house is now the famous Pirate House. Phil was a great guy. Quite a character. His wife Marty still lives there. Had many a beer over there. Agreed on the big block. I see myself switching brands before I lose the big block and I really like the Chaparral a lot. Have had zero problems with it. Zero. Mark
  2. SSisteve, The wrap was around $1,400 or so. CKSNAP, It's a small world. Where are you at? It's making me crazy I don't recognize the building and I have boated up here forever. Looks like it's on the west side of the river or a channel Clearly no wake because that's the only time I'm going that slow. I'm a couple of houses down from the Pirate house on the river. My boat sits on the covered lift all year. Mark
  3. I definitely wouldn't buy one without testing via GPS. The 375 really moves. Depending on the day, I still can hit high 50s, measured via GPS, with a set of props that have probably been straightened more times than Diana Ross's hair. I boat on the Chain O'lakes here in Illinois and it is really shallow. I have two sets of duo props and one set is always in the shop. The fastest I've clocked it is 62 but that was with ideal conditions, empty of everything except me and a few gallons of gas. Probably with a tail wind and the current going my way too. Mark
  4. That's a TideTamer lift. I built the 'training wheels' for my wife who had never driven a boat. Turns out I need them from time to time too! That was the first design. Later simplified it and got a much higher quality wheel with a plastic hub and good, greaseable needle bearings. Mark
  5. I didn't even notice our Lanseer (black and white) Newfie up in the bow. We actually have one more. Quite the herd. Mark
  6. Well, that sucks. Nothing wrong with mine and I like the power more than I want a newer boat. Here is a picture of mine with a wrap we put on plus a second bimini. You can see why it's named Big Dog. That's Xena Warrior Princess, our bronze Newfie, exiting the boat. Next time it's due for a wrap we are going to flip flop the Chaparral and Big Dog text and modify the text it so it follows the curve of the hull and graphics a bit more. Other than that, we were very happy with the design. Thanks for the input. Mark
  7. I have a 2004 230 SSi with the Volvo 8.1 DP with Captain's Choice exhaust. I purchased it in 2006 with 8 hours on it. Great performance and I looked long and hard for a 230 with these options. The boat was a Texas repo (I'm in Chicago suburbs) with 8 hours on it. Now, 10 years and 800 hours later I'm thinking of buying a 246 SSi (2014 or newer) but I don't see the 375 hp option listed. Is 350 hp the biggest offered? I'm concerned I won't enjoy the performance since the boat is at least a few hundred pounds heavier than mine but it packs 25 less hp. Strange, to me any way, that they are of
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