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  1. I sent you a PM last Thursday as I happen to have a freshwater 2008 276 SSX that will be for sale this spring. If interested send me an email @ mcross5704@gmail.com Marty
  2. Not the way I do it. Must be doing something wrong.... glad to it is renting a boat!
  3. @Hatem did a thread on mounting a flag on his 276 SSX which turned out great so you May want to check that out.
  4. ColdOne

    Please stop

    Great job Tomnjo.... seems to have worked for now!
  5. For your canopy and canvass find a local shop that can make new ones for you and the steering wheel you could give Cecil Marine a try.
  6. We were through Letchworth/ Hornel /. Bath and Keuka lake several Sunday’s ago and foliage along the route was 50-70 %. Earlier this week we spent 3 days in the Berkshires in a 1760’s Inn and it was absolutely gorgeous!!!
  7. My 2nd car was a 63 Buick special. Great car, was not fast as it had a 231 V6 in it. The bottom of the car was painted with a brush flat black and the top was still the factory turquoise. Uuuuuglyyy! But the body was solid and it ran like a top! My first car was a ‘65 ragtop mustang with a slant 6 First boat was a 2000 Kayot 20’ bow rider with a 4.3 MPI Merc
  8. Sounds like a bad IAC. Try switching the IAC's between engines and see if the problem follows the IAC.
  9. I boat in Sodus Bay / Lake Ontario and I had a 20’ boat and for my wife and I we do not Recommend anything smaller. We now have a large bow rider (28’) and we are a LOT happier. where in Lake Ontario are you?
  10. Check to make sure they have power and then look for a bad ground.
  11. You are correct only 2 banks w 3 batteries. Now when I did this 4 years ago I asked the question in this forum if I should go with a 2 bank or go with a 3 bank and have a charger for each battery and I got a lot of opinions. I finally called ProMainer Tech support and their answer was simple. A 2 bank would work but better way would be to go with a 3 bank and have a charger for each battery. At the time the cost difference was not that much so I went with the 3 bank.
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