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  1. ColdOne


    I had the same experience when I sold the last boat. I let the marina do it for me. What a joy!
  2. ColdOne

    Can I tow this....

    +1 Be cautious the first several times you tow to see how well you stop and take it from there.
  3. All. i have another Birthday this week and I have decided that I would like a nice pair of Bluetooth noise canceling headset. Something that I can take to the boat ( The Admiral HATES loud music) and also be able to cut the lawn with them. Anyone have any experience with these and what are you recommendations? Marty
  4. ColdOne

    Radio not coming on

    Pull the radio and check the fuse behind the radio.
  5. ColdOne

    What's your favorite dish on the water?

    Depends on the type of person you are. Are you a foodie or can u survive on cold cereal or sandwiches? If I’m gone for a weekend I want burgers, chicken, roasted corn etc
  6. ColdOne

    Fuse Replacement 2008 256ssx

    Also check for loose wires at the batteries
  7. ColdOne

    Fuse Replacement 2008 256ssx

    Try resetting the push button breakers under the steering wheel.
  8. ColdOne

    Uncle Chuck Schumer reponds to Ethanol

    Schumer Name MeaningGerman: unexplained. North German(Schümer): nickname from Middle Low German schumer 'good-for-nothing', 'vagabond'.
  9. All - sorry I have been AFK for the last week or so and the Forum stopped working on my cell. I need to figure that one out yet. Anyways I want to thank all of you for your comments / suggestions. When I received my Gen III filter for whatever reason I was sure I had a Gen II Cool Fuel assembly in my boat, I blame it on chemo brain. But after doing some research I verified I do have Gen III housing in my boat as TomnJo so astutely pointed out. The boat comes out of storage on the 23rd and I will be sure not to rely on my memory and will verify everything as I get ready to put her in the water as I don't want to mess anything up!
  10. When I ordered my replacement module this year on Amazon I merely went to recently purchased items and ordered what I bought last year or so I thought. Today I received my order and guess what I got a Gen III module instead of a Gen II. So my question is what is the difference and can I use the Gen III module in the Gen II housing?
  11. ColdOne

    My Tow Vehicle was DESTROYED! (Video and Photos)

    It looks like my cover which is a BakFlip. Mine is 9 years old and looks like new. I would absolutely recommend.
  12. ColdOne

    Towing a 274 sunesta

    I do tow my 276 SSX with my F-150 and have never had a problem going or pulling the boat out of the water. Plenty of power. The thing that scares the #$^% out of me is stopping. Normal stopping is not an issue as my trailer has disk brakes on both axels but I’m not confident that in a panic stop that I would be able to stop as the boat does “push” the truck around quite a bit. so I only tow to and from storage and to and from the marina at the beginning and end of the season. So all in I tow maybe 50 miles a year. My truck is rated 10,200 # GVWR the boat is 6,800# the trailer is another 2,500# and with gear, gas etc I’m all over the 10,200#.
  13. ColdOne

    Purchased 1st chaparral 226ssi

    Nice boat. Congratulations! I bought my first boat from Marks back in 2005 and found them very easy to deal with and I also got a good deal from them. Haven’t been back since but I would recommend them for the initial sale.
  14. +1 especially if your going to spend time on Lake Ontario. Would also look to negotiate a better price on a 9 year old boat..... even if it only has 90 hrs on it.
  15. ColdOne

    Is it May 1st ? Only cure for my Cabin Fever.

    Isn’t the government there to pass laws to protect stupid people from themselves? This should be brought to the attention of Trump, Pelosci and Schumer.... oh wait you can’t fix stupid. We are screwed!