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  1. Welcome! Enjoy the boat and visit here frequently for all kinds of info and opinions!
  2. I had great success selling thru my marina. Yes they took 10% but they advertised it, handled all the people that just wanted a boat ride, qualified buyers and in the end they handed me a check for more than what I originally wanted for the boat. Hassel free way to sell a boat in my opinion and I didn't have to deal with J.Q Public, no one knew my name, where I lived or my phone number.
  3. Thanks. I think she is beautiful ......but they do say beauty is in the eye of the beholder ..... Arney's in Sodus Bay
  4. I made a very difficult decision today, my boat is going back in storage tomorrow for a month or so. The water levels here on lake Ontario 28+ inches higher than they were a year ago and they are expected to rise another 3+ inches over the next 2 or 3 weeks and while my marina is still technically open as they have floating docks and I prepaid there are numerous reasons not to launch. Debris in the water, idle speeds on the bay, a foot of water in the parking lot, I don't want to cause any additional waves that homeowners need to deal with and I don't want my boat in the water at a dock that I can't easily get to. So I decided that the boat will be going back to storage for the next 4-5 weeks so my neighbors don't have to look at it which they already have done since April 15th. Who would have ever thought you could have to much water.
  5. TP - On my setup I have the flange in the locker ladder on the swim deck. I have a flange in the engine compartment that has the shortened table post and there is a flange on the bottom of the grill. I was going to go to the boat today but we are in the process of getting another 2" of rain so next time I go I will get pictures of how the whole setup looks.
  6. TP. I bought the boat with this done but I believe they took a aluminum table post cut the ends off and welded them together. I'll take some picks tomorrow so you can see what was done. Marty
  7. LMAO
  8. Well then.......I guess for the first time in my life I'm HUGE!!!!!!
  9. Haha good point! But I busted my a$$ early in the season to get everything done in the yard. So I'm in good shape!
  10. So I am ready to go but I'm holding off due to the lake levels in the Great Lakes as they are all way above average. Sodus Bay has an idle restriction and I believe Port / Irondequoit Bays are the same. The marina where I am docked has sandbags all around and the parking lot is underwater however the docks are fine as they are floating docks. So here is the question.... do I launch the boat to get it out of my driveway and idle out to the lake for my runs ......I'm thinking it will talk me 20 min to get to the lake. Or do I leave it in the driveway? The marina sates that this week the will be adding a foot or more of gravel to the parking lot so people can get to the docks / boats and that they will continue to add gravel as required as the lake levels are expected to continue rising for the next 6 weeks or so...... i know this is a silly question but does anyone have an opinion?
  11. I have a pdf manual for those gages that I found online some time ago. PM me and I will email it to you.
  12. I got mine today ........ and she is even wet as it is raining here....
  13. Auggie the fireboy is Halon system in the engine compartment...... if you have one you would have seen the canister
  14. I get mine on Saturday. After I replace the plugs and IAC it's off to the lake, hopefully next weekend.