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  1. ColdOne

    First Boat, First Car

    My 2nd car was a 63 Buick special. Great car, was not fast as it had a 231 V6 in it. The bottom of the car was painted with a brush flat black and the top was still the factory turquoise. Uuuuuglyyy! But the body was solid and it ran like a top! My first car was a ‘65 ragtop mustang with a slant 6 First boat was a 2000 Kayot 20’ bow rider with a 4.3 MPI Merc
  2. ColdOne

    Port engine stall/drive seize

    Sounds like a bad IAC. Try switching the IAC's between engines and see if the problem follows the IAC.
  3. ColdOne

    2005 180SSi on Lake Ontario

    I boat in Sodus Bay / Lake Ontario and I had a 20’ boat and for my wife and I we do not Recommend anything smaller. We now have a large bow rider (28’) and we are a LOT happier. where in Lake Ontario are you?
  4. ColdOne

    Multiple gauges not working

    Check to make sure they have power and then look for a bad ground.
  5. ColdOne

    Adding a third battery

    You are correct only 2 banks w 3 batteries. Now when I did this 4 years ago I asked the question in this forum if I should go with a 2 bank or go with a 3 bank and have a charger for each battery and I got a lot of opinions. I finally called ProMainer Tech support and their answer was simple. A 2 bank would work but better way would be to go with a 3 bank and have a charger for each battery. At the time the cost difference was not that much so I went with the 3 bank.
  6. ColdOne

    Adding a third battery

  7. ColdOne

    Adding a third battery

    Yep ! I did this 3 years ago and have not had an issue since I added a 3 bank charger and the 3 rd battery.
  8. ColdOne

    2001 180SSE

    First of all good luck with your project and welcome to the forum. The hose fitting that you are seeing is more than likely a fresh water flush port used for flushing your engine when you boat in salt water.
  9. ColdOne

    What have you "jerry-rigged"?

    Awesome !
  10. ColdOne

    Newbies, do you use your GPS to its fullest?

    @Hatem and @Iggy you are now “ignored users” It was either that or leave the forum.
  11. ColdOne

    Burnt Seating?

    Take the towel off and let the sunlight get at it for a couple of weeks and the pink will disappear. This has been discussed multiple times on different threads and what you have is a mold / bacteria that can only be removed with exposure to sunlight.
  12. ColdOne

    2013 Sunesta 264

    I have a 08 276 SSX w/ the 496 Mag 375 HP Merc and my WOT this year is 47mph @ 4400 rpm. I have plenty of power to do what I need to do.
  13. ColdOne

    Fuel economy 2003 Signature 320 with 350 Mag

    So I have seen a well hit golf ball go up, the wind caught it and blew it right back at my buddy in the middle of the fairway where it landed about 10 yards from where the ball was struck. The ball continued to roll backwards, right past my buddy and ended up 5 yards behind him. I was LMFAO Here is how it happened ..... the green was a good 40 ft above where we were in the fairway, we were at the 150 yard marker and there was a sustained 30-40 MPH wind coming right at us..... gusts were higher! My buddy hits a loooonggg ball so he was hitting a 9 iron to the green ..... and well I already told you how it ended up. true story
  14. ColdOne

    2010 Sunesta 244 Fresh water not pressurizing

    First thing I would check is the strainer located at the water pump as they are notorious for plugging.