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  1. For your canopy and canvass find a local shop that can make new ones for you and the steering wheel you could give Cecil Marine a try.
  2. We were through Letchworth/ Hornel /. Bath and Keuka lake several Sunday’s ago and foliage along the route was 50-70 %. Earlier this week we spent 3 days in the Berkshires in a 1760’s Inn and it was absolutely gorgeous!!!
  3. My 2nd car was a 63 Buick special. Great car, was not fast as it had a 231 V6 in it. The bottom of the car was painted with a brush flat black and the top was still the factory turquoise. Uuuuuglyyy! But the body was solid and it ran like a top! My first car was a ‘65 ragtop mustang with a slant 6 First boat was a 2000 Kayot 20’ bow rider with a 4.3 MPI Merc
  4. Sounds like a bad IAC. Try switching the IAC's between engines and see if the problem follows the IAC.
  5. I boat in Sodus Bay / Lake Ontario and I had a 20’ boat and for my wife and I we do not Recommend anything smaller. We now have a large bow rider (28’) and we are a LOT happier. where in Lake Ontario are you?
  6. Check to make sure they have power and then look for a bad ground.
  7. You are correct only 2 banks w 3 batteries. Now when I did this 4 years ago I asked the question in this forum if I should go with a 2 bank or go with a 3 bank and have a charger for each battery and I got a lot of opinions. I finally called ProMainer Tech support and their answer was simple. A 2 bank would work but better way would be to go with a 3 bank and have a charger for each battery. At the time the cost difference was not that much so I went with the 3 bank.
  8. Yep ! I did this 3 years ago and have not had an issue since I added a 3 bank charger and the 3 rd battery.
  9. ColdOne

    2001 180SSE

    First of all good luck with your project and welcome to the forum. The hose fitting that you are seeing is more than likely a fresh water flush port used for flushing your engine when you boat in salt water.
  10. @Hatem and @Iggy you are now “ignored users” It was either that or leave the forum.
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