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  1. ColdOne

    Purchased 1st chaparral 226ssi

    Nice boat. Congratulations! I bought my first boat from Marks back in 2005 and found them very easy to deal with and I also got a good deal from them. Haven’t been back since but I would recommend them for the initial sale.
  2. +1 especially if your going to spend time on Lake Ontario. Would also look to negotiate a better price on a 9 year old boat..... even if it only has 90 hrs on it.
  3. ColdOne

    Is it May 1st ? Only cure for my Cabin Fever.

    Isn’t the government there to pass laws to protect stupid people from themselves? This should be brought to the attention of Trump, Pelosci and Schumer.... oh wait you can’t fix stupid. We are screwed!
  4. ColdOne

    Indoor Storage Cost?

    I paid $280.00 for the season for my 276 on a trailer which is 33’ OAL. It is indoor storage w/ concrete floor. No heat or water.
  5. ColdOne

    What motor do you have in your 267 or 277?

    I have a 2008 276 SSX , today it would be a 287 SSX I believe and we have the 496 MAG in it and I have plenty of HP to pull a skier with 8 people in the boat.
  6. ColdOne

    Any upstate NY boaters here?

    Rochester NY
  7. ColdOne

    New H2O sport

    Looks like your a natural at this! Nice looking boat
  8. ColdOne

    Orange tint on seats

    The sun will take care of the orange tint. There have been several threads on this recently
  9. ColdOne

    radha krishna images for wallapers

    My thoughts exactly
  10. ColdOne

    Pumpout fitting

    At my marina it is free for members or if you fill your tank.
  11. I have always burned them in a campfire while saying the pledge of allegiance
  12. ColdOne

    Depth alarm

    I have a 2008 276 SSX w Smartcraft gages and my depth alarm drove me crazy even when set to 2 ft. Once I set it to 0ft all was good.
  13. ColdOne

    new boat

    Congratulations and welcome to the group.