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  1. On my 08 276 SSX that is where my trim tab controls are.
  2. As my grandfather always used to say “ you can’t fix stupid “ although he was usually talking about politicians.
  3. If you know that you don’t have the discipline to monitor your batteries. Why not just carry a jump box?
  4. Welcome to the forum, great story.
  5. Might try Joe at Cecil marine or an upholstery shop
  6. I went with Boat buckle Tie downs and love them
  7. I would change your drive oil every couple of years.
  8. Is it a Volvo or a Merc? My understanding is a torn bellows in a Merc can sink the boat, not so on a Volvo. I'm sure people will chime in if that is not true .....
  9. On mine access is from underneath. So I lay on the floor with my feet on the helm seat that gives me access to the switches. Then all you have to do is remove 2 -4 nuts and the switch panel will come out from the front.
  10. I had a 276 SSX (now a 297SSX I believe) on Lake Ontario and it was fine. Although never did anything bigger than 3 footers. I would think the 347 would do better .... but remember it is a open bow can take water in over the bow.
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