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  1. ColdOne

    Rode chain needed-How much

    I’ve always made my own, it’s easy to do at a fraction of the cost.
  2. ColdOne

    Idiot me....anchor line caught on prop

    Forgot the anchor was out once, took off and my SIL was sitting next to me decided to get herself a drink and got up at 45mph and as I started to give her #$^% for getting up at that speed the anchor popped out of the water and landed in the seat she was sitting in. Disaster averted
  3. ColdOne

    Looks like water in my lower unit oil

    @SST wasn’t there a story around you current flag pole that made it special to you? Don’t recall the specifics but I thought there was something.
  4. ColdOne

    Trailering Question

    I highly recommend BoatBuckle G2 tie down strap. Also take a look at the transom tie down straps also. https://www.wholesalemarine.com/boatbuckle-retractable-ratchet-bow-tie-down/?gclid=EAIaIQobChMIwpb6g_3A4wIVDNvACh0TEQcDEAQYCCABEgI9hvD_BwE
  5. ColdOne

    Just Joined!

    What did you buy?
  6. ColdOne

    Just Joined!

  7. ColdOne

    287 ssx leaning port side when anchored any thoughts

    I have a pair of house batteries on the port side and a starting battery on the starboard side. But I have a Merc and you have a Volvo.
  8. ColdOne

    Tachometer/Multiguage issue

    Bad ground wire?
  9. ColdOne

    287 ssx leaning port side when anchored any thoughts

    Like @Hatem I have basically the same boat and with a full tank of water I list to the port. I always assumed because when I was noticing it all people were in the water and it was because the wetbar, water tank and head were on the port side.
  10. ColdOne

    clamp-on towing mirrors

    I bought a pair several years ago and for the little bit of towing that I do they work just fine and do not vibrate. Also it takes less than a minute to install. The biggest problem was with the Admiral “helping” to adjust the passenger side mirror the first time I used them.
  11. ColdOne

    This is for Hatem

    Excellent! Is that the first time you had the opportunity to open her up like that?
  12. ColdOne

    This is for Hatem

    No I have the 496 Mag which I think is 375 HP also and yes the Eisenglass will slow you down due to the resistance. No bad for a MercCrapper
  13. ColdOne

    This is for Hatem

    I was out yesterday and it was glass so I opened her up and hit 44 MPH @ 4430 RPM but that was with all the Eisenglass up and a full tank of gas and water. In years past typically get 48-49 MPH out of her and once even 51 but I was running downhill I suspect.