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  1. ColdOne

    sink issues

    Have you checked the breaker? Have spiders clogged the strainer or impeller?
  2. ColdOne

    No beep or fuel pump

    Had the same thing this year and it was the 90 amp fuse at the starting post. Also the Fuse at the back of radio needed to be replaced.
  3. ColdOne

    Replacement Ignition Key - 2001 Sunesta

    Hatem - I had several spares made for my 276 SSX several years ago. I merely contacted a locksmith he identified the blank to be IHCO 1679. So I would take your key to a locksmith and see if they can match it up.
  4. ColdOne

    Help me make the right boat choice

    Beautiful! Well done
  5. ColdOne

    Wanted, Freshwater 276ssx

    Just sent you a PM. PM me back if interested.
  6. ColdOne

    Cockpit Table Replacement?

    Check out this thread. There was also another thread with teak tables but could not find it with the quick search I did.
  7. ColdOne

    Dash Gauge Back Lighting

    I have a 2008 276 SSX and the dimmer is located on the port side of the dash on the bottom
  8. ColdOne

    Should I install Trim tabs?

    Go for it as they will be the best investment for the boat that you will make.
  9. ColdOne

    All of you are in for it.

    Oh No!
  10. ColdOne

    New to Chaps

    Welcome and congratulations on the new to you Boat!
  11. ColdOne

    WOT on 8.2L Merc?

    My 496 MAG tops out @ about 4650 RPM.
  12. ColdOne


    I agree. Not enough drop to drain effectively therefore the get gunked up!
  13. Hatem - My jump box has enough power for both functions. just make sure your switches are on.
  14. Had the same thing this year and it was the 90 amp fuse at the starting post. Also the Fuse at the back of radio needed to be replaced.
  15. ColdOne

    Vibrating boat

    What engine / outdrive do u have?
  16. Hatem. Glad to see you are still around. As I recall you have a 276 SSX that’s just like mine. If that’s the case where your battery switches are you should have two lugs that you can hook a jump box up to and power than the hatch from there. Hope that helps and happy boating.
  17. ColdOne


    When pumping out have someone hold open the valve on the toilet to release the vacuum in the system.
  18. ColdOne

    refrigerator/ switches

    Outnumbered, i have a 276 SSXand the Isotherm refrigerator is DC only and I did add shore power w a triple bank charger and I love it! My setup is the shore power runs the charger and I added a second house battery in parallel that way when I leave the boat I leave the house battery switch on and the fridge stays cold. I’m sure there are people that wouldn’t do this but it works for me and if for some reason I loose power at the dock there is enough battery power to run the fridge for 4 days or so as the refrigerator only draws max 6 amph.
  19. ColdOne

    Wetbar sink drain plug chain attachment?

    It’s called Alcohol Abuse!!!!!!! does someone need to start attending meetings!
  20. ColdOne

    206 SSi

    You may have to pull the radio to find the in line fuse. Should be right there
  21. ColdOne

    Wetbar sink drain plug chain attachment?

    The lake gods are not going to be happy....
  22. ColdOne

    New boat is in the slip but boy do I need practice!

    I have found that is you replace the pole with someone holding a fender and then just place the fender between the boat and dock when a strike is immanent. .
  23. ColdOne

    How Fast Does Your Boat Go?

    So I took her out yesterday and reached 46.5 MPH (GPS) @ 4650 RPM. I have fresh bottom paint, about 77 gal gas, 10 gal water and full Isinglass windshield.
  24. ColdOne

    1/2" x 10' Navy blue dock line with loop?

    Just use a bic lighter to melt the nylon strands together at the cut
  25. ColdOne

    Merc 8.1 tach not reading

    Have you got Smart Craft gauges?