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  1. I hate spell checker.... Hatem
  2. Hated- very nice! I need one of those to tow my boat.
  3. They can be added ...... and I would definitely add them. There are many threads on this forum that discuss adding trim tabs.
  4. Hello All, I have a quick question while winterizing my 496 Mag w/ Corsa exhaust I noticed that there was a small flow of water was passing thru the Corsa even though the exhaust was off. Is this typical or do I need to replace some seals over the winter?
  5. That’s why I do my own. But yes sounds Just a little high for my area
  6. Mertzer- Good luck this weekend let us know how you make out. Also where do you boat out of? Irondequoit Bay ? The river? Sodus? Braddock Bay? I'm out of Sodus. what prop shop do you use and would you recommend them? Always looking for a good shop.
  7. What drive do you have? Most if not all drives will need to be filled from the bottom to purge air from the drive if the reservoir bottle was completely empty.
  8. I agree there are a LOT of people out there w/ little or no common sense!
  9. We are at Keuka lake with the family this week. Sure is nice to be able to run the boat this week! Been here since late Saturday and have logged about 10 hours and a tank of gas already.
  10. Last year my trim was very slow and after a lot of messing around I found the problem to be one of those cheap Chinese anodes on my outdrive had shifted and was rubbing against my strut. Replaced the anode and all was good.
  11. I just had the same thing.... algae in the filter. Follow the line from the water tank to the pump and the filter is located just before the pump.
  12. Congrats Badger! We made it!
  13. I would take it back to the dealer and have them take care of it.
  14. Never mind Cy has already answered that question
  15. I just talked with my old neighbor last night who was on his way home from the islands and he stated that most socks were still underwater. Maybe Cy can confirm as if that is the case if so dock space may not be available.
  16. I'm retiring July 21st!
  17. Iggy - what you are describing in your setup is the way it should be done ... 30 amp supply to a 30 amp main with 15 amp breakers and yes I also agree that the pigtails that plug into a 30 amp socket and then go to a normal house hold outlet that you can plug a extension cord into is an accident waiting to happen which is what I think Chap243 was asking.
  18. Is what you are asking is it OK use a 110V 30A connection to charge my 100V 15 Amp charger. If that is the question my answer would be no.
  19. Ugh. I'm with Cy on this one. Enough rain.
  20. Have you tried Interstate Plastics?
  21. Well I finally decided to get the boat out of storage and put her at the slip that I paid for in February but with all the high water here that means she will be a slip queen and I will become a dock troll...... this year. Oh sure I know I'll take the boat out at idle speed and I'm sure I'll be a nervous wreck looking for those submerged items just below the surface but at least she will be in the water and I will be able to visit. ......and of course @ 5:00 it's Happy Hour at our dock! .....for some reason my dock likes to wait until 5:00.......but for the same reason my checklist has always been for launching: take the cover off grab a Cold One Disconnect shore power Turn on battery switches turn the blower on Stow Gear Start the engine Get the music going grab a Cold One Get a cigar Untie Go This year my I have a feeling my check list is going to look like this take the cover off grab a Cold One Stow Gear Get the music going grab a Cold One Get a cigar Relax Visit with the other Dock Trolls grab a Cold One .....and another .....and another.... Another cigar ???? Can anyone think of items I am missing in my altered check list? Do you think I will fit in at the dock if I'll be spending more time there?
  22. No problem at all as I am staying put until things clear up a bit!
  23. Yes and no. As Richard stated it is dangerous out the and if you go out you must be safe. Case and point when I was down there today there was a 6' picnic table table that the people from the marina were working on getting out of the water. Needless to say I did not go out today.
  24. Upstate NY weather has not been the best and to top it off the bays and lakes by me are 2 1/2 ' above flood level so idle speeds have been implemented.
  25. I would also do an outdrive service. Bellows and check the gimbal bearing.