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  1. LOL, I even asked the dealer to call me so I could go watch. I am completely unfamiliar with the Rotax Jet Engines. Rotax's website is scant on information. These have closed loop cooling so no outside water corrodes the engine (no info on that either). I suppose I could wing it but I don't like winging it on a 70k boat.
  2. It is really hard finding information on these engines. I'd like to conduct basic maintenance on the boat engines myself but the information is lacking. There hasn't even been a YouTube video yet of changing oil. At $350 per oil change at the dealer that would save some $$$. Also, after I paid my dealer his $350, he didn't know how to clear the change oil warning and I can't find it either.
  3. I'd like to see sub categories by Vessel. (Sunseta, Vortex, etc..., etc...) so users can better help each other's concerns to a more specific point. For example, I just bought a 2016 Votex 243 VRX and the manuals that came with the vessel are scant at best. The Medallion Viper system isn't receiving GPS signal but the card is correct and updated. Sat radio isn't working either. Vessel owners like detail. I'd like to see great detail in the Rotex engines and power systems. I.E. I have two accessory switches but no schematic for the power system. And since this is a high tech system integrated system, I wouldn't want to connect something wrong. Heck, I have two bars in the Chaparral Bag with connections on them without a clue of what they are for. I figured the Chaparral website would allow greater detail downloads of pdfs but all I find is next to nothing and last years model.
  4. No need but it's ok if you want. You just follow the channel out of Biloxi and you will almost hit Horn Island (Literally). The channel comes with in 30 feet or so of Horn Island. To get to ship island, just head due West from Horn Island. You'll see it almost immediately. NOTE: I'd suggest a chart plotter if you're going South of those Islands. If not, just stay in the channel coming back and boom. Trying from Pontchatrain, I'd do the Island hop from Cat Island to Ship Island to Horn Island all while staying North of those Islands. There is a bouy system you can follow out of Pontchatrain over to Pascagoula that is just North of the Islands. If your boat is fast and the seas calm it'd be a quick trip. Just take a look at a chart and you'll see it. So it's possible to dead reckon the route but I'd throw in some way points on a gps off of the Charts and make it easier just in case. If seas do turn bad tho on your journey, a West to East route sucks on a small boat. I'd turn into either Bay St Louis / Gulfport / Biloxi to take shelter.
  5. Just bought a Vortex 243 VRX tricked out. Of coarse, I had to get it broke in for 7 hours or so... First it's freakin' fast and turns on a dime. Its 'Fly by Wire' tech and engine control through the Medallion integrated systems works well and has a low learning curve. We had a 2-3 foot chop and well, it will stay on top of the waves. Slowing down will create that normal rock and roll motion with that type of chop. Our main purpose is for the kids and to quickly run out to the sound islands on calm days. They are 12 miles offshore or about a 15 min ride on the 500 hp VRX. Since you said you like wakeboarding/surfing/skiing. The medallion comes with a ski mode and ramp up selection to fit unto 5 skiers styles and likes. If you add the ASP Wakesurfing you get a really nice wave off the back of the boat. Plus it comes with integrated ballasting system onboard so you can control the ballast from the helm. IMO, it's a top of the line sport boat / deck boat combo. But you pay for it too...
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