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  1. MasterT

    23 H2O ski and fish

    23 H2O is there now http://www.chaparralboats.com/Chaparral-Boat.php?id=442&action=tab_highlights&country=226
  2. MasterT

    H2O 19 200 hp or H2O 21 250 hp can't decide?

    23? Where do you get those?
  3. MasterT

    CRAParral Never buy!

    There must've something gone wrong with your boat during assembly, as I cant otherwise guess any other reason for so many issues. Mine 2017 21 H2O Sport has been very reliable and solid, no major issues going on third year. The only issues I had were the bilge pump locking up because of debris lest in bilge and the trim gauge - both promptly fixed by the dealer. I wish you prompt successful resolution to the issues
  4. MasterT

    2016 Chaparral H20 Interior Issues

    Mine 2016 H2O is used much more frequent than yours with all kinds of groups - mature adults, youngsters, babies - drinking and eating all kinds of foods and drinks, and some of it gets spilled and dropped, but I cant say that I've noticed any discoloration spots on any vinyl coverings. I dont really "babying" the boat, I give it a good rinse after every use, flush the engine with salt-off, and always use the cover (stored on a boat lift). Once a year, before each summer, I treat all vinyl with Star brite Ultimate Vinyl Guard Protectant with PTEF. All vinyl looks pristine so far. Could your spots be from spilled wine? Do you use any cleaning solutions to clean your seats?
  5. MasterT

    My additions to 21 H2O (Pictures Corrected)

    Yeah, I still visit from time to time. The dynamat is holding up pretty well providing excellent insulation. The width of the dynamat is just about the width of the cooler (if i remember correctly, slightly wider). So, for the first layer, I brought the mat from the engine compartment under the cooler to the front side (sticky side to the cooler). Cut it so the mat covers from the top of the back to the top of the front wall of the cooler. Once it was in place, I peeled the protective film to expose the sticky side of the dynamat so it adhered to the factory installed "insulation" foam. This layer covered the back, bottom, and front of the cooler. I think I was also able to cover sides, but just a few inches by folding the bottom plane up. Obviously, this would have not lasted long as the dynamat does not stick well to foam factory insulation. For the second layer, I cut the dynamat so it just an inch or two taller than the cooler and wrapped the vertical walls the entire cooler. This second layer secured the first and kept in place the "wings" of the bottom layer that I used to cover sides. I finished the installation by wrapping the entire contraption with bunch of aluminum foil tape. This job requires removal of the bulkheads from each side of the cooler - the starboard panels that you see in each storage compartment under the seats. The removal and re-installation of the panels was easy, just a few screws. Once the panels are removed, the whole job is pretty easy. It's going to be 2 years soon and my insulation still stays put.
  6. MasterT

    Potential 21 H20 Sport purchase ??

    Mine 2017 21 H2O (purchased in 2016) has Volvo 240 (non catalyst) and it's plenty with even the OEM aluminum prop - pulls anyone up on the wakeboard with 6 people in the boat. It's a good overall boat. The only issues I've had with it using all year round - the horn went out, the trim gauge stopped working, and replaced bilge pump - all done in the first few months after the purchase, under warranty. What I started noticing this year is that the swim platform mat is beginning to peel from the platform - not everywhere, but in a few corners. I'm planning to use 3M 77 to glue it back down in those corners. Originally, I've ordered the upgraded Clarion Stereo System with Bluetooth and Transom Stereo Remote and it's just OK, not great. The Bluetooth on that Clarion constantly periodically disconnects from the source (tried numerous phones: Motorola, Pixel, iPhones, Samsung) which is very annoying. I'm upgrading the whole thing now and adding tower speakers. I have Snap-In Cockpit Carpet and cold not be happier about that option - feels great, looks great, easy to clean (when needed). I wash down the boat after every use, including carpet, and it's just as new today.
  7. I bought my boat from Intermarine in Fort Lauderdale last year and want to share my experience with them. My buying experience was a pleasure - very informative sales, no pressure, answered all my questions, showed me all options. Just a breeze. More importantly, I had to bring my boat in for the first 2 services - and that experience was just as positive. They always have availability (just a few days wait during busy season), their service department is top notch. Don't just buy a boat - buy a dealer, and I'm glad I picked Intermarine. So, if anyone is looking to buy or service their boat in Fort Lauderdale or Miami area - you can't go wrong with Intermarine, I highly recommend them. P.S. - they did not ask me post this, I just did a service with them and was blown away by their service department. Even though I bought one of the cheaper boats they offer, they treat me like royalty every time I come in or call. Super good service.
  8. MasterT

    225 SSI - Dual Battery Install

    Just found out about a charger that could charge different types of chemistries at the same time and cost pretty reasonably: http://www.minnkotamotors.com/Battery-Chargers/On-Board-Chargers/Precision-Chargers/
  9. MasterT

    225 SSI - Dual Battery Install

    Yare correct that the charger will distribute the voltage based on the battery charging state BUT it will push that voltage BASED ON A CHARGING PROFILE which is different for AGM and flooded. That charger you have has only one profile selector - and that profile applies to both banks. I also think that you have a wrong charger - it's too weak. A charger with separate charging profile for each bank will run you over $700 easy.
  10. MasterT

    Summer is nearly here...

    Fire Ants? What's that? Anyway, got to go prep for fishing tomorrow. You, gents, have fun
  11. MasterT

    Summer is nearly here...

    Winters? What's that?
  12. MasterT

    Update on my 2012 H20 19 Sport vinyl issue...

    Not true!!! I love my H2O too - exactly what I need and no problems with it thus far, although short ownership though- only 1 season. I could've gotten a cruiser or a bigger boat but we never take multi day trips, and never will - H2O is perfect for what we need.
  13. MasterT

    Hurricane Prep

    Miami area was spared with pretty much nothing substantial - some wind, some rain.
  14. MasterT


    Sometimes LMGTFY is appropriate but not this time. Let me ask you @newboat2016 please point me to a link from your LMGTFY result "about where I can read the test results and sea trials of the 350 Series" (the one review from 2001 does not count - 15 years old!)? LMGTFY is a snobby way to show someone to use common sense and basic skills or a brilliant way to demonstrate that you lack the same if used inappropriately.
  15. MasterT

    Lets Talk Financing

    As with anything, nothing wrong with financing a boat if it makes financial sense. If you really cant afford it and need a loan with a monthly payment low enough in order to fit your budget, then, maybe, you need to re-evaluate and get something more affordable. If you're looking at a loan because it makes financial sense - why not?