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  1. I bought my boat from Intermarine in Fort Lauderdale last year and want to share my experience with them. My buying experience was a pleasure - very informative sales, no pressure, answered all my questions, showed me all options. Just a breeze. More importantly, I had to bring my boat in for the first 2 services - and that experience was just as positive. They always have availability (just a few days wait during busy season), their service department is top notch. Don't just buy a boat - buy a dealer, and I'm glad I picked Intermarine. So, if anyone is looking to buy or service their boat in Fort Lauderdale or Miami area - you can't go wrong with Intermarine, I highly recommend them. P.S. - they did not ask me post this, I just did a service with them and was blown away by their service department. Even though I bought one of the cheaper boats they offer, they treat me like royalty every time I come in or call. Super good service.
  2. Just found out about a charger that could charge different types of chemistries at the same time and cost pretty reasonably:
  3. Yare correct that the charger will distribute the voltage based on the battery charging state BUT it will push that voltage BASED ON A CHARGING PROFILE which is different for AGM and flooded. That charger you have has only one profile selector - and that profile applies to both banks. I also think that you have a wrong charger - it's too weak. A charger with separate charging profile for each bank will run you over $700 easy.
  4. Fire Ants? What's that? Anyway, got to go prep for fishing tomorrow. You, gents, have fun
  5. Winters? What's that?
  6. Not true!!! I love my H2O too - exactly what I need and no problems with it thus far, although short ownership though- only 1 season. I could've gotten a cruiser or a bigger boat but we never take multi day trips, and never will - H2O is perfect for what we need.
  7. Miami area was spared with pretty much nothing substantial - some wind, some rain.
  8. Sometimes LMGTFY is appropriate but not this time. Let me ask you @newboat2016 please point me to a link from your LMGTFY result "about where I can read the test results and sea trials of the 350 Series" (the one review from 2001 does not count - 15 years old!)? LMGTFY is a snobby way to show someone to use common sense and basic skills or a brilliant way to demonstrate that you lack the same if used inappropriately.
  9. As with anything, nothing wrong with financing a boat if it makes financial sense. If you really cant afford it and need a loan with a monthly payment low enough in order to fit your budget, then, maybe, you need to re-evaluate and get something more affordable. If you're looking at a loan because it makes financial sense - why not?
  10. Yeah, the OB model is already up on their website
  11. Yeah, the cooler sux but it's fixable. Here is the post from my other thread
  12. Oh, thanks for pointing that out. Drewm3i must have an account on another "truth" forum from which I was sharing the pic and he was able to see them Should be fixed now
  13. Sure, that's why I ran a new wire sized for the load and distance. I'm not sure what you mean by "Just be sure the volt gauge isn't a part of that circuit as it draws much more amperage and needs proper protection." can you elaborate please?
  14. I have 2017 21 H2O and very happy with it. I'm sure you'll hear from others that H2O is an "entry level boat" - and it is - but if it fits your needs, go for it. For me, "entry level" is just perfect: it does have everything I need and nothing I don't. My recommendations would be: Get the bigger engine you can afford as you will be stuck with it. As @newboat2016 said, no one ever complainted about their engine being too big but many complain of it being not big enough. Go without Catalyst Dont choose Premium Sound Upgrade - it's not an upgrade and it's not premium. Upgrade aftermarket if you desire later. I love snap-in carpet but it's for you decide if you want the chore of maintaining it Deluxe package is worth it But before planking your money down, you got to make sure you have a reputable and honest dealer to sell you this boat and maintain it later (warranty and post). There will be some issues with the boat and if you dont have a good dealer, you'll be sorry you bought it.