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  1. They dont offer that service
  2. $450 to haul out, block, put back in the water $30 waste fee $20 per day
  3. This weekend I want to take my 21 H2O out for a day to clean, polish, and wax and was wondering if there is anyone who can lend me a trailer for a day (for a reasonable compensation, of course). I'm located in North Miami Beach by Haulover marina. Anyone? The only place I found for boat trailer rental in Miami area is in Homestead (Camp Out Inc.) and they have reasonable prices, but it's over an hour drive for me and they open only at 10 on Sat - by the time i get the trailer, bring it to NMB, take the boat out, polish and wax - they will be closed at 5. I was hoping to find something for just a day
  4. MasterT

    Broken flip-up bolster replacement

    #%^$&%$... the bolster part is 418 deer.... ouch. I guess it's time to really look into taking the vinyl off of that bolster
  5. MasterT

    Broken flip-up bolster replacement

    Yeah, I did all that and the vinyl on that bolster is stapled into the plastic frame, that's where I hesitated to remove it as I wasnt sure how I would put it back on. Was really hoping I could just find and buy the hole bolster piece
  6. MasterT

    Broken flip-up bolster replacement

    That's a stock photo from Chaparral site, but the seats on my 18 21 H2O are the same.
  7. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can fix a broken flip-up bolster on one of my seats? The bolster is still in place but the inside structure is broken right in the middle and sags when seated on in the up position. It looks like the bolster can be removed from the seat, but I'm not sure. Has anyone replaced one? Any suggestions welcomed.
  8. MasterT

    Volvo Penta part 22336543

    Unbelievable! Called over 50 authorized places in USA and Europe - no one has the #%^$&%$ freaking hose! Volvo does not have ETA on availability either. My dealer, where the boat is being repaired, won't mount any non-factory hoses.
  9. MasterT

    Volvo Penta part 22336543

    Contacted that seller earlier in the week, today got email that they dont have it and kept the listing up by error.
  10. MasterT

    Volvo Penta part 22336543

    Hello, does anyone know where I can get Volvo Penta part 22336543? My dealer has been waiting for this part for over a month and still no ETA in sight Any suggestions appreciated.
  11. MasterT

    H20 Wake Tower Speakers ??

    I've upgraded most of electronics on my H2O: added a house battery, on board charger, ACR for batteries separation/joining for charging, dual battery switch with management panel, installed fused power distribution blocks in port and starboard, and upgraded all of audio. Audio upgrade was for having music while hanging out behind the boat, not for projecting for wakeboarding (for that I would've went with different tower speakers from Wet Sound). I've upgraded the head unit to JL MM100S with transom remote, front speakers to JL MX6500CCX, cabin speakers to JL M770CCX, installed JL M800/8 amp and M770ETX tower speakers, upgraded all wires to 12 AWG marine tint wire. I've mounted my tower speakers on the outside of the tower to avoid head banging on them as inside space is limited. Each tower speaker is bridget to two amp channels, bow and cabin are single channel. The head unit and cabin speakers required slight mounting hole expansion, which I did with a dremel tool, the amp is mounted high on the wall in front of passenger seat under the glove storage and not visible from a nywhere on the boat while still allows access to it for adjustments if necessary. Wiring was not hard, just time consuming. I run tower speaker wire to the base of each tower, then thread them through the existing holes in tower base, and then fished them out through holes I drilled with step bit where the speakers are going to be. Not hard, just time consuming. Overall, I'm pretty pleased with this setup - it pretty loud, good sound, good enough base for me for now (I could add a sub with dedicated amp later)
  12. MasterT

    23 H2O ski and fish

    23 H2O is there now http://www.chaparralboats.com/Chaparral-Boat.php?id=442&action=tab_highlights&country=226
  13. MasterT

    H2O 19 200 hp or H2O 21 250 hp can't decide?

    23? Where do you get those?
  14. MasterT

    CRAParral Never buy!

    There must've something gone wrong with your boat during assembly, as I cant otherwise guess any other reason for so many issues. Mine 2017 21 H2O Sport has been very reliable and solid, no major issues going on third year. The only issues I had were the bilge pump locking up because of debris lest in bilge and the trim gauge - both promptly fixed by the dealer. I wish you prompt successful resolution to the issues
  15. MasterT

    2016 Chaparral H20 Interior Issues

    Mine 2016 H2O is used much more frequent than yours with all kinds of groups - mature adults, youngsters, babies - drinking and eating all kinds of foods and drinks, and some of it gets spilled and dropped, but I cant say that I've noticed any discoloration spots on any vinyl coverings. I dont really "babying" the boat, I give it a good rinse after every use, flush the engine with salt-off, and always use the cover (stored on a boat lift). Once a year, before each summer, I treat all vinyl with Star brite Ultimate Vinyl Guard Protectant with PTEF. All vinyl looks pristine so far. Could your spots be from spilled wine? Do you use any cleaning solutions to clean your seats?