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  1. Going from aluminum to ss and 3 to 4 blades will definitely improve waterspouts handling. I wakeboard a lot on my 2017 H2O Sports 21' and by going to PowerTech SFS4 17 pitch stainless steel prop I gained a lot stability pulling and quicker hole shot - I can easily pull 2 wakeboarders out with 4 people in the boat, full tank, and about 1000lb ballast. Also, as expected, I lost some speed from the top end, but it was only 3-4 mph. I would highly recommend SFS4 - they make them in 17-23 pitch, just need to get one suited for your engine and gear ratio. I run SFS4 17 on Volvo Penta v6 240 with SX-
  2. is it similar to this thread?
  3. I have 2017 H2O but think they should be pretty similar. I too have an issue with water intrusion, here is why. On my boat, there is a drain hole on port side by the anchor compartment (at least that's what I think it was supposed to be for) but that thru hull drain is not plumbed to the anchor compartment - dont know why. That drain hole is above water line by a few inches. So, when I travel idle with people in bow, or slow speed, the wake gets high enough so the "anchor" drain hole is covered by the wake causing it to "scoop" water in, which, then, just flows to the bilge. Check if that
  4. I have 18 H2O sport 21 and when I installed tower speakers I used tower mounts for 1.9" diameter that fit perfectly, yours might be the same
  5. $450 to haul out, block, put back in the water $30 waste fee $20 per day
  6. This weekend I want to take my 21 H2O out for a day to clean, polish, and wax and was wondering if there is anyone who can lend me a trailer for a day (for a reasonable compensation, of course). I'm located in North Miami Beach by Haulover marina. Anyone? The only place I found for boat trailer rental in Miami area is in Homestead (Camp Out Inc.) and they have reasonable prices, but it's over an hour drive for me and they open only at 10 on Sat - by the time i get the trailer, bring it to NMB, take the boat out, polish and wax - they will be closed at 5. I was hoping to find something fo
  7. #%^$&%$... the bolster part is 418 deer.... ouch. I guess it's time to really look into taking the vinyl off of that bolster
  8. Yeah, I did all that and the vinyl on that bolster is stapled into the plastic frame, that's where I hesitated to remove it as I wasnt sure how I would put it back on. Was really hoping I could just find and buy the hole bolster piece
  9. That's a stock photo from Chaparral site, but the seats on my 18 21 H2O are the same.
  10. Does anyone have any suggestions how I can fix a broken flip-up bolster on one of my seats? The bolster is still in place but the inside structure is broken right in the middle and sags when seated on in the up position. It looks like the bolster can be removed from the seat, but I'm not sure. Has anyone replaced one? Any suggestions welcomed.
  11. Unbelievable! Called over 50 authorized places in USA and Europe - no one has the #%^$&%$ freaking hose! Volvo does not have ETA on availability either. My dealer, where the boat is being repaired, won't mount any non-factory hoses.
  12. Contacted that seller earlier in the week, today got email that they dont have it and kept the listing up by error.
  13. Hello, does anyone know where I can get Volvo Penta part 22336543? My dealer has been waiting for this part for over a month and still no ETA in sight Any suggestions appreciated.
  14. I've upgraded most of electronics on my H2O: added a house battery, on board charger, ACR for batteries separation/joining for charging, dual battery switch with management panel, installed fused power distribution blocks in port and starboard, and upgraded all of audio. Audio upgrade was for having music while hanging out behind the boat, not for projecting for wakeboarding (for that I would've went with different tower speakers from Wet Sound). I've upgraded the head unit to JL MM100S with transom remote, front speakers to JL MX6500CCX, cabin speakers to JL M770CCX, installed JL M800/8
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