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  1. Stocksick55

    Mercrusier 496 air pump

    I have the single bolt clip.
  2. Stocksick55

    Mercrusier 496 air pump

    Do you recommend pulling both sets of wires through together or one at a time? Thanks again for all your help!
  3. Stocksick55

    Mercrusier 496 air pump

    Looks like I may need this one https://nuwavemarine.com/oem-quicksilver-mercury-trim-sender-kit-8m0107462/
  4. Stocksick55

    Mercrusier 496 air pump

    I do not have a smart craft gauge. I have the analog cluster. Will the retro fit still work?
  5. Stocksick55

    Mercrusier 496 air pump

    I do have the three wire sender with a flat cover on the port side. What is the part number for the retrofit kit? I looked online and I found 8M0095310. It looks like I still need to pull the new wires through and connect the 3 wire plug? My gear lube reservoir tube seems fine. I cut the tube just before the drive and new gear lube ran out the boat side and just a bit of used oil ran out the drive side. No luck with the air pump lines. I couldn't find a leak. I disconnected and reconnected all of them. I can feel the pistons on the water pump and distribution block going up and down. Are they supposed to stay open? I don't use this system to winterize. I run antifreeze, I just don't like things to be broken.
  6. Stocksick55

    Mercrusier 496 air pump

    Great info Wingnut! Thanks! I’ll take a look at my trim pucks tonight and also check for air leaks on the air pump system. I flipped that bushing two years ago after seeing one of your other post. What a difference! I was also going to pull the drive to check my drive oil resivior tube. I think it may be pinched. I never loose any and I can’t get the oil pumped up to it after an oil change. Do I need a new gasket to reinstall the drive?
  7. Stocksick55

    Mercrusier 496 air pump

    I have the air pump drain system. I can't get enough pressure to build up to make the green pegs pop out. Some water comes out but it doesn't seem like enough. I sucked up enough sand a few weeks ago to clog the starboard manifold. I got an alarm and my temp was just over 175 on the gauge. Normally the temp stays below 175. I shut it down and got towed back. I replaced the impeller thinking it would be destroyed but it still looked really good for being 3 years old. I pulled all fresh water hoses and flushed. Boat runs great. 6.5 Psi water pressure at 1,000rpm. I've put 7 hours on it since the incident. I'm not sure why the drain doesn't work now? I'll also be pulling the drive this winter to replace the trim sender and limit switch. Any tips? looks fairly easy. Do I need gasket for a Bravo 3? 2006 256SSi 496 B3
  8. Stocksick55

    Raw water pressure gauge

    Reading 3 psi in the water. The previous owner replaced the heat exchanger. It froze and cracked because it wasn't winterized on time. Could the freeze have had any other effects? I don't have any water leaks and the boat seems to perform great.
  9. Stocksick55

    Raw water pressure gauge

    I have done this mod twice now. First on a Merc 5.0 MPI/ Alpha1 and now on the new to me boat. 2006 256 SSI with a Merc 8.1/bravo 3. I thought it was 1/8npt on the power steering cooler. I'm only seeing 3psi at 1000rpm. I remember Wingnut posting 6psi. I installed a new impeller this spring. The brass housing had very slight grooving. I guess I'll be looking into a housing fix next year. I've taken multiple long cruises since the impeller install and don't have any overheating issues. Thanks for sharing. I sent you a Pm a few years back.
  10. Stocksick55

    Help. Impeller change 496 with B3 Air Hoses

    I broke one this spring. The fitting was very brittle. Reassembled the pump and went boating without the air line connected (Per Wingnut. Thanks!). I ordered OEM Merc fittings on Ebay. The ones I got must be an updated design. The neck where mine broke has a double lip. I had to unbolt the pump and drop it down to install the lower fitting.
  11. Stocksick55

    Merc 496 B3 Sea water pump air fittings

    Thanks for the quick reply Wingnut! I was able to go boating for the first time this year. I thought water would leak out of the air line port. I tried the 1/8 NPT fitting and it did not fit. Must be metric. I'll check the local machine shop this week to see if they have one that fits. If they don't have them I'll order the OEM plastic ones. I'm not as worried about them breaking again since the boat ran fine all day with both lines disconnected.
  12. I was replacing the impeller and the top air fitting (gray) broke. It was very brittle and not much pressure was applied to remove the hose. It snapped at the base where it swivels.The orange fitting also looks dry and brittle. I have seen stainless steel fitting like this before. Anyone make the switch? Looks like a NPT fitting. The procedure was much easier than expected. 2006 256SSI