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  1. dbf-boater

    New Bimini ordered.

    I got one last year from them. Fit perfect and easy to install.
  2. dbf-boater

    2007 Signature 250 Trailer Help

    Thanks Brick. I have been doing lots of research on my Excursion. Using the Ford Truck forum to get input on what mods I can make to improve it's towing. I was going to ship the boat but decided to buy the trailer and vehicle here since I plan on towing it around when I get back to Seattle. I visited Charleston Trailer yesterday. They build a custom trailer for your boat. Aluminum with all stainless hardware. I was impressed with their product. I am thinking a tandem would be fine for my boat.
  3. dbf-boater

    2007 Signature 250 Trailer Help

    I bought my 2007 Chap Signature 250 last summer. I love the boat. It came without a trailer and now I am starting to research trailers. I will be towing it from Charleston to Seattle next year and decided to tow it myself rather than having it shipped. I just purchased a 2004 Ford Excursion and will be getting it ready to head west next year. Now I need some input on the right trailer. I'm guessing my boat is between 7500 and 8000 lbs. It has the Arch, the upgraded rear seat lounger, a generator and AC. Thoughts? I'm also curious if anyone has the same boat (or close) what type of trailer they have and how it's working out for them. I've been reading up on bunk vs. roller. Any input would be appreciated.
  4. dbf-boater

    Generator won't stay running

    I just purchased a 2007 Chap 250 and the surveyor found the same problem. The broker told me that sometimes if the gas tank is lower than a 1/3 or something like that the generator will cut out. He put some gas in and it started right up. It was working fine when I did my sea trial. This kind of begs the question of being able to use the generator when the tank is below a certain point. I get the boat on Monday so I'll have to get some experience with it to learn more.
  5. dbf-boater

    2007 Chap 250 Signature Questions

    Thanks TexasPilot for the info. I agree it doesn't make sense. I have looked at the brochures and that's why I was asking. I just put in an offer on the boat so we will see. It's a 2007 with the arch and a generator so it may weigh the same as what the 2008 brochures when all done. :-) I'm hoping this all works out and I'll be the new owner of a Chap 250. I love the looks of the boat and layout.
  6. dbf-boater

    2007 Chap 250 Signature Questions

    Hello, I'm new here and I am in the process of looking for a boat. I looked at a 2007 Chaparral 250 Signature over the weekend and I am probably going to make an offer on it. I have a few question. I have noticed that the 2007 250 is over 1000 lbs lighter than the 2008. I am curious about the extra weight in 2008. I see the water tank is larger but there must be other reasons for the weight gain. Anybody know? I will probably need to add a Fire Suppression System to the boat to be able to store it in a dry stack facility. Any estimates on the cost of putting one in? Any general comments on the 2007 Sig 250? I may have more questions but I'll start there. Thanks, Dave