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  1. wolfgang

    Fresh water pump not turing off automatically

    Looks like I will be replacing the pump. I remember reading some where that the power of the pump should be proportional to the number of faucet out lets. My boat has 4, 2 sinks, 1 shower in the head and 1 shower on the swim platform. The pump that came with the boat is rated 3 GPH. Should I upgrade it to 4 GPH ? I don't want to apply to high a pressure than the fixtures are built for. Is it safe to assume 3 or 4 GPH should not make any difference ? Thanks Mike
  2. wolfgang

    Fresh water pump not turing off automatically

    Did that already. But while there does not appear to be a leak; preventing pressure from building up, I need to check again the next time I am at the boat.
  3. I have a 2007 Chaparral Signature cruiser. The original freshwater pump has been having low water pressure. It now does not turn off automatically; I have to manually turn of the pressure switch. Since this pump is 10 years old, would it be better to just replace it with a new one than trouble shoot it? If replacement is the route, do I have to get the exact same OEM pump? Can I upgrade the pump to a higher one? It is easy to replace the pump? Appreciate your thoughts.
  4. wolfgang

    Night Vision

    Newbie with one season under his belt is looking for toys While I am still not good enough for night sailing, I am having my boat taken out for major work this winter; so I'm thinking of having a night vision system installed while the boat is in the shop for more than a month. Having my 2 XDP out drives swapped out for OceanX. Anyone interested in buying my XDP outdrives real cheap; for parts ? It works fine, just that I want new drives and don't want to wait till no one will fix them anymore. Any suggestions for a night vision for a 2007 Chap Sig 310 with Raymarine C80 ? Budget is up to $5k for parts. Plan to use in Potomac River / Chesapeake Bay.
  5. wolfgang

    Chilton for Chap boats ?

    Yep, I do have the OEM manuals for the engines and generator. I am looking for something that ties all the other stuff together.
  6. wolfgang

    Chilton for Chap boats ?

    I love to tinker with my car using Chilton. Is there the equivalent of a Chilton for Chaparral boats ?
  7. wolfgang

    Ideal crusing speed for 310 Chap Sig

    Can deal with all items mentioned and will minimize. But I need more than one trophy woman !
  8. I recently bought my 310 Chap Sig with 5.0 engines. I found out the expensive way that cruising at full throttle can really drain the gas tank. What do you experienced folks suggest for cruising speed ? 25 mph ? I was about 35 mph, 4000 rpm and used up 50gallons in no time
  9. wolfgang

    Towing tube from stern cleats

    I have a 310 Chaparral Sig. I know cruisers are not build to tow skiers but can I tow a tube attached to the cleats on the stern ? Or it is a bad idea to be towing anything from cleats ?
  10. wolfgang

    Head ceiling light bulb change

    The ceiling light bulb in my Head needs has gone bad. I don't seem to be able to unscrew the fixture, by hand. Before I resort to more brute force,like piers ,etc I though I ask if there is a trick to changing these bulbs. I have a 2007 310 Signature. The ceiling bulbs appear to be LEDs, it this so ? Thanks for any tips.
  11. wolfgang

    Bow Thrusters

    I am having great difficulty docking my 2007 310 Sig with it's 10'6" beam in my 12' wide slip. I winds around my marina seem to never ease up in summers afternoons. Always had someone much more experienced dock the boat. With technology changes since this treat on bow trusters was started, any owners of Sig retro fitted a bow truster to their boat ? Are there now more options like different types of bow thrusters ?
  12. wolfgang

    Canvas clip

    The clips that ties my camper canvas to the stern keeps breaking, Cheap plastic does not last too long in the sun. Does anyone know where I need to go to buy more of these clips ? Is there a better clip to use that does the same ?
  13. wolfgang

    Sea water in aft storage on starboard side

    The other side of this is the engine room. On that side, I only see a silver aluminum foil like panel. Might these plastic, etc been stuffed in to help prevent fumes from getting into the cabin area ? Or may be also help slow down fire is there was one in the engine room ?
  14. wolfgang

    Sea water in aft storage on starboard side

    At least 3 of us have this same plastic bag in the same area. Surely this is no longer a coincidence and that Chaparral put them there intentionally. Big question is WHY ? On the other side of this plastic is the engine room. Could this plastic have been placed there as a crude way to insulate heat from the engine room from getting into the alf cabin ? As for the water, I still wonder if it is the result of Chaparral's "Self Bailing Cockpit Drainage System"
  15. wolfgang

    Sea water in aft storage on starboard side

    If you look at the bottom of the page, "Self Bailing Cockpit Drainage System", I think we are looking at a feature and not a flaw. Powah : How your boat ? Still having water ?