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  1. brirei

    2006 chaparral chrome letters

    I'll get this out in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday. No payment needed, pass it forward!
  2. brirei

    2006 chaparral chrome letters

    I've got a couple 2005 "C" letters in stock, shoot me your address if this is the right style. Same goes for anyone else that needs anything in the pic below!
  3. brirei

    2006 chaparral chrome letters

    I'll check my boat bin tonight for a "C".
  4. brirei

    Boat pics

    Lookin good!
  5. Thanks W! Just talked to the service guy again and he's telling me that there's an updated version of the module for my serial numbers, 8M0047215 which will require replacing the hose assembly as well, 22-865208T02. Does that sound right? If I end up replacing the entire module myself, is there anything else I should order?
  6. brirei

    Towing 285 SSI

    The trailer for our 285 is almost an exact match and sits very close to the same location, tongue weight levels off my Titan just right. I'd say you're gtg.
  7. Update: No warning beeps on two trips, then started again while I was running at around 3000 rpm. Stopped at an island and tied up for a few hours, then no start when attempting to leave. The middle fuse on the block just next to the fuel pump relay was blown, put in new fuse and the pump primed as normal. Started, then stopped and tried again. Middle fuse blew again. I checked for worn wire insulation around the alternator as I've heard that can be an issue, everything looks good. Seems like it could indeed be bad fuel pump. Do I just go ahead and replace the entire module or is it worth putzing around with the high / low pumps to determine the culprit?
  8. brirei

    removing windshield for garage storage

    I had a 20' Larson previous to the Chap, juuuuust fit into a standard height garage, while still hooked up to the truck (only about 1" to spare").
  9. Port engine had to be pulled to replace a bad coupler, about 30 minutes in to the first cruise I started getting a two beep warning. I'm also getting a beep when turning ignition switch to 'start' (in addition to the normal beep when turning to 'on'). The shop that did the engine coupler sent out a mechanic to check things out at my dock, diagnostics said something fuel related (I forget the actual code he was seeing). SO, they tell that the warning is not related to the engine work and that the entire fuel module needs to be replaced. Hoping to get a sanity check here I guess. I haven't had a chance to look at it myself but this sure seems like quite a coincidence. My first thought is that there could be a bad/loose connection at one of the harnesses. Anything else I should check? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!
  10. brirei

    Towing tube from 264

    Tubes? Whatever the local Costco is currently stocking!
  11. brirei

    Wetbar sink drain plug chain attachment?

    Oh, for sure. Miller Lite isn't beer, no problem there.
  12. brirei

    I know I said I wouldn't use the head but....

    For whatever reason, my son has to take a dump almost every time we head out on the lake. It's been a great hassle saver and no major issues.
  13. brirei

    Wetbar sink drain plug chain attachment?

    WOW. WHAT?! That's an even worse offense!
  14. brirei

    refrigerator/ switches

    I was going to ask the same thing, pictures would help too!
  15. brirei

    Wetbar sink drain plug chain attachment?

    Maybe the chain is simply on there to assist removing the plug and not as attachment point?