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  1. Update: so the piece that needs replacing is basically $100. A used ram with a warranty was $100 and I don't have to figure out how to rebuild the old one. Installing it was a breeze and bleeding the system was easy. Out drive is once again functional. Thanks for the help! Saved me a bunch of time and money.
  2. Nailed it. Only one ram moved once I had it apart. Are the service kits all the same or do I need some info off the ram to get one?
  3. Not sure if this makes a difference, but the motor never labors when trying to drop the drive. When taking the drive up the motor labors when it reaches it's limit. The drive does go up and down smooth, just on the "up" circuit.
  4. So we went to put our Chappy in the water and the outdrive wouldn't go down. The motor runs when I push the trim up or down, but the outdrive doesn't move down. After checking the old Google, I switched the hydraulic lines and tried it again. Now I can get the drive to go down, but not up. I know all of the electrical is working since the motor runs as expected when pushing the trim switch. But now I'm not sure if I need to replace the motor or the the what looks like some sort of valve assembly under the motor. Any outdrive hydraulic experts out there that know where to point me? If it matters, it's a 2002 Sunesta 243 with a merc 350 and a Bravo 3.
  5. Have you seen this one? http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2010-CHAPARRAL-264-Sunesta-102892982 If I hadn't just bought a boat last season I'd be looking at this one for sure. 496+B3, GPS, the nicer head, trailer and relatively low hours. Rich S is also selling a 2015 264 - http://www.boattrader.com/listing/2015-CHAPARRAL-264-Sunesta-703245
  6. Based on your previous and current boats I'd say that you are uniquely qualified to answer my question!
  7. You don't run any coolant into your block? The weather here in NC is pretty similar to yours and I'm scared to death to just drain the block. You haven't had any issues?
  8. That's what I always thought. If it comes off, it doesn't count. That's what I figured with some dealers including the ESP in their ads. Always sounds better. So thanks for the insight. The admiral will not be happy that the upgrade is a 264, but way better than buying a 244 and not having the space she's used to!!!
  9. So in order to get the same interior space I am going to need a 264, right?
  10. We currently own a 2002 Sunesta 243 which is 24' not including the swim platform. We're looking at the newer hull style from 2008+ but I'm not sure if we want a 244 or a 264. I've seen many 243/254 for sale ads call it a 26' boat due to the LOA including the swim platform. Do the newer boats include the platform in the length since they are integrated into the hull? If I wanted the same boat in are newer model do I get a 244 or 264???
  11. NHRADeuce

    Faded paint

    My gelcoat was pretty bad and I got it looking great with about 8 hours of work with a Poter Cable polisher, 3M gelcoat restore, and Meguiar's Polish. I did it over 3 days, but it was a lot better than paying $25-27/ft to have a detailer do it.
  12. Good to know! I have been running around on both all this time thinking that was the position both charged. I'll confirm with a dvm to be sure, but my setup looks factory, and it definitely has an isolator and switch.
  13. Well, the last few times out I've watched everything I could see and I am stumped. With the boat level in the water, the bilge seems to have very little water, barely up to the pump and definitely not enough to raise the float. I can manually turn it on and it will drain what is up to the pump. I watched the bilge as we pulled her up the ramp and I didn't notice any additional water filling the bilge. Still 2+ minutes of steady stream coming out and it stopped when I couldn't see any water in the bilge. Does the bilge get deeper under the engine/transom plate??
  14. We don't generally keep anything in the coolers, definitely not this much water anyhow. It's a TON. Wouldn't that fill the bilge? I checked the bilge as soon as we put her on the trailer today and the water wasn't even enough to cover the bilge pump. Checked the speedo against GPS today. 33-34 on the speedo was 32 on the GPS so it seems to be working correctly. If this were the case, where would the water end up? I drain it until it's dry every time I pull it out of the water. It only fills up when she's in the water. Were you able to see the water in the storage compartment? Our ski locker stays dry as do all of the storage compartments, is there somewhere else I should look? It only happens when she's in the water, dry going in. Today I checked the bilge before pulling the plug and there wasn't enough to cover the pump. I timed how long it took to drain and it was nearly 3 minutes with a strong stream of water. I'm out of ideas of where to look. Once I find where the water is pooling I can probably narrow down where it's coming in. Thanks for the ideas.
  15. So I've got some water in my Sunesta 243 and I have no idea where it's coming from. I check the bilge while we are out and there isn't even enough water to turn on the bilge pump. However, if I pull the plug while we're still on the ramp, I get a ton of water coming out. If I pull the plug when the boat is level, very little drainage. I haven't noticed any water in the ski locker, any storage areas, the head, the anchor locker, of the head. Where can this be coming from? Ideas on where I should look??
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