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  1. Thanks everyone thats a big Help!!!
  2. I would like to know if you have any luck I have a 2008 256 SSx and have wondered the same thing. would be nice to have the use of one if possible and it doesn't break the bank to do it!!
  3. Looking for a Bow Cushion for a 2008 256 SSX any thoughts Ideas, Places I havn't looked would be helpful. Besides having one made????
  4. just an FYI I would have a qualified Marine Mechanic look at it also if your survey company doesn't offer a mechanical inspection also. the are different. I looked for over 6 months for a fresh water 256 ssx and had one all ready to go. Had a survey and it passed had a mechanical inspection and found a bad gimble bearing among an array of other things that would have resulted in about 3000-4000 in added repairs to my purchase. Just trying to help
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