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  1. We live in Tlh area and go out to coastal areas, sandbars, and islands around here and all the way to Destin. This year we wanna go explore further west into Pensacola area waters. Any one know of local known sandbars, islands, or hang out spots that we could check out? Also boat ramps. We have found a bunch there, any ramps better than the others that you may know of? We have a larger sunesta we trailer around and it can get extremely tight in unknown ramp lots. Thanks in advance for your help!
  2. I had the same problem a couple weeks ago after getting my spark plugs replaced. Couldn't get on a plane and it started to backfire around 3k rpms. I took it back to the mechanic and they said it was a bad ignition cable. They put one on my boat temporarily that's not factory and it runs great. I have the new spark plug wires and ignition cable kit that I ordered from Cecils that I plan on installing saturday.
  3. Hello all the way from Havana!... Havana, Florida that is! Lol Going to be a nice weekend high of 84... going to get the boat wet Saturday. Just wish we had a little more humidity already.
  4. Tacoma tranny problems would be the last of my worries. You better find a good gas card with a low apr... you will be eating gas like they were girl scout cookies! Let's not mention quick stopping, you can probably hang that part up also. And most importantly safety... for you and every single vehicle you pass! A pretty nervous drive in my opinion.
  5. Such a gorgeous area! We go over there frequently during the summer. Did you buy it at Sunrise Marine?
  6. Thats a beautiful boat! Congratulations. Where r you out of?
  7. I saw on cecil marine you can buy a new magnetic latch... For 220 big ones! Id much rather tinker with it some more than shell out that kind of dough for a door latch to a porta potty no one uses! Thats a gorgeous boat Chap243!
  8. I have a 08 sunesta and all of a sudden my head door wont stay closed. It has a magnetic latch on it. It doesnt look like the latch is supposed to come out when your push down on the handle. Has anyone else experienced any issues with there magnetic door latches? Ive been searching all over google but have no such luck yet on repairs someone has posted with their magnestic latch. Thanks in advance!!
  9. Last weekend out on the gulf!
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