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  1. Okay I spoke with my boat mechanic and he said it may be the sensors also he wants you to go out test it feel the exhaust check the hoses I can't get it to stop beeping if I could turn you on reading through at a higher rate of speed which i have only tried that once. Ty cyclops2 for your help.
  2. OK I'm not to sure if it closed cooling but someone else asked me to check the exhaust and I will check the oil the impeller was just replace it have only had this boat 6 months out 2 times 1st time no problems I thank you for your help. Raypex
  3. OK sorry guy's out 4 a few days. OK I have a 2002 183ss Chaparral boat Volvo Penta 4.6 liter v6 and Volvo out drive Ifrom I run my boat at 3500rpm at about 150 degrees the alarm starts to beat I shut the phone off started back up the alarm goes off as the temperature goes down a little bit any tips please let me know and ty in advance
  4. Sorry I think wingnut was helping me out some but needs more information my 2002 183ss Volvo Penta motor and out drive ummmmm at about 150 degrees the information think is the over heating alarm system starts beeping does not seem to be overheating I could shut it off restart it beeping stops tack about 3000 RPM get back to 150 degrees goes back off the Impaler where she plays this season any help would appreciate thank you.
  5. Sorry wingnut it's a 2002 183 SS Chaparral with Volvo Penta outdrive with the Volvo penta 4.6 engine and thank you for your response
  6. Hi guys I have a 183ss at about 150 degrees an alarm goes off the beeping alarm I do believe it's overheating alarm I shut the boat off everything seems okay turn it back on beep goes off I read it about 3500 RPMs I could get the beat to come back on I'm not sure what's going on with it yet the Impaler has been replaced recently
  7. OK great ty I'm will do that.
  8. OK where do I get the coupon code??
  9. OK I got my boat it's a 2002 183 ss now I need a boat cover. Any leads please and as soon as I learn how to post photos I will
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