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  1. There is a #10 red wire that comes off #2batt positive post and goes to the top of motor where it terminates into a 20amp breaker. Does anyone know what it is to?
  2. Been in my shop and ceiling don't leak! Batts have been fully charged above 13v
  3. I used the ampmeter and it is from batt #2. If the batt selector switch is off, then is power going to the breaker panel? Also, just a few minutes ago I removed one of the positive leads from the #2 batt (there are 2 red wires connected to the positive on #2) and found that the lead going to the batt switch is drawing the current. (Anywhere from .3 to .5 amps switch in off position.) With switch in on position for #2 batt, .7 amps. Does this point in any certain direction? Thanks
  4. I have an 07 ssx 236 with duo batteries. My #2 batt dies over about 1-2 weeks. The batt select switch is off. I replaced both batts 6 weeks ago but that did not help. I think the #2 batt even with switch off still can run bilge pump, radio mem and the anode system. Any suggestions on tracking this power drain would be greatly appreciated. Oh, boat is not in the water so bilge pump should not be suspect. Made sure radio is off. The anode, don't know how it does what it does.