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  1. Hey did you ever get the depth finder issue resolved?  Im still having the issue and dealer now saying its a cavitation thing with the sunestas.


    1. Hatem


      Are you asking me?  I'm not sure if this is a new format on this forum, but your question seems to have come to me directly to answer?

      If so, what exact issue are you referring to?  IIRC, my problem way back in 2014 was that the silly Garmin GPS that came with the boat was very tiny and didn't have any depth readings and instead of getting another same size one to fit in the center of the helm console, I added an additional Garmin 741xs to the side and wired it directly to a new radar and new transducer.  So I basically have both and the 741 is state of the art with depth readings and waypoints and chartplotting and all the good stuff (and is bigger!) and then I still kept the old, crappy one which is good for backup just incase the 741 conks out, at least I'll have charting and breadcrumbs to get back home.  Hope this helps?


  2. JarheadJer

    rod holders

    Eagle Claw makes a nice clamp on rod holder, use 2 on my 224 Sunesta. https://www.amazon.com/Eagle-Claw-AABRH-Clamp-Aluminum/dp/B0084EG224/ref=sr_1_17?ie=UTF8&qid=1529140351&sr=8-17&keywords=clamp+on+rod+holders+for+boat
  3. JarheadJer

    Question on Heat Pump and Electricity Usage

    My wife works for a heat pump company here in Maine. The big kicker is not to leave it "Auto" mode, if you are worried about freezing then just leave it in heat mode. The heat pumps if left in auto mode will cycle all day long, thus driving your usage way up. Side note, what systems do you have?
  4. JarheadJer

    Newer 246 depth gauge

    I've been having the same issue with my 224 2014, but mine is dropping out while I'm trolling let alone at higher speeds. Dealer is telling me the gauge company rep said its due to cavitation of the hull. But I don't see too many complaints about it here, so I'm thinking they are just sick of dealing with me since its under warranty!
  5. JarheadJer

    Sunesta 224

    Did mine on a 2014 224 with a 5.0 using mostly You tube videos, fairly straight forward and easy. Quick question for you, have you been having any issues with your depth finder dropping out? Mine has been crapping out in 15 ft to 300 ft of water trolling, after the Marina replaced 2 gauges they now say its a Sunesta thing, cavitation of the hull. Just wondering if anyone else has the issue.
  6. JarheadJer


    Have 2014 224 Sunesta that has been having the same issue ever since we bought it last year, brand new (got put out back for winter storage and stayed there for the 2015 season). The dealer I bought it from has replaced everything, gauge x3, wiring, and transducer. Though they had it with the transducer but 1st run this year it crapped out again. Now they wont return my calls for the warranty work. Not happy with them or Chaparral right now.
  7. JarheadJer

    Any Boaters Around Sebago Lake in Maine??

    Never seen Sebago this low. I usually take the boat out in Mid Oct, but dropped it off at Richardson's 2 weeks ago. We have had some cold nights up here recently so the water temp has dropped so cant imagine jetskiing is too fun now.
  8. JarheadJer

    2012 sunesta

    Had the same issue on my new 2014 224 Sunesta, and it was the sensor. Replaced under warranty
  9. JarheadJer

    Finally got it named

    AQUA-THERAPY - just got the decals from the shop, may pull the boat out briefly this week while on Vacation to put them on, or wait till fall!!
  10. JarheadJer

    Any Boaters Around Sebago Lake in Maine??

    Sam - We are up to the lake this weekend and all next week. You gonna be up?
  11. JarheadJer


    What type / brand of wax do you all use. And Cleaning agents as well, for upholstery and exterior? Thanks!!
  12. JarheadJer

    Need help, loss of power

    My wife's Nephew put that seafoam gas stabilizer in his 27 sig, and the same thing happened shortly after he did. A lot of folks on the lake were bitching about that stuff last year, do you use any gas treatment? Just an idea
  13. JarheadJer

    Service Transmission on RPM gauge

    This weekend hanging out at the sandbar for the day wen to go home, started pulling out into the lake and the alarms sounded and she shut down. Couldn't get her to start up so the women and children (and a chicken @#$%@# brother in law) bailed over to a friends boat while my son in law and I waited for the tow boat. Tow boat came (20 min) said to try and reset the kill switch, and she started right up and stayed running. So off we went 15 min or so toward the camp, and about 1/2 mile out alarms started screaming again and this time just before shutting down, the RPM /Hr digital gauge read "service transmission" . Have the 5.0 - 270hp, no gear lube reservoir that I could find. Any ideas as to what this might be? And after we paddled and swam it back in unloaded and went to put on mooring, started right up again. No Impact - No Idea!! any ideas would be helpful for a future reference since she is new with 17 hrs on her and the Marina is coming to get her, "Under Warranty"!! (the only good thing about this whole ordeal. Thanks;
  14. JarheadJer

    Any Boaters Around Sebago Lake in Maine??

    Sam - Where you up last weekend, great time on the lake. Spent most of Saturday at Boaters Beach. Then caught some nice landlocked salmon on Sunday!! Though the boat is still at Richardsons. Having issues with the digital depth finder, first it kept dropping out, they replaced it now I cant read the think unless the sun hits it just right or there is no sun. Appears the backlighting is out on the digital part. Another gauge on order.
  15. JarheadJer

    Reverse I/O vs OB

    Thanks OCMD2 and Cyclops!! Went out in the middle of the lake and practiced a bit in reverse, caught some fish and nailed it on the return to the slip! 2 more questions, 1) Our association finally got the moorings in, yesterday, but got thinking the 3/8" line I used on the Mako wouldn't be enough for the Sunesta, should I go 1/2" or 5/8"? This is going to be on a mooring ball on a dock slip 2) Having an issue with the digital read out from the depth finder - can hardly see it unless in the exact perfect light, while the other digital readout, RPM/Hour/ect ect is fine, can read it even without my glasses!! Do you all think this is the gauge itself or the sending unit? The Marina has supposedly replaced the sending unit, because it would just drop out and read 0.0 ft in the middle of a 300'+ lake, and I think its still dropping out, but cant tell. . Thanks!!